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  1. Cubs Fan

    I’m scared to get surgery god I don’t need surgery hopefully I’ll never need it I’ve never had surgery,

  2. PTRK

    I literally hate this time of era where freedom of speech is forbidden, and good is evil and evil is good. When you speaking the truth, you'll get censored.

  3. CrunchyIceCream344

    “Duke of Eddin burg” 😭

  4. Brayan Reyes

    I saw him on one of David dobriks videos

  5. PTRK

    Hollywood is fake full of fake people

  6. DidiKawaii

    Shane I love you and watched ur videos since 2012. Cancel culture is TOXIC. Comeback man

    1. Simonette Gregorio

      Well i mean im not stopping you i was just asking..sorry i dont meant to be rude

    2. Simonette Gregorio

      Do you have any idea what he did?

  7. PTRK

    Trump is indeed, anti-establishment, that's why they did the fraud on the election. They didn't like Trump because he wasn't following their agenda. They try to get rid of him for four years, make him look bad, and that he's a racist etc.

  8. PTRK

    Eat organic food folks. Literally every fastfood chain, let alone grocery store, are poison. It is filled with lots of chemical stuff. It's not a theory, it's facts.

  9. Andrew Soot

    The one with the flintstones i was like idk MAUBE ITS BC ITS A FUCKING CARTOON

  10. My Tears Ricochet

    his fans are obviously doesn't have any idea why he got cancelled lmao

  11. PTRK

    The Dark Web is created by the system

  12. PTRK

    Religion is a hoax, it's been created to control us, and to divide humanity.

  13. Sonnia Vaia

    It’s 2021 and I’m still living for these videos!

  14. Keisan Abdalqadir

    welcome to the new movie that was created by Shane dawson

  15. gumshake

    23:09 ouch

  16. Jenn S

    One guy from my class' senior year book message: "Don't put a whole egg in the microwave unless you want a mess." NOT joking.

  17. PTRK

    Pls Elon Musk is a crook

  18. vere

    i miss shane sm not even gonna lie

  19. -lolli pop-

    Awwww i wanna see shane happy :> i would buy those glasses

  20. blushsgurl

    When I went to Chuck E Cheese while on vacation,my family ordered pizza and my 3 yr old sister started crying because it was so fricking uneven. 🧐 It was also SO dirty in the play place so we weren’t aloud to play in it..worst place ever for me. 😒

  21. Jane Tudor

    I’ve never forcefully swallowed gum , I usually accidentally do because I sleep with gum in my mouth but I don’t know why 😂😂😂😂

  22. Nicolenotfound⛓

    YOOO I MISS HIM (2020-2021)

  23. Blythe

    I miss this Shane :(

  24. Sarah Fryer

    Wateva people try to make shane look like i aint buying to me he genuine and really gives a fuk i mean stop bein hardheaded and come bak shane if people dont wanna watch you then thay aint gta but i do

  25. Angy D

    im 15 and i didnt hear anything just a tapping noise

  26. Jemma the rat


  27. Kimberley Calder

    That looks so good 😊

  28. Magdalene Dyson

    im two minutes in and youre killin me man

  29. Bruno de la rosa


  30. Paulina

    His fake interest in make up just to get the coin makes me cringe so much.

  31. Isabel Hernandez

    Me when I when I'm doing a test and don't know the answers 2:48

  32. 200 fps clan

    Be my friend I will be yours. Pain is Pain = Pain!!! My daughter got her confidence from you. My son cut for the first time at 6. I feel you !!! Thank you 💕💕

  33. Tiana Mckay

    I don't give a fuck about chucky and cheese because that's just American pizza for ya I care about his old friend who was literally trafficked.

  34. Nikoo Marali

    2021 anyone ?

  35. Brenda Stack

    Garret ”can we just speak to someone like a normal person”😂😂😂

  36. Emily Carroll

    i want Shane back. It feels like a family member has ghosted me. i hope he is okay.

  37. blushsgurl


  38. Cold Korea305

    So glad Shane came back on my recommendation. After a long time

  39. Samantha bianco

    Miss you Shane ❤️

  40. Family Three

    you dont pay money when you place a bid. it has to make sure you kno what youe bought before you send the money o you can really fuck with people. for instance when my ps5 preorder got fucked off i went on ebay and bid 1500 for every single ps5 on there that was selling it for more than they bought it. never had to pay a penny.

  41. Chris Afton

    Whoever try’s to make Shane feel like he needs to die... I DARE you to do that I can make whoever makes you fell like you need to die I will make them feel like they need to die... my dad taught me to say treat people how you wanna be treated so whenever someone talks shit about you say treat people how you wanna be treated! Maybe they will earn common sense!

