The Truth About Tanacon


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    Part 2
    Part 3

    links to all videos used coming soon! I stayed up all night editing so i promise i will link them when i wake up !!
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    1. shane

      The truth is always more complicated than the lies. PART 2 what do YOU think the truth is?

      1. TransitOfTheMidwest32C


      2. Corgi


      3. • Mika Chan •


      4. • Mika Chan •


      5. Antoinette Engelbrecht

        Love you Shane - ❤️ you will never be canceled because you are bigger and better than the rest. Love from South Africa 🇿🇦

    2. Charlotte Banta

      Who is watching this after Shane got cancelled crying because you and your sisters grew up watching Shane Dawson and now you can’t anymore. Cause I am

    3. Yvonne Etienne

      I do really miss him


      omg not these chicks acting like they have war level PTSD from fucking standing and being in the sun like wtf

      1. paigepaii

        @D BAAABYYY im not offended..? you on crack or smth? just gives me the icks when I see the most basic of white girls bring someone down to try to be funny lol. chill with the emojis are you 10?

      2. D BAAABYYY

        @paigepaii NOT YOU getting that offended over someone’s OPINION lmfao GIRRRRLLL BYEEEE BYEEEE TO YOUUUUU honey 😘😘😘 LOL. be blessed tho 💋👼🏻

      3. paigepaii

        omg not you making fun of someone's reaction to pain they're in- girl bye-


      okay i’m sorry but third degree sunburns bro.....? bring some sunscreen you literal idiots 😂 how tf is it tana’s fault people are that stupid

      1. D BAAABYYY

        okay I’m sorry not some girl literally YELLING BOOHOO WITH TEARS EXITING THE BUILDING bc she passed out... yet instead of staying calm her dumb ass is like YELL CRYING 😂😂😂 like oh hell no


      it seems like literally half of the letters in tana’s last name are silent .. 😅😂 like wtf is up with that though... 😳🙂🙂

    7. u2zero2u

      That girl Shane is talking to seems like a really intelligent girl especially for being so young.

    8. Nina Cocaj

      pls even tho i hate shane for what he did but i miss him sm so im rewatching his vids

    9. Shiiba

      So did this ever actually get resolved or did all these kids just kinda get over it and worship her again?

    10. Deya

      Girl in striped shirt: i was like- Annoying girl in red: so here’s 💫 *my* 💫experience

    11. I love cheeese dudun

      Shane: The worst decision I ever made *Stares in 2020 drama*

    12. Richfilm Tv

      She’s getting what she deserves she so fucking stupid why does she have this vendetta against vidcon, many other people aren’t featured creators, such an entitled cow

    13. Hannah Arnold

      its crazy i was going to go to Tanacon and I would have been hospitalized because I cant go outside for an hour without getting sunposining

    14. BambiEyedBoy

      Honestly that’s what happens when you try to rebel against the only thing that brings food to your table.

    15. My Life as Sierra

      Hear me out.. a docuseries tana makes about shane to "get him out of his scandal" lol

    16. Stef with an F

      I think vidcon created good time to ruin tanacon

    17. Kyle Graeme

      Me an intellectual who gets hot and thirst leaves and gets water and not stands there and kills themselfs

    18. Lily Yue

      I would of just left like just leave if you have been waiting for hours

    19. Christian bridegroom

      Anyone else kinda annoyed about how the girl with the hat wouldn't let her friend talk.

