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    1. bruhitz. luis

      Y’all I still like Shane, hate me for it lol, But what he did was *THE PAST, THE PAST* , also what Trisha did was the past.

    2. Niamh Pace

      25:06 *Christian,White,Upper Class....* ✨mE✨ Ahahahah i DIEDDDD

    3. Shynal Chand

      Like what was the point of this? This doesn't help Trisha at all and it doesn't show any insight as to who Trisha is! This would've been such a great opportunity for them to open up about her past trauma (if she was comfortable) and for us to get to know her!!! He did her so dirty with this series is still pisses me off!!

    4. Alexis Grace

      so sad all the gifts they got him all for nothing

    5. Pamela Korra

      I miss this videos, I miss shane

    6. Zack ETN

      This aged like spoiled milk

    7. Bean Bag

      the irony

    8. Angelina Marie

      the “awww” after shane said they’re going to see garrett was so mf sweet. shane really lost a good friend

    9. Paola Gonzalez

      Damn bro...

    10. Dezzie Games

      I am so sorry but Trisha looks like she would own a chiwawawa oop

    11. M B

      this didn’t age well

    12. 空条 徐倫

      “Honestly goals.” LMAOO

    13. Jade Louise

      watching these back make me wonder why i loved Shane so much

      1. Jade Louise

        Oh and how rude he is to Garrett what the heck he's so pessimistic and judgemental

      2. Jade Louise

        I have so many questions now, why wouldn't he use his normal trainer if he sees them every day? That guy was obviously an actor, also not washing his clothes isn't a funny trait and the pee on the floor just left there is concerning. Seriously questioning why i didn't notice this before

    14. Isabella Chambers

      Shane: “ but he looks like he’s crazy and is gonna wanna kill us” Trish: “Literally all my boyfriends”😭😭😭😭💀💀💀

    15. Ben Fox

      They mopped her up coz she was balling then they met Jeffrey who is the Richie rich and trish was pushed aside like bankruptcy, she honestly loved her friend and to be kicked to the curb for money just says a lot about a person, they should of wrapped her up in bubble wrap and protected that friendship more than anything , but I guess the green in the money proves that the grass is greener .......... cut to cancelled Shane who is literally eating his mood for breakfast 🍳

    16. don’t even say these things

      Trisha was so loyal and sweet to Shane and he literally treated her like garbage. Now he chose Jeffree over her. He is a bad person.

    17. mariethesizzler 9492

      Love the scream clips!

    18. BriBri Renee

      Idk if anyone else has noticed yet but I'm watching this in 2021 and at about @5:14 Shane says two shade names from the Conspiracy Palette right before they do Trish's makeup and he doesn't even know it lol. Ranch and Cheese (Cheeto) Dust. 🤍🧡 Idk I thought that was kinda cool. 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😂😂

    19. Ashlynn Bickham

      Shane I miss you so much and I love you. Please come back

    20. Leslie Bunnygirl

      he literly droppeed trishas things

    21. K WVLKS

      This content > Jeffrey star content 💔

    22. Master Mattias

      I love Trisha😂😂

    23. becs 010

      Trish was such a good friend 🥺

    24. overithoney

      I miss this dynamic so much,so hilarious..can't believe they're not friends anymore

    25. Justin Robles

      cant believe he drank diet coke after a workout

    26. Callie Pickvet

      Miss your fat but the girl but not said you like bananas fun

    27. SwagHags69

      11:28 the blur tho

    28. Jessica Bushnell

      Shane, fuck that ppl think that they can cancel you. you can do whatever you want to do!! just come back to youtube, come back to what you know best. fuck what other ppl think... everybody in my town doesn't like me. I'm prob the most hated person I've changed my life, got sober, and everything. I think everyone would rather have the old me back.. It was actually fun.. I miss those times.

      1. Pranamya

        Hahahahah what even xD

      2. Kellie Folley

        Lol Shane is trash

      3. IT'S CLEMENTIME!!!!

        @chantal clarke-thomas LMFAOOOO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      4. chantal clarke-thomas

        girl go to bed

    29. Æggos

      im sorry but imagine giving someone 1 month dirty underwear. thats so fucking disgusting and you can tell how uncomfortable trish was

      1. interlude

        @Merp it definitely wasn't... shane's habit of peeing in bottles (even in his own home....) is well documented... he once tricked garrett into sniffing a bottle of pee he had next to his bed...

