Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson


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    1. shane

      PART 2 UP NOW!!!!!!

      1. Mars


      2. Dash


      3. Damien Thorn


      4. Ivy Fernández

        I love your videos please come back

      5. Ivy Fernández


    2. Ana

      I just watched it backwards... part two first and now part one...

    3. Jorge B

      Even though he did awful things, I still enjoy his conspiracies videos.

    4. aarushi

      lets be honest, his conspiracy videos were a bop.

      1. Kyle The Motherfucking Manager


      2. maddie

        fr like.. i hate this man so much but these interesting asf

    5. Be Kind

      Wait wait wait....... I just realized something.... I was just watching Icarly and there was this one episode about the “dingochannel” and their founders frozen head that the Icarly crew threatened to expose right? Who is nickelodeon’s sworn competition? Disney. Disney channel? > dingo channel?

    6. Ξ ʀᴀɪɴ Ξ

      Zepeto... ZePETO... PEDO... *fuck*--

    7. Code Lazar

      It’s sad that there will never any more videos like this

    8. London Provost

      Hey Shane!!🤪🤪🙈 Maybe next time don’t flash momo on the screen🥰🥺🥺🔪🔪

    9. Samantha Lopez

      the saddest thing is is that I didn't even know the campfire was a thing till I saw this video :(

    10. klchenry

      Miss you Shane. I'm still watching these series and even though they don't admit it, so is everybody else!

    11. Moisés Briseño Estrello

      Pretending to be sad at the destroyed house doesn't means in any way that you aren't still using that footage to make you rich.

    12. Petrina Lewis

      Me in 2021 watching EVERY horror Shane IRvision video

    13. O5car Magu1re

      RIP Shane Dawson I mean his IRvision channel

    14. Luna Lovegood

      Shane:this theory is dark and probably the most unsettling we’ve ever talked about on this channel Me: bitch you’ve talked about Jake Paul what’s darker and more unsettling then that

    15. Luna Lovegood

      Sorry but Obama saying “stay woke bitches” kills me😂😂😂

    16. daniyal nematnia

      Man the videos good but LIVE photo on Iphone???? Every one who has an Iphone know about this shit. You guys are fucking theorists. Dont act like you have never heard of that shit

    17. daniyal nematnia

      Man come the fuck back..... PLEASE

    18. TWICE IDLE

      He should have continued with doing conspiracy theories but he is deep into the cancelled hole

    19. Jesus Lord

      POV: you got jumpscared when the momo challenge picture popped up

    20. America Forever

      Holy shit the cartoon suicides fucked with my brain. The momo jump scared me so baddd.

    21. clarcitaa

      I forgot I was subscribed, just unsub for good and disliked all the videos. 🥰

      1. A1mighty LazR

        Does it really do anything? No lol

      2. luiis

        lol no one cares

    22. Alexander Ismajlvo


    23. Sippix

      am i the only person who is scared so much of when it cuts to black and the faint phone ring starts playing. Like I feel like my heart stop.

    24. Lillian Diaz

      I know hes canceled and i am absolutely DISTURBED of what he did buttt,, This video is just way to interesting not to watch

    25. Elizabeth Jacobs


    26. •Grubble Bubble•

      Shane: dangerous scary conspiracy theories with proof Also shane: hEeHeE mInIoN gO dIe lMaO

    27. riley

      what if he's a fake to

      1. riley

        Just kidding

    28. Kolour -_-


    29. Kolour -_-

      Bro if you put your phone to your ear and close the other one its sounds like someone is breathing in your phone

    30. smol one

      momo comes up at 47:50!!! skip to 47:57!!!

    31. Sarah Eber

      I think he has to come back he’s actually opening up our eyes that’s why “they” made him get cancelled so think about it maybe it was deep fakes who said the things he said about animals and all these things .....

    32. Sarah Eber

      Whatever he’s a skill content creator! Very creative and has a feeling for what’s good

    33. Lianna Prieto

      Honestly y’all could hate him but his conspiracies slap 😫🤚

    34. Esmael Khosa

      This is low-key scary

    35. the vision

      can someone please for the love of god find the background music that starts at 14:50 when she starts talking about how selenas face was edited into her video?

