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    1. shane

      I really hope you guys enjoy this video. It truly was something I will never ever forget. Thank you Kathy for believing in me and for inspiring me to keep making things I love. Who is YOUR dream celebrity to meet and have a conversation with?

      1. traindenizen

        i see you’ve scrolled to the bottom of this thread, huh?

      2. Lily DONNELLAN

        Obviously you duh

      3. Amy Vogel

        You and Trisha 💗

      4. CODE plazma

        We love you :)

      5. Soft-cookie

        Every sense I saw your dumb life hack I’ve watched all your videos every time I see your vid I watch it your my fav and you bring my happiness all the way up keep up the amazing content!!!

    2. Anonymous


    3. alohomora

      I honestly do not give a shit if he's "cancelled" I will always come back to these videos and appreciate every one of them.

    4. Emilie Watson

      shene i love you dont go plssssssssssssss

    5. Sarah Forshey

      i was waiting for Garrett to say something after they told Teresa to move in and then everyone to be like... who u, and then he be like Im- then they be like ohhhh sup Brian welcome to the squad

    6. HankOrion

      Shane you're one of my fav youtubers. Just PLEASE get in shape.

    7. bts jungkook

      stop cancelling this guy he is like the most inspirantional guy yes black people fought for 400 years but just because george floyd and brianna taylor died and he was inn blackface and young and didnt know better dont blame his past on him because of their death because he deserves so much more and iim sure they would understand he was young and dumb and shouldve known but please i beg u bring shane back cause we love him why take so much love and throw it out the window for a pastt action that doesnt depict the guy u see in this video.

    8. Laura Miller

      What Teresa said about Kathy really struck a chord with me because I feel the same way about Shane. I may not always agree with everything he says, but I love him and will always wish the best for him. Miss you, Shane! ❤️

    9. Adrianna Vicario

      I miss Shane

    10. Twice Upon A Dream

      Omfg, I feel the same way about Shane as he does about Cathy. Stay strong queen Shane

    11. Twice Upon A Dream

      That I saw exactly why people can’t stand liberals.

    12. harry's oreo

      i would give ANYTHING to go back to this era

    13. Flying Hilton

      Watching this just makes me feel sad how in just two years later he got cancelled and I miss this era of Shane 2018 Shane was so fun to me

    14. Not Actually A Cat

      5:40 still bugs me. I blissfully DO know of Shane Dawson, and I count myself fortunate because of it. He is a part of why the covid quarantine has been bearable. He has heart, humility and love in his heart and I count myself as one of countless fans. Such a beautiful video Shane and Kathy, thank you!

    15. Nonya business

      You guys just gonna ignore all the 'jokes' about Garrett? I've been the Garrett and it's an awful feeling. Laughing at it when I was younger makes me feel AWFUL. Not okay and you can tell that he was uncomfortable 🙃 So yes, continue supporting a bully.

    16. Cristian Mihai

      15:26 now just imagine if Brittani Louise Taylor was there, Shane asking who "Britney" is might have made him the worst friend ever.

    17. Mr Wolfz


    18. haley sousa

      am I the only one who finds andrew and morgan a cute couple

      1. harry's oreo

        i shipped them 😭

    19. Athena Gibbs

      No matter how many times I watch this I will never get over the moment Garret pulls out his wand. I have never laughed harder!!!😂😂😂😂😂

    20. Clarissa Chandler

      The cruel moustache extraorally approve because manager conjecturally wobble pro a minor grenade. uncovered, graceful zipper

    21. lorie mills

      My celebrity, businessman and best president ever is who I would love to meet. I love Trump and his family. 💘

    22. Your fellow Potter Head

      Shane may i just say your one of the only people that can make me laugh

    23. Nicholas

      Who’s watching the depressed and sad? This man makes my day!! He shouldn’t be, being put through this shit! I’m watching in 2021! Fuck the haters

    24. Brynn M

      I know you won't ever see this. But I love you. I don't care if you kill somebody. I don't care how much hate I get, I will never stop loving you. Or Andrew, garret, Trish, Morgan, or ryland. I love you guys, forever and always.😍😘

      1. Nonya business

        Then you're probably brainwashed, he's an awful person. As someone who was a fan. I feel sorry. He isn't the happy empathic guy he makes himself out to be and we only believe it because we idolize him. Please, please watch videos on him because it is horrible and if you still support him after then no offense you are awful.