    20. Ashley Golding

      She seems so much more famous than u but u have quadruple the followers, that's messed up cuz despite ur misunderstandings ur work is impeccable

    21. Ashley Golding

      The titanic reference 😂

    22. Hiraeth

      i have covid and had a fever dream about tanacon last night so here i am

    23. lacey jackson

      i just want you to know i’ll always love u shane

      1. Among us :3

        @Luke Boyd doesn’t excuse him still. I made the point about not believing in cancel culture and thinking it’s stupid. I don’t want Shane to get cancelled, I just want him to learn from his mistakes. Not only has he offended the entire black community, but also a 6 year old (the n) and her family. Nothing can excuse him but he can still learn

      2. Luke Boyd

        @Among us :3 I know what he did was horrible but I don't think he should've been cancelled this much it was 10+ years ago when he was in his early 20s

      3. Among us :3

        @Luke Boyd you make a valid point but that does not excuse Shane, I do not believe in cancel culture and I think that rather than cancelling Shane we should let him learn from his mistakes and possibly do the same with other people who’ve done the same

      4. Luke Boyd

        @Among us :3 but what about all the tv shows that have done that and all the other things Shane has done and not been cancelled and it was over 10 years ago were things were much less sensitive

      5. Among us :3

        @•_________________• yep

    24. gilbert lopez

      How long has shane been wearing that shirt lmao he looks like he hasn't showered in weeks and possibly wearing that shirt for just as long lol you know when you wear a shirt and sweat in it and the collar turns all nasty and stretched out and shit. That's how his collar is. Of I was doing a interview with anyone on camera I'd like to think I would at the very least change my shirt possibly shower too. Idk

    25. Lee Robinson

      1:18 this is.... just a shit version of fire festival

    26. Ellie Klein

      is it just me or does the girl in the red look like Nina Dobrev...

    27. Sycthe_ FN5

      That’s what happens when you have no experience

    28. Emma Vaughan

      this is so funny because this video is just so bad and yall ate this up two years ago

    29. tracie bolton

      Love you Shane! Don't love tanah.

    30. Sophie Dweck

      Imagine Tana really trying to blame this on the company when she had an entire team of management planning that was from herrrr team not the companies

    31. narjissoun xo

      Why didn't they just redo it in a bigger place the following days idk

    32. Thelma V

      This is so ironic. A whole documentary trying to save her career yet when Shane is literally losing his mind she doesn't want anything to do with him. Probably for the better if someone as pure like Garrett and Andrew don't want anything to do with him,then there's somethign wrong.

    33. Samurai Gaming

      Love you shane

    34. Samurai Gaming

      The good days of life😭😭😭😭😭

    35. momo pimko

      Question... did anyone who purchased tickets ever get their money refunded?

    36. John Thomson

      It was a con alright.

    37. John Thomson

      Shane Dawson is a sick twisted sob that belongs in jail

      1. John Thomson

        @Samurai Gaming Oh are you a tough guy.guy simsam

      2. ii Andrew ii

        @Samurai Gaming hes weird as hell dont support him

      3. Samurai Gaming

        Fuck off

      4. Alex Rose


    38. ella katab

      anyone else here during lockdown number 3 when ur supposed to be writing n essay?

    39. God entered Bob Hickman's body, as a Ghost-body

      God entered into my body, like a body. my same size. holy ghost baptism. God rips my face, shoots into my mouth gum disease/ jesus appeears and laughs. come to god

      1. cassie

        so you’re in a cult

    40. lexi lex

      More then 2 years ago?😭

    41. Where’s the lie tho

      2020 In a nutshell 🌰

    42. Aero Eyre

      there is now way that there is 20 thousand people in tanacon

    43. *-*Kermit Suicide*-*

      When it's been 2 years and no refunds have been heard of 🧍

    44. Popbob

      Do you think people from vid con went to tana con

    45. Popbob

      Plain rock

    46. Laura Frank

      Who tf is this tana girl? I’m confused.

    47. Jennifer McCulley

      I wanna know wtf happened.... this sounds like a problem for WTF NEWS

    48. a 9 year old that watches you through your window

      the second-hand EMBARRASSMENT is too much for me, sorry

    49. Iazzmeania Jones

      How is this not worst than what he did

    50. Arli Sanchez

      Rewatching your videos because I miss you 😢

      1. Samurai Gaming


    51. Olivia Dunne

      you are so nice and amazing love u

    52. Olivia Dunne

      love u Shane

      1. Samurai Gaming


      2. Alex Rose

        No tf

    53. Downbythebay_


      1. Alex Rose

        I hate uuu

    54. Some random Weasel on the internet

      Michael looks like the guy from bandersnatch

    55. Katherine Saballos

      I miss these Shane docu-series.

