The Enemies of Jake Paul


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    Nick Crompton

    A series investigating the mind of youtuber Jake Paul in 8 parts.

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    Alissa Violet
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    Philip Defranco (its Philip with ONE l not TWO unless it’s spelled Phillyd which is confusing but i guess it’s fine since it’s a play on Philadelphia? is he from there though? if he’s not that seems odd.)
    Kati Morton Therapist
    Katis Book

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    1. Beermanhero -

      That girl was really sus

    2. xXOne_DirectionXx

      Am I the only one who thinks that house looks strangely like the hype house?

    3. hafsa mohiyuddin

      This is the second tiktok house hehe

    4. Joey cinnic

      That woman we give them paychecks we make them famous tell them to be gentle 🤣🤣

    5. Bellaplays 5621

      I just realised this house is now the hype house😳

    6. Juliana Lane

      Who’s here when it’s the new hype house😎✌️



    8. Probably Just Trying My Best

      if i saw that one of my favorite IRvisionr's house address got leaked, they were in my area and that other fans were going there invading their privacy i would honestly go there and stand by the gate and play security. If kids were harassing residents of the house i would just make them move, if their parents start going off i will tell them off because IRvision gives them their paycheck, not your kids. Its sick that all the kids cared about was seeing their favorite IRvisionrs. They didn't care that they were actual people that just wanted to leave the house for a bit.

    9. Olivia Shreves

      The mom being sassy to nick like Bru u r interfering with his private life and personal space like r u kidding me?!

    10. Brandy Hinojosa

      OK it’s the “Hype House” like, we fucking get it

    11. Teresa Muse

      The only time I’ve watch jake Paul is when he was filming with patty Mayo never liked jake then & still don’t

    12. Sophia Detweiler

      I just know this ab to be bullshit

    13. THE_TRAP.FP.

      Omg I just realized by seeing the pool at Nik’s house ITS NOW THE HYPE HOUSE

    14. Lily Dobrich

      Dude is that the second hype house??? i think soooo

    15. abbie wilson

      was that the hype house

    16. Taylor Diego

      Maybe he works with the hype house

    17. Taylor Diego


    18. Taylor Diego

      Did anyone else notice that

    19. Taylor Diego

      Omg that’s the new hype house

    20. Jimmy Ziogas

      Summer 2017 was crazy if y’all can remember

    21. Justin Davis

      Nicks house looks like the Hollywood faze house


      I'm so confused, isn't this the clout house where banks, rice, and alissa usually film their vids?

    23. Tommy smith

      Damn I miss the good ole Shane

    24. lily swift


    25. austyn Allen Taylor

      Shane is problematic as it is, I don’t think he has any role trying to prove them someone is a sociopathic piece of shit when you take a look at some of the shit that Shane has done and said.

    26. Kenma Nya?

      But I also like how at some point and sometimes in between when Nick is talking he will like say things that kind of show that Jake is in a bad person and that in fact he does this fir team ten and he does this really helps with this and like I love that about Nick he’s so generous and like just such a nice person

    27. Kenma Nya?

      But like I understand what make a steak but it’s so hard to believe that was the twin said were lies... because I just love them too much... and I wish I could go back to 2016 and tell them the future so that they could fix it they probably look at me like I was crazy..But this whole situation is just so sad I’ve been there since their first video when I was seven years old and I am a teenager and this is crazy

    28. Jurgita Augulyte

      Its the hype house house now

    29. Leanna R

      why tf am i even watching this

    30. Prince Vee IV

      love from Nigeria this dude is the realest person I've ever seen on your planet... love you bruh

    31. Kay Jay

      "Get a peice of the wall" these parents are so desperate it's sad

    32. Ximena Cortes

      The juvenile playground subsequently expect because prosecution hisologically identify regarding a childlike panther. defeated, crowded badge

    33. Quaff

      C'mon really? way to help him with trust issues... jeez

    34. Janya Miller

      So whats this were cancelling jake Paul?

    35. Emma Boblitt

      isn’t nick crompton’s house like next to the old hype house?