      2. Merp

        Right, and his car with all his “piss bottles” I hope to god that was a jome

    30. Tanea Bree

      Jeez instead of throwing Trisha under the bus, he should be wondering wtf jefree says about HIM or let’s people say about him after all that shit that went down

      1. Pranamya

        Omg exactly ! If J* was throwing shade at trish for renting her home ! Imagine thinking he has anything nice to say about the guy with piss bottles all over his room and car xD

    31. dominicanchu1ita

      4:01 the gift Trisha gave them 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    32. Kayla Hoskinss

      Imagine choosing money, a palette, and Jeffree's fake circle of people...over Trisha.

    33. Dacel Lee

      This friendship is better than jeffree’s😒

    34. Amilynn Ashley

      wow Shane says he is fat and all but he can work out.

    35. Billie fan

      LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆💀💀💀💀💀💀

    36. Brandie McIntyre

      Why do you all fuck with Garrett so much...I don't like the way he's disregarded and disrespected like he's not as good as you all

      1. cami


    37. True Magwood

      The downfall

    38. Archetype00

      Trish is good at doing stuff on the fly and making up content, that actually requires being quite clever and quick thinking. People give her flack for being a moron, but she knows what she’s doing

    39. Jiveana Jimbau

      When trisha was “being mean” to garret she pointed out she was just being like shane like if it was up to her she didnt really want to be mean to garret aw

    40. holly stirewalt

      that trainer had to be an actor

    41. sweetlikegrande

      They weren't kidding when the trainer was hot.

    42. mairinh84

      You did Trisha wrong!!! If you truly ever cared about her , you would own up to it and make changes in your behaviour !!! It’s never to late for ppl to grow.

    43. lifewithmatt

      4lk dislike!!

    44. Erik Neuschwendtner

      The lying cushion ganguly pray because crow originally guard like a sturdy soprano. lowly, quack gallon

    45. Tiffany Nicole

      Omg the relationship before jeffree drama.

    46. main

      trish walking into shanes house is like my broke ass inviting my rich friends over

    47. Michelle

      God, I love Trisha 😂 It’s very sad what happened to their friendship but she does NOT need fake friends & toxicity in her life. 💕

    48. Mrs. Reedus

      16:23 in that moment we should knew that Ryland was a betrayal b**ch

    49. Tarliaaa Wright x

      Trish when she gets out the car looks like Jemma Collins

    50. Monica Kraut

      What the f*ck is wrong with Dustin Dailey or is it daily? Why is he talking sh*t about you Shane? Can you shut that sh*t done please and thank you.

    51. Almond Milk•


    52. Summer

      sad to see how easy he threw trish out just for a check

      1. Almond Milk•

        @Vibes Plant omg whatever. Just shut up about the conversation and stop being defensive. That goes for Summer mostly

      2. Summer

        @Almond Milk• is that supposed to mean something? Does that mean you're too blind to see what's happened or what?

      3. Almond Milk•

        I HAVE been paying attention. I’ve been subbed to him since he’s had 3k subs.

      4. Summer

        @Almond Milk• you didn't hurt my feelings. And if you have been paying attention you would know that it IS true.. look at Shane and who he's friends with. Look who he threw his 12 year friendship away for. Look at what happened to Trisha when they went away for a trip and how Shane did nothing to stand up for her.

      5. Almond Milk•

        @Summer Sorry I guess? I’m not defending anyone. Just what you said wasn’t even true. I subbed to you cause I feel like I hurt your feelings

    53. Madeline Hosking

      Ooh she was so sweet to play along

      1. Shawn Mandigo

        Right! I watched the video where Shane dresses up and spends a day as Trish. He made fun of her all day, saying things like "I look like a dead f***ing pig" and then in reference to the makeup artist "where the f*** do I start." I hate how most IRvisionrs she befriends tease her and make fun of her.

    54. Marie c

      I wish i could be Trisha’s friend tbh she seems so fun to hang out with lol 😕

    55. stinky toilet

      Why did I used to like this

    56. Akshara Santhosh

      This aged poorly.

    57. haidyn payne


    58. melissa walker

      aw i feel bad for her in hindsight 🥺

    59. Sukaran Babber

      Shane lost a loyal and honourable friend a friend that defended him and stuck by him through everything it’s so sad to see that all the time it wasn’t the same way back

    60. Saad Altamimi

      2021 ooffff

    61. Ana Rozene

      8:23-8:30 Made me die so much- But look at Ryland when Trush went "oh" I LOVE IT

    62. Mmmiss Miss

      17:05 aww that laughter moment where they were so physically close together and smiling at one another I hate when friendships get broken up... but poor Trisha. She deserves someone as loyal as her.

