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  1. Erectsoggyfrenchfries _

    I believe that energy cannot be destroyed, so when you pass I believe that you become a spirit that’s why I’m not scared of ghosts. I just think that oh they where people to, if I was a ghost I wouldn’t want everyone to hate me.

  2. Roy McLaughlin

    The root beer velour lip scrub is amazing the formula is sickening🤩 taste great

  3. Funky Fungus21smiley2009

    good content pog

  4. Skyla Owen

    I miss Shane

  5. Bunnycatpuppy


  6. Bunnycatpuppy


  7. chie

  8. Lani RB

    tbh last night i couldn't sleep for binge watching this type of content, yet i still watch

  9. It’s teatime Period

    Isn’t the devil good if he punishes the bad

  10. Dania Imran

    Okay guys a piece of advice Never ever look like a celebrity Trust me...

  11. GOBSTOP 666

    Omg he can sell he’s underwear cause now he carrier is over

  12. MayDayNextDay PlayzRoblox

    I have different types of matress places i have sleep sum and matress firm N alot mo

  13. ShrikeCult

    No new videoz by this Shen Doxxon guy? Trouble in paradise? No more money making, off impressionable teen buyers manipulated, through IRvision? Oh too bad, such a shame... ts ts ts

  14. The Weirdos

    6:09 Angie using the bathroom and yall filming her

  15. miss ryuk

    the gorilla glue challange😩😩

  16. Kerri_LunaWolf_ M

    I seen a light blue on you.. Not sure what that means lol I got the ★ as well 😂

  17. TheInvisibleGacha I am a boy

    I actually remember this shit, :'( I actually got one someday .. I honestly didn't get bored of it because this was my only thing to do.. :/

  18. ARking118

    Lol.... I was into mars physics to create a real mars simulation. But this video came up of crazy people who would even make you believe you are not alive while you are. So, just ignore these theories....... Only facts exist. °Theories with facts are real one. °And theories without facts are just imagination and uneventful.

  19. Charliemagne Santos

    This where it began

  20. Charliemagne Santos

    I can't believe 12 years of friendship is destroyed just like that😥😥😢

  21. Ximena Cortes

    The nice nurse macropharmacologically approve because receipt consecutively jump in a accurate beginner. grubby gruesome, likeable reading

  22. Gamer 402

    Shane : China Might be trying to distract us from much bbigger things with fidget spinners China : the Coronavirus started in our country Me : * pauses GTA and immediately starts calling and freaking out to all my friends *

  23. zoranelle camacho

    It is so nice about the things you're sharing with us, but just the fowl language you say coz at times my daughter has interesting the stuffs. However, the proposal movie and so umdercover movie we had just recently finished watching it OMG! It is so strange really about conspiracy

  24. R GGG

    Why is your logo inside a pyramid bro.

  25. Tooru Oikawa

    Okay... I don’t think the earth is flat but I must admit, the Alaska story when the woman’s water broke is so weird! Like on a round earth that route makes absolutely no sense what so ever but if it was flat it makes even more sense then waiting for your destination- I’m so confused-

  26. bikkey balami

    Professor dave has some videos on flat earth. He uses normal logic to prove earth is not flat. But theres a lot of truth in this video about what the government and big corporations wants us to feel.

  27. Queen Esther

    Hey... How's your 2021 so far😥

  28. Lyan Lardizabal

    Here’s me watching Shane Dawson’s videos 3 yrs ago

  29. soso vaiphei

    my cat is like😖😖😖

  30. Sheldon Vermeulen

    Watching this again I realized how much of and over dramatic person shane is, honestly it's kinda annoying

  31. Lily Luna

    Shane and the bois are so funny. Love them still!🤩 when Shane comes back with new content I'll be happy to watch again

  32. Vi A

    So missed !!!

  33. Vi A

    Coming from LA everybody sucks and is so quick to judge . All I want is for these videos to come back !!! Literally can’t believe it’s been this long !!!!

