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    1. bruhitz. luis

      Yes, Shane did Trisha wrong, But when they were friends Trisha was not good mentally, now she’s engaged and amazingly happy

    2. Sheogorath

      I want shane back 😢 I miss you so much

    3. ellie josee

      this didn’t age well

    4. S n O w F lakE

      I miss watch this episode but now with all the drama, I miss old Shane.

    5. Julia Graves

      This didn’t age well 😬

    6. Frederick Nietzsche


    7. Mars Pluto

      i still love watching these videos but it makes me sad

    8. IDK Squad

      my heart breaks watching this

    9. Rooky Plays

      Wow... Shane if you’re reading this, you really broke Trisha. She was so loyal so nice to you. And you went behind her back, just like that. I will never stop supporting you Shane, but if you do this to someone else i will definitely stop supporting you. I miss you guys both

    10. alyssa

      Shane I wish you were there for her like she was for you. Her anger is understood.

    11. ceddie

      so you consider her as family but then betray her? sis it don’t add up

    12. Kennon H.

      this makes me so sad to watch now ): edit to say that Trisha had me HOWLING through this, shes so fucking funny. abd shes beeeaaaauuuuttttiiiifffuuuulllllll

    13. aramk5

      my comfort video

    14. Danny Cabello

      Trisha 2018: Body Body ody-ody 9:19 Megan 2020: Body ody-ody-ody-ody-ody Trisha 2021 : Where’s my check?😂

    15. Javier Garranzo Acosta

      not this

    16. Maria Andersson

      Remember how good it was before Jeffree fuckin Star.. Miss these good, genuine times

    17. bungeecum

      aw look at them being happy when they're around eachother ):

    18. That one guy from Belgium

      Trisha is backstabbing the hell out of Shane! What a .... well... you know

      1. That one guy from Belgium

        @Me Me true.... I have to give that one....

      2. Me Me

        Trisha is problematic but a backstabber lol not even close. She is extremely loyal to a fault. Have you seen her videos defending Shane when he was getting cancelled over his problematic past. Have you also seen the videos where he was exposed for co-signing Jeffree's awful treatment towards Trisha. He was also exposed to spreading the rumor that she has Herpes and was speaking ill of her behind her back. Shane is not a true friend, he's a friend for convenience. He has never ever publicly supported or defended Trisha with all her dramas.

    19. Shannon Marie

      so cringe watching this in the future... like actually you wouldn't take a bullet for her... you wouldn't even stand up for her... awkward...thank god trisha isnt friends with him anymore

    20. Millie Cirino

      how shane has not taken this down and is still profiting of the video is pretty sad

    21. kalistra mode

      Get trish to 10 mil she's so real ✌

    22. Yohan /I’m an oc by sam_ studios

      2:37 I paused at the wrong time

    23. Yvonne

      hey shane, i doubt you’d see this but i got super upset and remember how much joy you brought me and so i decided to go back and watch all your videos again, i miss you :(

    24. jeon_bootx

      No one: Absolutely no one: Not even the entire Area 51 community: Shane: "They all wanna fuck me!" Me:👀

    25. jeon_bootx


    26. junix

      1:03 fuckkkkkk😬 that ain’t happening no more.🧍‍♀️

    27. GINGER Von

      IRvision is very rude for recommending this to me

    28. chazz .-.

      That intro is painful 3 yrs later

    29. Lee lee 82

      Infact Shane u should take this down !!!! She hates you now !!!

    30. Liz Earhart

      She looked so happy to see him. This is so sad :(

    31. Lee lee 82

      CONSIDER HER FAMILY !!! Then try and sort your fucking friendship out !!!

    32. Torrential

      I miss this

    33. Plushi i

      i still watch shane just for his friends..i don’t think i’ve ever watched him without garrett drew or trish

    34. Plushi i

      “i’d take a bullet for her” as soon as he finds a new friend he leaves her

    35. olivia muck

      Come back Shane we miss you🥺

    36. Kailyn Baby

      This didn't age well shane's so fake "I will take a bullet" yeah I'm sure lol

    37. starlight shadows

      I hate jeffery i miss this pair

      1. Me Me

        I mean to be fair Shane is at fault too, he was blinded by money and fame. He would still be "uncancelled" today had he not associated with Jeffree and associated himself with that whole James drama.

      2. Plushi i

        it’s also shane’s fault

    38. Joy _sassy

      Trisha did everything for him. I feel so bad for her

    39. Boba Tea

      They did not have to come for Liza like that :,)

    40. Aurica Elidesz

      Omg he didn’t know how to glue down brows...all makeup artists know how to do that for men...

    41. Alex320

      Trisha is so real, I'd love to be her friend, to just eat a whole bunch of food and talk about anything, too bad Shane let that all slip away

    42. I hate myself

      The eyebrows are making me so angry

    43. Carmela Pittaluga

      anyone else think hes kinda fruity?

      1. junix

        He is-

      2. Plushi i


    44. Maddie Balderas

      re watching Shane’s vids just breaks my heart tbh. I loved Shane so much. Everytime i watch a video of his it makes me laugh so hard and it makes my day. but now after all the drama and scandals with Shane it’s heartbreaking. Especially the videos with Trisha cuz i loved them together. 🥺💔 But also.... 20:26 that’s me :)

    45. Autumn Willeford

      And here we are today. Trish is totally against Shane. And he is canceled trying to come back. Sad what life does to people

    46. imran abdulle

      why am i watching shane

    47. Vicky G

      She’s more like family.... aged like milk

    48. chorch

      Oh honeyyy noooooo not them eyebrows😂

      1. Merp

        LMAOOOO the makeup artist did him DIRTY

    49. This_ Faby

      God 2021 when shane got canceled:’(

    50. tgrrrnbnny

      the noise cedric makes every time he spreads his legs has me XD

    51. Lily Fung

      Wow shane did so well

    52. Daddy

      Im missing shane 😕

    53. Christian bridegroom

      Okay but still why doesn’t he shower or anything? He’s so greasy and nasty

    54. Madison Nemeth

      trish said body ody ody ody

    55. Rose

      This breaks my heart

    56. Thomston T

      This didn't age well..

