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  1. Sirius

    whenever i want to get pissed i come back to this video

  2. Marina Maged

    The demon in your house is YOU my guy

  3. Kourt Nee

    I never realized how dark his jokes are around this era. He is trying to hard to be funny

  4. Erik

    Damn he got chunky

  5. Kelly Wood

    It’s good to see that woman can be so open about their body’s parts x also this is really good for girls who never get the advice from their periods x

  6. ryker

    shane come back to youtube man, i miss you, everybody misses you, fuck all those people who hate you, more than 90% of them dont even know why they hate you they just do cause "oh hes cancelled, lets hate him!!" fuck those people just come back to youtube, i miss you posting all these videos, now everybody like this or just copy and paste this so if he does come back to this video or anything he will see this.

    1. kaija

      @ryker i don't actually think the jokes he made are of things that are to be joked about. especially the blackface bordering on minstrel shows. those are characters he CHOSE to portray as caricatures of black people. it was a conscious choice. and unless you speak for the whole black community, you certainly dont speak for me: you have no right to forgive him for that. they are jokes that normalize the portrayal of black folk being loud and uncivilized. they are jokes of having sex with children. there is proof of him invalidating other people's trauma ON LIVE. he's sick. stop supporting him.

    2. ryker

      @kaija yeah but those are all jokes that he made, sure some more convincing than others, but you arent gonna sit here and argue with me hating on someone.

    3. kaija

      @o_o / there are multiple reasons to hate him

    4. o_o /

      So there’s no reason to hate him?

    5. kaija

      actually,, no people are holding him accountable finally for his creepy ass tendencies towards children, and also he's racist and generally just really slimy in general. we do know. we do hope he doesn't come back

  7. Keeley Palmer

    Y’all got him cancelled but there’s other people who are doing other bad stuff but they don’t get to get cancelled? Like what? All the other you tubers who did bad stuff apologized u guys forgive but then they do it again and they still get to post? Doesn’t make any sense to me. SMH 🤦‍♀️

    1. o_o /

      Idk what you mean, everyone is getting cancelled

  8. Deer Lord

    Lmao remember when Shane thought this would be coming out. Clown behaviour.

  9. HayLee Tough

    At my school we had cheese burgers on Fridays I got a pink burger it was clearly RAW and they would no give me another on they said just eat it it’s not that bad 💀

  10. Zyler smith


  11. Marissa Cann

    I’ve seen this video so many times. It brings me nonstop smiles 😂 we miss you Shane!!!

  12. Char Brodie

    All the people in the comments acting like just because he got cancelled 9 months ago means he has the right to come back ☠️ saying "the past is in the past".... mfs be on some new shit I stg

  13. Tiana Mckay

    The Rake was a game of roblox. I didint know it was based on a story

  14. Celeste Antuna

    Please come back Shane take this advice. I need you back!!

  15. David Rutitsky

    Shane has Jeff Bezos vibes now

  16. Luna’s Quibbler

    I guess he wasn’t acting for the movie

  17. s m

    This the shane dawson I miss

  18. rissa 1

    Shane.. you’re gross

  19. debby downer

    POST SOON!!!!!!

  20. Quinn B.

    I seriously forgot what he did that was so bad since it’s been so long and I’m too lazy to watch the apology so I’m just gonna go on with my life since I’m not even subbed. Regardless, I hope it’s not as bad as what MiniLad did, that was what we call disgusting.

  21. Mayte Cortes

    I always rewatch this series even after he got cancelled idk why. i dont support him anymore but i always come back to this series

  22. Princess Peyten

    Oh my gosh I love hotel California😃😃😃

  23. Jskillz_2

    I'm the first comment in five years

  24. Haley Young

    One of my favs

  25. Camila Florez

    You're bro! I want to be his friend

  26. Alya M

    Watching this in 2021 because I honestly miss shane.

  27. valerie jackson

    At 14:00 there's a tiny blue dot or orb from then on, does that mean anything?

  28. Mouse Trap

    Who’s watching this after he got canceled

  29. Tiana Mckay

    they do dump fluoride in our water and toothpaste. It's a fucking deadly poison it's the most deadliest next to mercury.

  30. TirelessWorm16

    I miss Shane. I know what happened won’t ever leave the back of our minds. But if Shane just does another quick apology and move one, I’ll watch. I know it was bad. I’ll be fine if there is a acknowledgment and improvement with Shane. Shane come back!

  31. Tiana Mckay

    lol fidget spinners were such a fad lmfao

  32. Jenn S

    Don't worry, if I do die, my cat will eat me :)

  33. Red Bear Gamer

    the demon was you the whole time

    1. Alyssa

      OOP TEA

  34. Melinda Again

    Jeffree and Shane were right to call out James. Idk why they got canceled. They don’t deserve it.