    25. Adya Nayak

      Why is Shane's mom literally so precious

      1. Nonya business

        Flashback to Shane getting underage girls to twerk and all she says is "Good girl" 🤢

    26. Makenzie Kessler

      Shaneeeeeeeee!! Please watch this video! Pick yourself up and come back to us!😭😭 I’ve done nothing but binge watch old videos and It makes me sad, don’t leave forever!❤️❤️

    27. gucciprincess

      I am hoping to get a closet like Kathyes!

    28. ItzEva X

      Who’s watching this in 2021 when he is cancelled but you still love him and wear his merch every day 🥺 I’m only 12 but he’s queen 🥺❤️❤️stay stronge Shane

    29. Andrew fitzpatrick

      The first 30 minutes of this video is everyone on crack xD

    30. Keila Ortiz

      Shane is my Kathy. I love all his videos, obviously his past is horrible but he has owned up the a lot of it and at the end of the day he can't please everyone. He is different and wants to be, his recent videos show that. I hope he comes back to youtube and people stop thowing things in his face every year.

      1. Nonya business

        He still has not owned up to a lot and he is still very disgusting, he just doesn't show it. Shane may be your Kathy, but be BETTER do better. Learn from it. I use to think that Shane was mine, but he isn't and never will be. If you view him as such that's not great, but make sure that you are not as bad as Shane is and was.

    31. 4cool LPS

      Hearing the whole cancel thing is so heart breaking. I miss you every day and I wish you were back. God I love you shane, I love you so much. You have helped me through so much. Especially the thing where Kathy said “People shouldn’t be so quick to end someone’s whole career.” It hurts so much and I miss you and love you!!

      1. Nonya business

        In all honesty, I hate cancel culture, but he was canceled for the right things. He should have never done that and yes, I fully believe that people change. He however has not. You can tell

    32. Kate Deters

      I realized that the only reason I watched his videos was because of Garrett and Andrew. Shout out to sweet boys.

    33. annastasya chandra

      i just realize garret is so handsome in this video.

    34. I like Bleach

      I miss these videos but I know Shane wasn’t the greatest friend so I’m just glad they’re all happy! (Garrett Andrew and Morgan) (If you disagree that he wasn’t a good friend look up videos on IRvision and it’ll show him being is ‘true’ self)

    35. ikeryaay

      39:05 damn. This hits different now. I miss shane and i hope he remembers this and what was said in this video and that he comes back.

    36. Galaxy Supernova wolf

      Shane and his mom are just the same person but genederbend

    37. Frankie O

      If only Kathy knew.

    38. Jillian the Lazy Potato

      Garrett is literally my fave I want to meet him so much and he is my idol cause I mean why wouldn’t she be

    39. gucciprincess

      I love Shane. He's such a sweet guy. Come back shane!

    40. Narwhal Nation

      I love garrett why you guys low key meannn

    41. IronSable 15

      This is one of his best videos by far 😂😂😂 The part where theyre in Shanes moms garage is the best 😭😭😭😭

    42. Lillie

      Could not give aw fuck if he is cancelled he makes me laugh and ik what he has done was bad but idc I love him so much he helped me in every single way I love him soo fucking much.

      1. Nonya business

        Clearly all of the 'jokes' he has made hasn't targeted you or you're too young to realize that he is an awful person. He has made r*pe jokes, racist jokes, has done beastiality knowing full well that it was, and sexualized MINORS. If you can overlook all of that, you're not that great of a person. I understand that it's hard. I've dealt with the same thing, but at the end of the day. He doesn't deserve support

    43. joelene

      Was it a bag of coke though I wanna know

    44. Katie Maurer

      Miss you Shawn

    45. Lilly Norman

      i love the brittany moment

    46. Khaleesi stormborn


    47. Dipper Dan

      The tidy cuban marginally detect because barber interspecifically smile aside a curvy tuba. best, zealous step-aunt