      1. Ionic XM

        darude sandstorm

      2. Project_Boredom

    36. Rachelle waves

      49:32. IPhone conspiracy

      1. Rachelle waves

        @jessi me to😊

      2. jessi

        @Rachelle waves yes

      3. Rachelle waves

        @jessi Larry shipper?

      4. jessi

        conspiracies on iPhones

    37. Kaira Cullen

      pov: you don’t support him anymore but you’re relapsing and watching the best old videos bc nostalgia

      1. Skye Beecroft

        me too 👋🏼

      2. m e l a n c h o l y

        ive been caught red handed 🧍‍♀️

    38. Where’s the lie tho


    39. Where’s the lie tho

      Apple is getting info from everyone around the world because with everyone’s mind together they could be super powerful I think

    40. Where’s the lie tho

      “ sweets are between two and three feet in the shelf’s so the kids to see” Me: thanks now I can find them

    41. Where’s the lie tho

      Shane Dawson helping us raise our kids right!

    42. Kokichi Ouma

      I almost suffocated laughing at the honey sponsorship lmao

      1. A1mighty LazR

        Y lol

    43. Salina

      Shane we miss you!!!

    44. Andrea M

      We need him back

    45. Itsjustme

      i am gay

    46. Life With Franklin

      The huge pay day thing is wrong I lost everything when a tree got struck with lightning and caught fire for little n fell on top of me,google “Franklin Virginia thankful to be here free falls” I’ll pop up,we got our mortgage raised a year later matter fact and they only payed for our hotel stay and a house for us to stay in until our house was fixed. No huge paycheck,losing 2 MacBooks 10,000s bucks worth of guitars guns 100000+ bucks worth of clothes etc and we got 1500 bucks....and our mortgage raised 300 bucks we can’t afford right now if u have a minute check my channel out I have a video coming out with footage of the tragedy that was an inch away from killing me and my ex gf

    47. the pointless вампир

      when all Shane can say is " oh my god" for a solid minute you know it must be bad

    48. Tova H

      Miss you Shane. Comeback :(

    49. Mrs. Ackerman

      He even made the sponsor scary

    50. Lokijuyt Mongolito

      after the guy thawed out, was he still himself? memories intact, personality uncompromised etc

    51. Bettie Bewley

      You were talking about the California wildfires what about all the wildfires in oregon on Sept 8th there was one in almost every city at the same time after the riots ......I was one of the people that lost my home and everything 53 yrs worth of memories ....WHY???

    52. luna

      A fever dream

    53. Ursilina Canedo

      TBH I try to download the ZEPETO and it doesn't record my voice and not creepy at all I've officially have 300+ followers!

    54. Tommy italian 3054life

      android is so much better then apple

    55. memedaddy oof

      please the memories😫

    56. Mariana Guerrero

      Now I even feel that the fact that they wore masks back then was a prediction of 2020 😰 don’t know what’s real or fake anymore

    57. Nathan Sharpe


    58. Trinity Victory

      I miss Shane and I believe people change 🥺❤️

    59. Miisho

      His "oh my God"s always pissed me off... Like, he always said it at the worst time possible and it always came off as inconsiderate. Like with Jeffrees cutting.

    60. arina • 08bed

      i miss him

    61. Kenny Merino

      Shane come back!!!!!!!!🥲🥲

    62. The Truth

      Who else is rewatching Shane's conspiracy theories before his channel is removed?

      1. Samantha Lopez

        his channel is getting removed?

    63. John lamarco

      Ceo of OMG!!!!!

    64. alexa

      WARING 47:50 be careful there is a scary picture!!! (momo) WARNING!!!! WARNING!!!!!!

    65. Barbara Rintarou

      me with an Android: oop iphone users are screwed-

    66. Allyssa Martin

      i miss shane so fucking much its insane

    67. strafe

      There are a lot of my friends who work closely with people in big companies, all the picture you upload or send to anybody are all being stored. Never ever use other picture taking apps, never. The government may also use these informations to take out people or to protect important politicians.