    Holy sh... The last one is bonkers... This video has got me looking behind me and all over the house. Lol... This vid literally makes you feel uneasy!! That dude in the last video I bet was stalking her from the moment she seen him last time.. My Lord they need to protect her..

  36. Haley Young

    I'm also just very stoned at the moment but you know I'm feeling very pationate about getting you back!

  37. Haley Young

    I miss your spirit! 🤍🌟 you are a blessing seriously! 😊

  38. Haley Young

    Please come back

    1. rhonda willier

      do you even know wtd happen

  39. bruhitz. luis

    Yes, Shane did Trisha wrong, But when they were friends Trisha was not good mentally, now she’s engaged and amazingly happy

  40. bruhitz. luis

    Y’all I still like Shane, hate me for it lol, But what he did was *THE PAST, THE PAST* , also what Trisha did was the past.

  41. Tiana Mckay

    re open the fucking case. Find out who that man was track him fucking down.

  42. Tiana Mckay

    i saw that speech

  43. MHA Nerd2331

    Shane: But then the letters are scrambled and they don't say that anymore Me: *looks at ducktales poster again* Um shane it never changed are...are you ok?

  44. şeran

    i need shane back literally when he talks about the trump thing i went holy fuck thats how i feel about shane i just missed him a lot hes my comfort person and i would literally give everything for him to post content like this again

  45. Codie Hills

    It’s fucked man I got so lost in the moment binge watching Shane and Trisha videos and I went to sub to his channel and jus remembered all the fucked up shit he did in general and to Trisha I don’t care what he did in his past people grow and change it doesn’t bother me but the whole Jeffery situation and Trisha shit nah I’ve been there it’s soo idek the pain is indescribable because it’s like a loss... 😑it’s sad bro because I understand what she went thru and been there before ... it’s sad

  46. Jake Jutzi

    Come back

  47. BunniMedicine

    Not yall in the comments saying "Shane when are you coming back 🥺🥺💗💗" "You can't quit! We love you 🥺💗" Guys. He knows deep down he is a horrible, horrible person. He quit for a reason. He is no way shape or form a role model, or someone to look up to. He is a bad person. He fucked horribly. And he knows that. He isn't coming back so don't think he is. He should be ashamed. And what I sure hope he is.

  48. Tiana Mckay

    ik shane did bad stuff but i bet they cancelled him to get him out of the way

  49. Crazy Killa

    The legend says the cheese-it got ate by the weird hotel cleaner

  50. Kate Shippe

    hmmmm... if shane never cleans his house, how is the counter behind him always clean in the beginning of every video? 🤔🤫

  51. dieing :P

    watching this and crying over my boyfriend thank u for making me laugh ha

  52. Sushey

    You see I could watch this in Fullscreen, it’s just the fucking music

  53. ii_strangerxxthings

    PLZ NOT THE PIG THING 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  54. IVAN

    I mean, if i were to break into a house and see a man sitting down infront of a camera and just smiling, my ass wouldve went straight to canada.

  55. Sheogorath

    I want shane back 😢 I miss you so much


    The basketball one if u get rebound your supposed to run ur not supposed to alert ur teammates to run they know to run maybe perfect timing

  57. TG Venus

    Hopefully he quit yt, don’t come back bozo 🎭 .

  58. Emily Madsen

    For the snow white one... It has always been "Magic Mirror on the wall" but someone said " Mirror Mirror on the wall" so everyone stared to say that.

  59. IdkWhyimHere

    Tbh His c

  60. Tiana Mckay

    my dad is a conspirist which i agree with. My mum doens't care and is close-mined.

  61. Adel Winfrey

    If y’all know who Jeff Dunham is than you will get this joke... ASSPRESSO!!!!!!

  62. Official Georgie

    People: is apple watching and listening? Apple: well yes but actually no

  63. The Cosmic Token

    they KNEW capacity was 1200... and they allowed 5200 people to show up... that is gross incompetence

  64. Glossica


  65. Tiana Mckay

    Imma just live my life as best as I can and remember that all living things die.

  66. ellie josee

    this didn’t age well

  67. Ande Loren

    "Because i need shampoo and this isnt about..Yuuu.

  68. Karen Esquivel

    Misss you Shane 🥲🥲come back

  69. Krista Giannone

    omg there has been a closed down walmart for over 10 years in my city....its got a huge parking lot....

  70. Some Guy

    Shane after this. O boy it's fucking time

  71. Cory Miller

    I love 💕 when Morgan makes same face for apple juice 🧃 I was cracking up 🤣

  72. rxsielle ୨୧

    *booger marks* me: 😏

  73. Ande Loren

    13:20 chicken who?

  74. Ronnie Steinberg

    Shane plz make more videos i miss you🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  75. playboi hector

    who else saw him under the stairs

  76. keyler ago

    my goodness, all this is funny, but I won't lie he's got nice dance moves