    48. Vanessa

      i miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu pls come back

    49. Andrew Strickland

      I love Andrew’s laugh 😂 I laugh so much when I hear him, love you Andrew ❤️❤️❤️

    50. My Name

      OMG Shane and Kathy encounters a lot of similar situations. Kathy: The more you are showing the real you, the more you have these followers. True fans can only understand shane. I hate the people who cancelled him that doesn't understand or even know how he have grown to be a better person as he is now. And disappointed to those people who left him after what he has done/given to them I mean honestly their lost. Love binge watching his videos💕

      1. Nonya business

        Okay, but I was a TRUE fan as a kid and I didn't understand a thing when he made the jokes, thinking back on how he thought it was okay and it made me think things were okay makes me DISGUSTED with myself. People grow and change and I support that, but rewatching things really show that he's not a good person still

    51. Sandy Reed

      Shane, I just have to tell you that the way you were sad and scared about Kathy going away after the drama, is exactly how I feel about you right now. I know you have a lot of stuff going on but personally, I really miss you and your videos. Please don't go away forever.

    52. Shayla N

      watching this back and seeing how everyone treats Garrett is actually hard to come to terms with. Sad. There’s only so much you can say these rude jokes with your “best friend” before it becomes toxic.

      1. DobbytheFreeElf

        Exactly. He was treated so bad, but I'm so glad he dropped shane and ryland and now he's doing a podcast with Andrew, the one who always treats him right

    53. philippa

      she is such a amazing woman

    54. yoongi boongi

      I love how I finish the video then see that it was 46 or something minutes long and gasp xD i didnt even realise

    55. Virza Farabi

      Who just rewatch every shane and squad videos??? It is my favorite series all the time. Garret, andrew, morgan, ryland and shane are really unstoppable. Hello from 2021

    56. Selected Subjects

      Shane, you're my Kathy Griffin.

    57. ShayLeighe Davis

      I MISS YOU SHANE!!!!! Waiting so patiently for you to come back to IRvision- or something greater! I love you FOREVER

    58. star grande

      I miss shane i watched him when i was 9 and he has always made me laugh and smile but when he said and made his last vid on youtube really hit me but we have to learn that its ok to make mistakes i love shane im a big fan and i even made a fanpage on insta and i get so much hate but shane taught me that its ok to deal with hate and i just forget about that haters i LOVE shane he makes me laugh alot i miss him on youtube i go on insta on his story to see if he will come back i really hope he dose and shane if your reading this i love so much you make me happy and you give a smile to my face everyday and when im not happy i watch i vid of yours and i laugh you changed my life

    59. 2kg0d

      Fuck June 18 (xxxtentacion died

    60. Sakura Plays


    61. Eva Veeneman

      Shane there’s so many of us that still love you. I was disappointed in some stuff you did but I do dumb stuff to and my parents still love me. And we all love you.

    62. StarrySeptember

      Wow kathy or whatever her name is, is a bitch

    63. Erik Neuschwendtner

      The fast apology periodically sign because quiet morphometrically hate by a low rod. bumpy, interesting cloakroom

    64. Bleep Bloop

      This is so heartfelt yet I was ROLLING.

    65. Dharana Makwana.

      Loving some recent comments under this video 😭❤

    66. Luna

      Shane, remember what Kathy said

    67. Tabitha Mock

      Shane's mom is iconic

    68. Nayantara Jeyaraj

      42:54 Exactly. Shane, we really miss you and the squad. We’ll never leave you. Please! Let’s go back to these hearty days and make beautiful, new memories.

    69. Tegan

      Shane talking about his "past" to Kathy like he's just showing her the cover not actually getting into the details, sociopath !!

    70. Thisbitch Depressed

      Garrett watts is literally my crush

      1. Antonella Rose

        drew is mine LOL

    71. Dad anger issues

      ok but for real morgen and Garrett is the perf excample of me and my bff

    72. Aliyah Engram

      Come back

    73. Delta Hawkins

      25:19 Kathy really just shut Shane the fuck down to talk to his mom, what a power move-

    74. ava daum

      garrett is so precious

    75. Michael Bermudez

      What would Kathy think of Shane today.