    68. Katsuki Bakugo

      About the Hollister theory rylands mom in the other video were shane asked rylands mom if he can propose and when they were looking at rylands baby pictures and ryland was wearing Hollister she said "he always wanted to go into that loud stinky store"👀she admitted the whole theory

    69. Strech Sanchez

      I don't see anything wrong with what Hollister did🤷.

    70. grace

      and a way of getting ppl to watch ur videos you split this into different parts without timestamps so ppl couldnt just watch one part theyd have to watch it all

    71. Xenius

      Me: Can you try to sound like a monkey :) Banan Alice: 18:57

    72. Sylvia A.

      I wish we were still getting these videos!

    73. Rolando Rimarim

      I really miss you Shane

    74. Grey Dennison

      honestly, the script is actually really good.

    75. Chris Fuentes

      Zepeto company: the cords are 500 56 -1000

    76. Mammoney

      It’s crazy to think this was posted 2 years ago already..

    77. kodzuken

      there’s literally no excuse to like shane this editing isn’t even done by him it’s andrew

    78. Mel’s VIDS

      Me still coming back to rewatch these ❤️❤️ who else ->>

      1. Kimberly Wolden

        Mee, i miss these

      2. OneShot Editing

        Me 😂

    79. Rynn G

      I’m 2 years late to the party BUT about the frozen theory maybe theorist were getting to close to the truth. So Disney made a move which is now two movies to hide the truth about Walt Disney and him freezing him self. Idk just what I thought after watching

    80. ARK


      1. ,‘


      2. rapandulă cu ochi


    81. Angel

      Not ganna lie Hollister is my favorite brand lmfao! Lucky for me I was skinny, pretty, and preppy so I never really noticed all that stuff till you mentioned it. I like Abercrombie and fitch too along with Aeropostale, and American Eagle.

    82. JuiceColored TV

      i watch the whole thing better than the other movies.. its crazy i watch this kind of stuffs ... netflix need this kind of stuffs ‼️🔥👌🏽🙃

    83. Olivia Salvaggio

      I miss you shane

    84. The Wonders World

      32:20 🤣🤣✨

    85. Clearlylucy

      I picked up the phone to my mum, and this happened to me and I freaked out 😂😂

    86. Lunavlogs

      ugh i miss him so bad

    87. b l i t h e s s o m

      pov: you’re watching old videos because you know he isn’t coming back..🥺

    88. Ellie Hudock

      The fact that the news was talking about a graffiti when people are losing their lives .I’m disappointed 😞.

    89. i dobecrying

      idgaf if he’s cancelled rn i’m still watching these conspiracies theories

    90. Siyathemba CJ

      If you are here in 2021,you are a fuckin legend,no matter what anyone says

    91. Avi

      Does thet men somethink or someone can be zrozen in glaciers ? I want to be back in time 1800s minimum.

    92. Your Mother

      We want Shane back

      1. ,‘

        no we dont💀

    93. Ron John

      Omg omg OMG

    94. Allie Toler

      Since with the new software update where there are dots on your screen to show you when it is listening, it always shows up before I pick up the call 0:

    95. Kyrsten Athan

      Conspiracy: Shane was onto some deep shyt so a secret group in fear of being exposed dug deep and began a smear campaign to “cancel” Shane. Shane has grown so much from his past, and I support Shane and can’t wait to see his next upload. Shane, we support your creations!! Never give up!!

    96. Mariana Forbes

      I really don’t like Shane but you have to admit this video is still good.

    97. KU5HAN

      I know the world was against you but no one can take ur place dude. Just comeback . IF u don't make offensive remarks , everyone just loves u Come back . We need u

    98. I'm a potato

      When you realize all of the “unattractive" people are attractive

    99. I'm a potato

      5:55 that scared the shit out of me. Because I was doing that 😭😂🤣🤣

    100. Shinigami_hindi