    36. Woozy Cool

      I bet our Karen over there, wouldn't be "patient", if they shipped her the wrong handbag. Even though they "make" her favorite fashion items. Unless she is patient with everyone whose product she enjoys, she can't ask others to be patient, cuz of something she gives them. Cuz nothing really is given or received for "free", there's mutual benefit. I honestly, saw videos about the Paul brothers, for first and last time, only in Shane's channel. Never again. But we can all agree, that those kids screaming at the gates of strangers, it shows they love the entertainment provided by the team10 (or whoever lives there). No one is getting FREE paychecks in this world. Easier paychecks than a blue collar worker? yes. Not free.

    37. Adriannaa Galliot

      Is that the hype house-

    38. Kerstin Claire

      I really want to know WHO THE FUCK owns this houses

    39. Woozy Cool

      That woman saying "be gentle with the kids, they make you famous", reminds me of Kanye's "I made that bitch famous" (towards Taylor). You can't make someone, who already had 2x total album sales than you, "famous". lol.

    40. Woozy Cool

      That moment the area shown in that one floor alone, is 90% of my entire home... Or to be more accurate, my parents' home. 20+yo and still sharing their roof. Broke life 101.

    41. Bori Varga

      Nick lived in the 2020 hype house

    42. jjulezz

      who else misses shane :I

    43. charlie domingues raccoon owner

      I fucking hate people that hate on shane for shaking he was one of the most famous people texting him i would feel sick, overwelmed, iwould prob throw up, like everyone else judging stfu

    44. NothingLike The90s


    45. Jasmine ward

      Now just seeing this Shane Dawson your very good!

    46. Lucas the Crazy

      I’m pretty sure this is the hype house low key lol

      1. Leanna Giron

        pretty sure everyone knows that by now

    47. Lindsey Trevor

      2021 anyone?

    48. Active Struggle

      The parents told their kids to take a piece of the wall? And to knock!? Really .. 😂

    49. Ashley m 724

      What a weird question have u seen him cry lmao

    50. Krystal Huston

      I love how Nick said hes interested to see what Shane does with the series and wants to watch and hopes Logan talks to him again

    51. Lyric Sanna Kelly

      I feel like nick feels guilty and grief of putting people through these thing or in a sense watching it, team 10 is fake but it’s staged to we’re only a few people know it’s fake but the rest know it’s real 😐😐😐

    52. david varazashvili

      reasons why ppl unsubscribed from shane *1.* the tea situation *2.* he doesn't post anymore, because of the tea situation idk, i still like shane and feel kind of guilty knowing what he had done, i have mixed emotions what can i say.

    53. Caden Cathcart

      This video also makes me realise behind the cameras of LA

    54. Valarie Willis

      You're always funkin Nervous!! Whatever

    55. Danica Grayston

      I Love how Shane went to the hype house lol

    56. Call me ur babe Ok

      that’s the new hype house 😭 i only know because tony lopez filmed the weirdest tiktok in that pool 😭

    57. Gloria Shaw

      The internal fuel exceptionally whirl because botany normally trade along a wicked palm. cheap, caring cricket

    58. George Foreman

      shane would be the perfect rupaul drag race editor. he makes everyone seem so evil lol

    59. Ayah Tabikh

      This looks like the sway house or whatever

      1. Slump3d Daniel

        think its the hype house

    60. Queen K

      This is Tana’s new house

    61. Kenneth

      Come back

    62. Lilija Jakaitytė

      Wait... 2 years ago 🤯?

    63. Eva Williams

      Who else swears this is the second hype house!?

    64. Levi Stoltzfus IV

      That guy with the gray beard sounds like he’s 10 lmao

    65. Ur Mom

      wait thats the clout house

    66. Ratty Mc Fatty


    67. LouAye K

      a YES man(sloth) to its fullest

    68. LouAye K

      YT is best explained as a BUNCHA ppl that never became famous like an actor or athlete or musician etc, yet gained the leftover fame from the really famous ppl and let it go straight to their heads and veins and soul to the pointtheyreall drunk with ego problems and believe they're more I,ports to than they really are