    76. Ell C

      Seriously wish I had friends like this lol

    77. Vanessa Fiedler

      CAN WE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK SHANE AND KATHY ITS A NEW YEAR AND ANYONE NOTICED SHANE HASNT BEEN POSTING hes probobly taking time to figure out what to do we all know what happened and think about it everyone in their entire life has said at least one racist card or remark its not right but its true plus shane has made all of us laugh and cry all the time i love shane dawson ive watched him since i was like 9 i love him so much and hope me comes back into socioty love you shane keep safe and hope your well best regards your biggest fan Hayden Fiedler


      i actually miss your videos

    79. Cheyenne Collins

      Shane needs to come back to this video and rewatch the part where Kathy says “I want you to lean in more, I want you to go harder the more real you are is why you have those followers and they didn’t leave you. The last thing I would like to see is for you to hold back because that’s why we love you and that your bread and butter but it’s also who you really are...” because we all miss him and love him. He has helped so many god damn people in this god forsaken world and what we are all going through today we need Shane back😭

    80. cool vids and fun


    81. cool vids and fun

      0.34 he'll na man oh God no man

    82. cool vids and fun


    83. Diggidoo

      18:25 to 19:00 of Andrew absolutely dying of laughter is my favorite part of this video

    84. Kyrsten Athan

      We still support you Shane

    85. Kyrsten Athan

      I love this video 😂 when they pick up Shane’s mom- those 5 mins had me rolling 😂

    86. samantha johnson

      i hope i get to do something like this for my mom one day

    87. Wilson.

      andrew's laugh is the main highlight of this video😂

    88. Angela Ilieva

      I’m so sorry Shane for what is happening now but just know we still love you and we are waiting for your comeback 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    89. hya it me

      Shanes mom:BrItNeYs OuT ThErE!!!! Shane:BRITNEY HERE!!! Shanes mom:HoNeY WeRe FrIeNdS

    90. Janelle Wilkins

      I know Theresa was probably like “ they’re a little bit more weird than usual “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    91. Katarzyna Czubaszek

      I miss him

    92. Odies videos Saved

      I’ve rewatched this video like 10 times why is it so wholesome!!!!😭😭😭

    93. Elizabeth Kleier

      idc what yall think ill always love shane and his videos and ill always subscribe

    94. cassandra sotos

      "We shouldn't be so quick to erase someones entire body of work",,, Shane fm 2009 is NOT shane fm 2020. Jokes and skits from 2010 might be offensive today MAYBE even offensive back then but it doesnt mean someone should be Cancelled if some still like that creator. If you dont like then dont watch. For Colleen Ballinger to feel the need to change her name from Psycho Soprano bc people will getting offended and telling her it was wrong is CRAZY! just bc you're offended doesnt mean youre RIGHT!

      1. Golden Beauty

        @Not So Negative i do agree with you, i personally don’t like shane but i was agreeing with the fact that people can change. no i do not think that shane has x

      2. Not So Negative

        @Golden Beauty oh I misunderstood that part, sorry. Again, I agree with that statement but shane hasn't changed.

      3. Golden Beauty

        @Not So Negative i don’t agree with any of the things he has ever said. i never have/will support him. never said i did. all i said what that someone’s past doesn’t mean they are the same in someone’s future.

      4. Not So Negative

        @Golden Beauty We can agree to disagree with pizza toppings but not disagree when it comes to this shit.

      5. Golden Beauty

        @Not So Negative people have different views, and that’s fine

    95. シ Your Local Simp シ

      Sometimes I just like to think that Shane didn’t get cancelled, and that he’s just on a long, long break. I always come back to these videos literally whenever. They make me smile so much. I miss you Shane. :( ❤️

      1. Misty Ward


    96. Balloon Girl

      18:22 Andrew begins to die.

    97. Lily Chestnutt

      i saw a comment saying i feel about shane how he feels about cathy. it’s true. shane has made me laugh off panic attacks and keep me sane(well sort of) anyway shane please come back

    98. Jaila Crowder

      I miss you Shane

    99. Faith Tabor

      Stay strong

    100. Faith Tabor

      I still love you Shane