    57. emma s

      okay why did he leave shane’s eyebrows so shit

    58. Somer King

      Shane ,what do u think about this video now? Im so curious. Do u still feel like u really felt that way about her then? Because i suffer with depression myself +an ED and when ppl make an impact on my life like u said she did ,i hold them close to my heart. Even when life /time goes by ,i still would love them &send love their way.

    59. apricot

      1:03 .... this didn’t age well

    60. Lisa Gatpandan

      This is so sad! You did her wrong 😑

    61. hollyobaby

      it's the fake snort for me

    62. Adriana Cecilia

      It's Trisha singing the "body" song perfectly before it even came out for me 💖💖

    63. Yuri_Gacha

      hard to believe that shane dropped this kind, trustworthy, 12 year long friendship with trish for a 3 year toxic, problematic friendship with jeffrey. disgusting. you lost a great friend shane. you messed up.

    64. Shortie McD

      This didn’t age well..

    65. Ryan S.

      9:19 trisha came up with body ody ody ody before megan 😳

      1. Oscar Garcia


    66. Bebek721

      She really loves him this is so sad

    67. amber escobeco

      How could you f*** Trisha over like you did. You can tell even throughout this video and other videos where Trisha was defending you, she was a true friend and loved you. It’s heartbreaking to see her most recent video. You can see the raw emotion she had. You just showed your true colors. So now I’m unsubscribed and this will be the last video, comment or anything you’ll get from me. I hope a lot of others follow me too. I hope you read your comments and see this 😒 Shame on you and your husband (whatever his name is)

    68. BecomingAnae

      Yikes , that intro aged like milk!

    69. know me

      I bet shane misses trish

      1. Abi C

        he completely ruined their friendship he left her after 12 years she was so loyal i feel sorry for uer

    70. Miss White

      I watch this video everytime I feel anxious, overwhelmed, unsettled etc. It always cheers me up and makes me laugh, sad how they're not close anymore

    71. Daniella F

      Watching this makes me so sad because they did genuinely have a great friendship but together they are so hilarious and Shane’s comedic timing is pretty impeccable so the fact that we may never see a video from him again is really shitty

      1. Kamu

        Can you explain me what happened I'm so confused. I just clicked on this for nostalgia 😔✌🏻

    72. Ben Fox

      To have had someone that cares about you the way she did and then do what you did ! Brah that was the final nail in your own purpose built coffin ⚰️ what an idiot

    73. Danny Breedlove

      literally watching it for trisha i’ve always wanted to be here 🥺

    74. Brooklyn Reid

      omg I kinda wanna be friends with Trisha she’s so lost, and she just needs friends.

    75. addy selly

      this intro did NOT age well

    76. DarkPhoenix 23

      16:37 omg 😂 this was funny tho idk

    77. Zuni Silverwolf

      Fucking gross. You call her family... Yet, you treated her like a stranger on the internet.

    78. Aaliyah Duke

      Trisha is a person I love sometimes and sometimes I hate her but Trisha doesn’t deserve this she was surrounded by the wrong crowd. Shane honestly is so toxic Trisha deserves way better than Shane and ryland.

    79. Amanda Rosso

      Does he have fake teeth here?! Normally they don’t look tht white

    80. Mariam Adel

      I know she's problematic and stuff, but she seems kind of nice. But she's probaboy not the type of person I would be friends with 😂

    81. Alanah Allen-croswell

      Before jeffree Shane: You have the biggest heart ive ever met After: doesn't even defend her

    82. Alanah Allen-croswell

      Trisha saw Shane as a brother and he just left her for Jeffree star, I am so sorry trish

    83. Reuben

      "And that'll never change" .... It changed

    84. Ishita Gupta

      I feel so bad for Trisha She looks so genuinely happy here and had no idea back then what a 🐍 Shane was

    85. Juliette Miranda

      I feel like she even felt like Shane was just hanging out with her for profit. (To make money off the views of the video) she mentions how people are only around for profit and in the end she is all alone after they used her for what they wanted

    86. Emily Tedford

      That freaky music video still slaps ngl

    87. Jay

      pov: your watching this in 2021 trish say body ody ody...

    88. Acid

      So sad they aren’t friends anymore

    89. injoy the waves potts

      THis video didn't age well

    90. Zoe

      Shane you're such a gross person poor trisha

    91. Joshy Nikita

      You can say whatever about Trish but dammm she’s a good person! And very loyal !

    92. ohkateohkatie

      this did NOT aged well

    93. zombielovebites

      "Eating boring healthy food" Shane stop lying like you eat anything other than junk food

    94. Monserrat Rodarte

      The smart george hopefully ruin because mallet dfly wash amidst a adventurous zinc. snotty, callous acoustic

    95. Madison Grey

      me watching this after there not friends anymore:👁👄👁

    96. Laurence Melencio

      Trisha looked genuinely happy in this video :/

    97. Jill Jackson

      You are a bad friend, Shane! Not a fan of yours anymore thats for sure.

    98. Kelli Austin

      Watching this and realizing that at 9:20, Trisha actually wrote Body by Megan Thee Stallion. 😂

      1. Chloë Montoya

        Omg lol

    99. yasmin m

      i miss them so much

    100. kittycat7732

      Yes he’s a dick but he picked that dance up super quick haha