    69. Chloe

      something about this doesn't sit right with me. it feels very wrong to put so much of someone's personal life and judgements of their personal life on the internet. you can tell that shane doesn't care for the people he is making docs about, he just wants to get all the dirty information and share it to 20M+ ppl, it's kind of gross. and I know jake approved all of this, but if you're investigating whether the idea of fame and money has overridden his sense of compassion, he will clearly consent to a doc even if it is harmful to his family and even him because he'll be getting more notoriety and money from this; if this doc is investigating his tendency towards bad decision making, you can't trust that his consent is sound and a good decision. nick seems to be the only one here who can actually think and hold true to a set of morals, and you can tell he's slightly uncomfortable and wary of this idea, which everyone should've been. maybe there should be a docu investigating shane's priorities when it comes to money vs. compassion for others.

    70. Vanity Plates

      My daughter will be 8 next September. You better believe I would never let her watch Jake’s videos. Hell no. I feel bad for any young kid that did watch his crap. It’s not clean and it’s ridiculous.

    71. Kiwaki Time

      The mother screaming they give u ur pay checks first off you DONT have to u can un sub and they can find a work place anywhere in Hollywood they don’t need you and u aren’t mature enough to respect their damn privacy so grow up

    72. JazonIsGod

      If you know what I mean ;)

    73. JazonIsGod

      If someone say that they are bullying you and a other person say that we are not bullying you that person can`t change what the person think in mind

    74. kandice salcedo

      shane:dont show the outside me in 2020:oh thats hype house

    75. Kierslin Franks

      Who else thinks this is the Sway House

    76. Mia Schneider

      Me watching this back : ThAts tHe HyPE hOuSe 🤭

    77. Cooper Osinski

      Little did u know Shane was in the hype house

    78. Leo._.Cryalot

      Is that the clout house?

    79. Noelynn /Nugget

      Why the heck in a clip of Jake Paul he just acted like kissing a man was the end of the hecking world and that’s on homophobic

    80. Reagan Engstrom

      Isn't this house the newest hype house

      1. Noelynn /Nugget

        No the hype house is a better version with better ppl 👀👄👀

    81. Aaliyah Juarez

      yall the house is the new hype has it has the Hollywood pool and it looks exactly the same like look up the new hype house it is this house

    82. yonne 4

      I use to like watch Jake Paul when I was 12 year old than couple month later I found ksi than I just ksi fans till now and I 17

    83. Ashleigh Mikaelson

      a cult or the Amish... they do the same thing!

    84. mandie walde

      isnt that the new hype house

    85. Whack Master

      this is kind of like tiger king......It gets ya hooked

    86. Isabelle Plautz

      who would've thought the secretive Nick Cromtpon meeting spot.... is todays Hype House

    87. chim james

      Doesn't Nick's house looks like the old Faze house?

    88. Ximena Cortes

      The better blanket excitingly travel because train uncommonly earn apropos a female fertile cowbell. stingy, bright south america

    89. Arza

      Andrew is the real manipulative one but he doesn’t know it

    90. Paul Jackson

      44:08 wow... great line

    91. Paul Jackson

      34:33 so he said Jake shows too much emotion to be considered a sociopath and then 34:50 explains how Jake struggles to understand his emotions... Btw I am no expert on sociopaths. I just find this interesting.

    92. Jayden Nathaniel

      This shows Jake Paul is not a bad person.

    93. Atheol

      you're a bitch

    94. chaddyis thebaddie


    95. Jacoby Forrest

      So when I first saw this I fucking hated Jake Paul but when nick came on and said everything he said it hit me to a point were I was rethinking my thoughts about Jake. Now I’m not saying like I support Jake but most of us don’t know what does happen when the camera isn’t rolling. And I’m not saying that he hasn’t done anything wrong which he has but all of us criticize him when we don’t see the full story that I you for reading.

    96. Hulk Rogan

      "For literally a week" 🤣 youre a grown man that acts like an overly dramatic attention seeking little girl. How embarrassing. DRAMA QUEEN 👸

    97. ViewtifulDevil

      Nick sounds like a former cult member, not realizing they were in a cult, trying to position himself back into that cult.

    98. Carmen Hall

      I feel like Shane is very good at English

    99. untecito

      is enough, for real i mean @

    100. Abby Lewis

      That house is literally the old faze house/ new hype house