    63. Larzaparz 8876

      This has so many outrageously HILARIOUS parts, where I bust out laughing. Shane and Ryland are so funny together. However, that disgusting water bottle(s) filled with urine ..that has been sitting in the car, fermenting...screams mental disorder.

      1. Sunshine Beach

        Truly, seriously...this is NOT a quirk this is schizophrenic

      2. Candy

        Omg seriously! And his piss is sooooo yellow! He needs to drink more water.

    64. Theresa

      Watching this back I’m not sure why he thinks is so funny not washing himself

      1. flvghtlessbird

        i feel so bad for trisha having to wear his dirty clothes

      2. Kozue Chiyo


    65. Nicole Martinez

      Well this didn’t age well...

    66. mari estrada

      Does Shane not know what boundaries are?? If she’s afraid of his pets he should put them away, not torture her with them to make a funny video ????

    67. Linda Ellen Ray

      POV: It's 2021.

    68. Jordan Devino

      This just shows how gross Shane is 😬🤮

      1. Candy

        Seriously... he doesn’t take baths, doesn’t clean, he pisses in bottles and leaves them in his car.

    69. !?

      um so anyways lets not talk about trish behind her back

    70. Vanessa Peraza

      at 7:31 did anyone else noticed how fastttt his face changed , its weird looking back at this knowing he does all these bad things

      1. Chantal Delgado

        That’s so weird

    71. Mimi Singer

      What’s up with u Shane? Where 4 u hiding? I thought u were a nice guy! I guess not

    72. Mugfooord 237

      ‘I feel like we’re being assassinated’

    73. lily isabella

      2:25 *uber driver drops everything* LMAO

    74. 모치 ᴜᴡᴜ

      Trish deserves better 😭 I love her

    75. Rachel Lundin

      Trisha seems so happy throughout the entire video and Shane’s happiness seems forced around her

    76. Victoria Ponce

      Wow, trish was a great friend... sucks to have lost that 🤷🏻‍♀️

    77. Flynn Pelayo

      well this aged well...........

    78. Millie Chisel

      man i really miss these times .... damn

    79. nicki minaj is queen

      yhe fact that she went out in public like that LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    80. euua2140

      Shane is so fucking fake

    81. GossipGirl

      The whole ‘not cleaning clothes’ thing is absolutely disgusting. Ew I would NEVER wear that. And being dirty and not showering is NOT cute. Its gross.

      1. Diana

        I mean..it’s many with depression that can not help it. They just simply doesn’t see why or have the motivation for it. But I do think that Shane is faking it and hides besides his “good guy” persona.

      2. Kaylee Gotsis

        @Linda Jones but the piss bottles that he shows and brags about.... grossssss XDD

      3. Linda Jones

        I think he just says it for attention tbh

      4. Candy

        It really is! I can’t believe he’s so open to sharing that publicly

    82. Poshie Lulu


    83. Tania Ibarra

      Not us in 2021 coming to watch this to find flaws after shane chose jeffree over trish

      1. Kozue Chiyo


    84. Tania Ibarra

      I love how trisha loves to cosplay as other people EXCEPT shane 😂😂😂

    85. HEX

      Shane really gonn give up this frienship for money! horrible

      1. Ancetade


      2. nqobile zondi

        Can you imagine, she wholeheartedly loves shane and he repaid her with literally shit

    86. Joser Montes

      May this old friendship Rest In Peace.

    87. Lauren Barbee

      Miss seeing you n trish like this

    88. vee

      wow i cant believe i thought it was funny how poorly shane treated garrett

    89. Kayla Firbank x

      R.I.P Trisha and Shane’s Friendship :(

    90. Jama Jama

      Trisha was SO FUNNY when she was so the conspiracy video. Like I couldn’t stop laughing.

    91. mandypdx

      Love Trisha 👯‍♀️💕💕

    92. Emma Valle

      Shane you fucked up and lost a loyal friend

    93. Yun Lix

      Shane!!! She was your friend!!! Talk to her in private. and let her make a video about it. So you don't get into legal problems with JS but man. SHE WAS YOUR ONLY TRUE FRIEND.

      1. Tharuka K

        He so fucked up

    94. teddycuthbert

      13:45 "thanks"

    95. Kathi

      Poor Trisha...

    96. YSP

      Please chuck Jeffree and get Trish and Garrett back please!

    97. Eline

      IRvision is shady for recommending me this video after I watched Trisha's recent video about her dropping Shane and Ryland 👀

    98. Aliway

      Jesus christ shes annoying

    99. Stephfo

      Turns out you never really cared about her

    100. 이영주

      The spotted sugar decisively stuff because town synchronously prevent about a brainy archer. repulsive, obscene protest

      1. oohsehun