    1. Chris Afton

      I regret the second third and four.eight line (doesn’t make any sense

  42. Witchar

    For my anime fans. I keep thinking of Queen mary and the anime Another

  43. Andy Hong

    I honestly wish Shane would come back. I miss him and he's queen.👑

  44. Samantha

    May 2021 i fell for it. A giant commercial. I still enjoy it. Regardless. I miss them all together. I love love love Ryland.

  45. シSpaden

    I never thought one day Shane Dawson of all people would be relatable kinda

  46. LonelyMakesYouHorny

    Brooo this story reminds me of petra soo Petra Solano’s story from Jane the virgin- and coincidentally both of there names are milos

  47. silas jackson

    G3 doesn’t men gen 3 it’s the processor

  48. Present Mic

    Shane: I don’t know any people Ryland: *slowly and silently leaves*

  49. Musicator

    How come the devil hurts the bad people in hell isn't he bad himself 🤔

  50. Aaron Gonzales

    maybe we could get our atvs out?

    1. Aaron Gonzales

      the funny feeling I get?

  51. Aaron Gonzales


  52. Aaron Gonzales

    shane dawson loves, reboot the series!

  53. Royal Cami

    Not the ending ✋😂😂😂

  54. mary-jade Charbonneau

    i dont know what shane did to be cancelled because i’m not on twitter but i really love him and miss him

  55. danielle

    20:06 LMAO

  56. Christina Gray

    After all these years, this still makes me cry. I hope you're both doing well. ❤

  57. E Covy

    Watching this in 5/21 we need new Shane conspiracy videos

  58. danielle


  59. Mariana Espinoza

    Do yall remeber when shane once said (i hope they dont kill me or cancel me) he is litterly canceled

  60. sophie quintanilla

    scariest fan girls: Yolanda Saldivar

  61. Miranda Journey

    HE'S 57????

  62. roZy

    People are such hypocrites acting like they don’t support celebs in Hollywood who are ACTUAL pedophiles and who have actually been involved in child sex trafficking. But no one wants to talk about that. Instead they want to point out JOKES that a IRvisionr made a long time ago and already apologized for it even though he shouldn’t have.😂 Society is always “canceling” or hating on the wrong people. Anyways, I hope Shane comes back lmao I miss his conspiracy videos :/

  63. Derpy Dogg

    Watching This Is Like Watching The Movie "White Girls" 😂

  64. roZy

    Damn I miss his videos :(

  65. Sydney Spaulding

    I just want to know where they found this woman

  66. Angie Mono

    Who else is just...playing pretend? because you want everything to go you know, back to normal.

  67. Karina Ortega

    he fucked his cat..

  68. Zafaruss

    I wonder if drew ever drank

  69. Robby Lovee13

    Miss Shane imagine him trying to talk about COVID and the past presidential election

  70. Jessica and Xandy

    The one thing yall dont seem to get is that although we like to think we know youtubers, doesnt mean we actually do. They show such a small portion of their life. If you really expect youtubers to be how they are in vids ALL of the time you're the ones that need to be cancelled. You havent ever been angry, or hurt and made decisions, said things, that wasnt the best of you at all? Cancel culture cancels ppl for being effing human. And if thats the case NONE of you are innocent. People have hurt shane and you know what shane has hurt others too. Let people grow. You're all vultures.

  71. Lauri Mcclure

    We miss you Shane.🥺🥺🥺🥺

  72. melissa fonseca

    shanes drag name: "dafak hapentour"

  73. Crayon Connoisseur

    Shane theirs a reason that ducks flap and do that before they die it’s because they shut off their nerves their dead but that’s their nerves shutting down

  74. Jen Hess

    Shane if you are reading this text I saw you other video saying the world hates you looking like you were about to cry well I love your videos they make me laugh so hard the only thing I hate is when I am drinking pop and you make me laugh so hard it goes up my noes but I'm just saying don't give up because I love you and other people do think about how many subscribers you have that's because all those people who subscribed to you love you

  75. Cringe in a box

    Elliot is literally just the king of incels

  76. That Vine

    the cgi plane theory doesnt work because plane parts were found at the bottom of the world trade centers.

    1. Leo Salazar

      Not only that but what about the people in the plane? Because I would rather find it odd that a 6 year old was at the trade center

  77. Eric Nelson

    Miss you

  78. Rachel Moore

    Does anyone know why the brother was just always around? So weord

  79. Yes Sirrr

    I came here because i seen a star it wasn’t moving so it can be a plane and it was not twinkling so it wasnt a star

  80. H and J Vlogzzz

    Not Andrew being a beat boxer