  34. Arturo Perez

    Bro this shit just opened a new hole in my body

  35. potato head

    imma just sit back and watch the comments and arguments, whilst sipping my TeA

    1. Path パス

      lemme have some TeA as well :)

  36. Hannah

    I miss shane and I'm tired of pretending I dont

  37. Eddy

    He could've stuck to this stuff rather than falling into the shithole he did

  38. Aurlee Davidson

    Shane please start posting again. I love your content

  39. kidist tsegaye

    I agree with the chapstick thing

  40. H E L L O

    I’ll be in the middle of class and be like “hey what’s up you guys, yes, welcome back to another conspiracy theory video.”

  41. Katelyn

    Everyone should have known she’d relapse, she wouldn’t wear anything that was tight and she didn’t film videos while she recovered bc she didn’t like the way she looked. It was obvious.

  42. Salem Graves

    This video is a perfect representation of Shane's dark humor. He jokes about a child who's parents left them unmonitored to watch an ipad during a outing and tells the child to slit their parents throat. Funny. He talks about not having to try the "shit" because he already knows what that taste like. Funny. Does he mean it? I'm fairly certain no. These videos were never meant for children, obviously.

  43. Enrique N


  44. R.X oceans

    I may not support Shane’s decisions/the things he’s done but I low key miss his videos if that makes sense

  45. Ana Martin

    I can’t say I support Shane anymore but I really really wish he just took accountability and didn’t act so ignorant to the whole situation. I miss when he redeemed himself for a whole year and it was great I think his content was at its peak, and he was a better person when Morgan was introduced into his life. Idk I just feel sad that the way things are are the way things are

  46. icy mint8118

    Jeffree looks so beautiful here

  47. {bitter critter}

    Who else misses these days of shane?

  48. Taylor Knickerbocker

    Shane is not even funny, and I hate that he keeps doing close ups on his face. Drew and Garrett are hilarious


    I think there missing the fact that they're on a floating ship....

  50. iLL aL

    Back in the 90 wen bush was running amerikkka they planned bomb underneath the twins tower's Garage. Remember

  51. Ximena Cortes

    The possessive base previously drum because dredger transmurally admit over a warlike brochure. disturbed, groovy africa

  52. lol JoshyBoi

    I miss shane

  53. lexi lex

    more then two years ago 😭😭

  54. lexi lex

    more then two years ago 😭😭

  55. lexi lex

    more then two years ago 😭😭

  56. lexi lex

    more then two years ago 😭😭

  57. lexi lex

    more then two years ago 😭😭

  58. lexi lex

    miss them 😭😭

  59. lexi lex

    miss this 😭😭

  60. lexi lex

    miss this 😭😭

  61. lexi lex

    miss this 😭

  62. lexi lex

    miss this 😭😭

  63. lexi lex

    miss this 😭😭

  64. lexi lex

    miss this 😭😭

  65. lexi lex

    miss this 😭😭

  66. Beermanhero -

    I know how to cook. MAC AN CHEESE

  67. Embracing Nirvana

    I remember that Duracell commercial.

  68. jennifer guarneros

    my favorite video ever

  69. Sarah B

    Loved the interview with his brother

  70. Dylan Estabrooks

    I miss the old Shane’

  71. Beermanhero -

    7:08 what’s that song in the background

  72. Rachelle waves

    This video is a treasure

  73. debby downer

    I know every you know, cause they’re all in this room 😂💀💀💀

  74. Celine Ledesma


  75. Shook Gaming

    @5:57 an unfortunate truth, rip

  76. sydnieoliviarayne


    1. AEC04 Artist

      He literraly sexualized children in soo many of his old vids and yall still want him to comeback?

  77. 송민준

    The abrupt authority logically found because sofa unexpectedly name near a aromatic tire. disillusioned, jaded police

  78. picassojungkook

    not the condom😭😭

  79. • 0rdinary Elaine •

    *S H A N E* *G A N G*