    56. Starr Blayze

      WTF I’m here because of troycetv. So crazy!

    57. Patron St Troll

      Lol @ someone being brought to the hospital.

    58. 01katiecakes01

      But... But... WHY?!?!? 😂

    59. i lost my earpods btw iam hannah 2

      *My dumbass just said why aren’t they wearing masks😀🖐*

      1. cami

        Ur pfp 🥵🥵🥵🥵

    60. Liam Roberts

      Imagine Tana Com now with Covid...

      1. leo


    61. Joel

      Shane is seriously flipping the story and acting like he wasn’t gaslighting tana to do this convention. Not surprised if he was in her ear like “yaaass queen do it”

      1. dash

        i think shane hoped for tana to do the smart thing & rent out a venue to fit the supposed 20,000 ppl , not a marriot hotel . but tana is young & dumb & probably just was happy to get her attention .

    62. Magdalena Ann

      This is when he started going down hill

      1. spidey Josh


    63. Lilyanna Miller

      Rona is screammmmming

    64. Jessica Beaton

      Welp reason 2442344087 I'm glad I'm english

    65. Naomi Burton

      i feel so bad for shane now because he is getting so much hate and just look at what "shane" is as in what people say he doesn't deserve it like leave him the FUCK alone

      1. cami

        He likes lil boys

      2. Xx_b3achy_vibesXxx

        Ikr he said sorry and everything and isnt a cycle he just been manipulated by jeffry and is scared to leave him bc he’s like a mob boss and will make your life hell if you don’t like him and he obviously has a lot of dirt on Shane so Shane can break free bc of jeffry tea on him plus remember long Paul in 2018 he literally filmed a dead fucking body now everyone loves him and what Shane did happened nearly 10 years ago people are just so shit at forgiving these days and all they want to do is cancel him

      3. julia marie

        i feel bad for u.

      4. Naomi Burton

        @AGENTaweshum yes he did say that but........ he wanted to do it and FUCK OFF

      5. AGENTaweshum

        Sadly the issue is that people think he already said an apology but he literally said in the video that he was “inspired” by Jenna not because he is actually sorry and also that he previous apologies came from a place of fear? So he is not actually sorry, it is part of damage control.

    66. Lex Grammer

      These fans are IDIOTS I do Not Feel Bad for them because I can’t imagine myself idolizing someone who is clearly not with it..obviously 🙄 5 hours standing in the sun for that tana girl... and Now complain about your sun burn?? What?? YOU STOOD OUT THERE!! YOU COULD HAVE LEFT!!...YOU KNOW 🙄 I will never understand FANS their so stupid they don’t think!!! Ugh 🤦🏼‍♀️

    67. Connor Hurst

      Tana says who invented vidcon IRvision you dumb ass

    68. Connor Hurst

      Fuck tana con i didn’t go but still i saw a video

    69. simp4liluzi

      she looks like nina

    70. simp4liluzi

      fuck shane but iwl i miss these shitty documentary’s

      1. Samurai Gaming

        Fuck you

      2. leo

        same 😔

    71. Alyssa


    72. Adam Vi Frye

      ah yes.... a third degree sunburn.... totally a thing that happened, maybe a couple 4th degree sunburns that burned to bone?

    73. caisey Turnbull

      Tana the scamma

    74. Jadelyn

      shane defended her through all of this , where was she when shane got canceled she lets everyone talk for her its her mistakes not the other influcers , im damn sure tana didnt tell them / the influcers any details about tana con,theres nothing that shane, bella , collen could have done this is on tana and she needs to admit it , and not let others take cover for her mistakes.

      1. Brody

        @Samurai Gaming there is,,,, there's literal compilations of him doing awful stuff..

      2. Samurai Gaming

        @nae e fuck off there's no proof

      3. nae e

        you’d defend a pedophile? a racist?

    75. Tha Impasta

      I still thinl these types of series from shane

    76. Hope M Hutchings

      Why am I watching this when it was almost 3 years ago? Help

      1. jelissa n.

        OH HEYY SAME

    77. Sierra Duncan

      someone said shane should’ve watched his words when he said this was the worst decision he’s ever made, everything you’re trying to cancel him for happened like 10 years ago. you’re ducking stupid.

    78. Jemima Baker

      she has that ugly cry

    79. Noelynn /Nugget

      The person with the Kermit backpack is iconic

    80. Rhiannon H

      Can somebody tell me why these people didn't prepare ? Like what you DO NOT wear sunscreen or have water on you when you go to a festival or something outside? They didn't check the weather forecast yeah it's annoying for them to have not had the experience they wanted but hell

      1. Rhiannon H

        @ladynikkie yess sister!!!! But hey some people think it's wimpy to care for your skin 😂

      2. Rhiannon H

        @rando_ girl_ us hard asses from Australia, which is one of the hottest countries globally and is infamous for melinoma (a skin cancer caused from the sun) ...think that the sunburn was deserved if they think it's wimpy to not wear sunscreen in the blazing hot sun 😎😎 Anyways hope they have some aloe vera lotion handy

      3. rando_ girl_

        I’m from California and conventions aren’t the same as festivals also most people came from other states. Also if you wear sunscreen here (maybe this is just a thing my friends do) your like a wimp

      4. ladynikkie

        You would think if you live in Cali weather of all places, sunscreen would be a dime a dozen

    81. chelsea nelson

      Remember how great you are Shane.

    82. curly girl shook

      *girls bust into house*SUPRISE MOTHA FUCKA Girl:SO ICONIC RYLANS SISTER IS FAT HAHAHHAHAH Morgan:*eats Chipotle*:(

    83. curly girl shook

      *Sees the intro* OH SHIT

    84. Louis Martinez Jr

      So Shane and the other creators didn't get paid?

    85. Zewde Asrat

      Jesus is King. Orthodox Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Marry and the Savior. Have faith in Him. God bless.

      1. simp4liluzi

        mad stoopid

      2. rando_ girl_

        Go home

    86. Tracey Booth

      That girl in the striped shirt got literally 2 words in when taking to Shane

    87. Janelle Esparrago

      Anyone else rewatching this in 2021?

    88. Ella Bojsen

      I BET im the only one that came here from Gloom`s video of the same name.

    89. Selena medina

      Me: People searching Goodtimes up clack clackity clack clackity .

    90. Ben Fox

      The worst thing to happen to black jeans ... Shane Dawson

    91. Mia Griffin

      im cringing over the way he touched that young girls shoulder LOL

      1. Samurai Gaming

        You are just finding a way to hate on him

      2. Samurai Gaming

        Ok now How's that's sexual plz explain . He first asked her

      3. rando_ girl_


    92. Musto Mathew -

    93. Musto Mathew -

    94. Quo vrep

      I regret having bought this upon publishing, and now I know better. Tana for sure was complicit and should see consequences. While she will likely never see them for this debacle (in no small part thanks to Shane), she will eventual fuck up too bad to ever be forgiven given her whole... personality. But it seems the threshold can be push, thanks to good PR from a popular friend.

    95. Lina La


    96. Reese Fetner

      When the titanic clip came up the only thing I could think about for the rest of the vid was jack dawson

    97. Kristin J

      She really reminds me of Donald Trump

    98. Smoll Pup Named Cj

      omg what happened to the girl at 0:56 hope shes ok jeez!

      1. ladynikkie

        She got trampled and it's believed that her leg ended up broken

    99. D-loc

      Wow anyone who follows these fake ass people are sooo stupid. This dude was in on it to they all got paid. Your all so stupid to give them money 😄 🤣 😂 😆

    100. Camping for Everyone Else

      Reminds me of the swat episode.