The Secrets of the Beauty World


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    1. shane

      EP 3 up NOW!!! :)))

      1. Peach Pills

        What is wrong with you!?

      2. Peach Pills

        Like really YEARS of supporting for you to dump trisha be friends with jeffree star?

      3. Peach Pills

        Tak accountability for your actions you coward

      4. Peach Pills


      5. God entered Bob Hickman's body, as a Ghost-body

        @Rachel Nunez thank u

    2. Roy McLaughlin

      The root beer velour lip scrub is amazing the formula is sickening🤩 taste great

    3. lexi lex

      miss this 😭😭

    4. HiTimes

      I wonder why jeffeee never talked about his butt implant

    5. Ramona Cruz-Lamb

      Jeffrey ⭐ WOW what an AMAZING man I never knew who he was and now I'm hooked,. I love how he took Shane under his lashes and working together. I can't wait to see the finished product 😍

    6. runningrock124

      27:22 now --- awkwarddddddd

    7. Melissa Westrich

      More Shane and Jeffree binging!!!! I love how humble Shane is, and seeing him cry made ME cry!!!!❤❤

      1. Melissa Westrich

        I literally wanted to give him the biggest hug EVER!

    8. Daniel mendoza

      afield to at the parson career vlog world makeup team Jeffree star

    9. Lilly Eats

      Shanes merch is so expensive 😫😩😭 i am so fucking sad 😥 but i just bought the conspiracy and controversy pallete 😍

    10. Rosie xluv

      “I’m doing my first swatch are you proud mom @jeffreestar” 😭

    11. Kiana Darkwell

      I know he's in an absolute scandal at the moment but y'all have to admit the man produced the hell out of this series

      1. Kiana Darkwell

        @Madelyn Neesley there's still people like you and me who come back to watch it , yeah it's an advertisement but it also gives you a glimpse into something you probably didn't know before the production of makeup also Andrew his camera man did a phenomenal job at editing it/ filming it which I can appreciate

      2. Madelyn Neesley

        It’s just one long advertisement

    12. Khaleesi stormborn

      “From your Makeup and Merch you could retire” I think that’s what he did tbh.

    13. Emmy C

      Rewatching this is the funniest thing

    14. Debbie Courville

      1:00 wait what video is this? halp. if you tell me i'll give you a cookie

    15. Genesisstoner

      How ironic their signature shade is dark skin color. they really said "come thru black face" i can't with these two

    16. Hannah Ratje

      I loved the face jeffrey make when Shane was getting out the two faced chocolate palate

    17. Gwelda Duncan

      Oh my God!! I cried when you heard was upset! I pray you get what you deserve Shane! Bless you Jeffery for helping him,your the Best!!

    18. xregizorx

      sHanE dID NotHInG WroNg

    19. Tater Tott

      I don't even like shane and I have a controversy pallet 😜

    20. Tater Tott

      Like FOREVER ago ...before I started in beauty ...I picked up a blood sugar pallet in ross lol and wanted to buy without even knowing what the f it was lol

    21. Saturn Baby

      Ew stay off IRvision pls

    22. Alias Lias


    23. Ace

      this is as real and unstaged as the kardashians

    24. wiini diaz

      Why has this cropped up now, today??? Come back?!!??

    25. Boris Peper

      i miss these days

    26. Mr D

      Shane is the best/smartest bullshit artist. Wow

    27. Cecily Penrice

      It’s sad how he lost 3 million subs and isn’t getting anymore

    28. Vanessa

      why do I love Jeffree's laugh

    29. God entered Bob Hickman's body, as a Ghost-body

      God entered into my body, like a body. my same size. holy ghost baptism. God rips my face, shoots into my mouth gum disease/ jesus appeears and laughs. come to god

    30. Erin McGillicuddy

      Don’t support them at all but also... y’all really should’ve called it the Starcade but fuck y’all too

    31. Downbythebay_

      You could retire off this ; Shane - retired

      1. Michelle

        Lol forced retirement

    32. Laura Pichler

      Trish was a huge thing. time changes.

    33. Candy

      I found this super informative about the business side of beauty and production costs.

    34. Mariano Lutecia

      Shane where Can I get your sweater of your merch. Is there any chance to get it? Iknow this so like 1 year later. 😂

    35. Deya


    36. ItsJustMikee

      Ryland Looking very money hungry here this didnt age well

      1. IronSable 15

        Bro you are looking way to deep into this. Who wouldnt want the money and also they made it into a bit

    37. Little Lilies

      who else is here during trishageddon?

    38. Mona M.

      put all the drama, racist stuff and the past away.... but Jeffree actually seems like a genuine nice friend

    39. Gilbert Dupitas

      31:47 *0.5%, not 0.005%

    40. Syera G

      Come back

    41. The Journey

      Jeffrey was the one that came up with putting Trisha in the palette

    42. Syera G

      I miss these series so much wish they would make more

    43. cody newman

      the shade trish: 2021 am i a joke to you

    44. tickster

      I literally hate everything Shane and Jeffree stand for at this point, but this content tho ✨

      1. Juliana The Jaded

        You can dislike someone and still admire their success and business acumen. Personally thats what I get out of it... youd be an idiot to not respect the hustle at this multi million dollar level.

      2. proud to be me


      3. nqobile zondi

        Its great content

    45. L.A. Mathews

      You can imagine how bad Jeffree talks about Shane's looks behind his back of course👺

    46. Cassierole

      Shane might of made mistakes in his past and everyone might hate him right now. But I have faith he can come back and be a good person again

      1. Cassierole

        Yea alot happened since I posted this comment. I feel like the only people who know the truth are Shane and his friends. I’m sure there are receipts and that’s likely when we would know he was talking badly about his friends, hopefully it’s not true and he can learn and grow. And hopefully Jeffree who I no longer support can learn and grow too

      2. Daniela Zavala

        I mean... He STILL feeds information to take down others and manipulates his friends and audience. Why do you think Garrett, Drew and Andrew aren't in his videos anymore? And now Trisha. A friend of sooo many years.

    47. SwishSwish Bish

      “Shane that is not how you swatch” -Jeffree Star 2019 I laughed too hard at that

    48. Love Yourself

      Shane your amazing 🥺💛💛I love you so much , you make me happy 🥳🥳

    49. Amanda R

      A couple hours ago I saw Trisha Paytas wearing a Domino's pizza uniform on TikTok.. and now I'm watching every episode in this series ♡ this worked out amazingly.

      1. Love Yourself

        what’s happened with trisha??

    50. Pyper

      watching this now and it gets to the part about Trisha is so surreal knowing they're not friends anymore. honestly can trish get royalties since they used her name in a shadow :thinking emoji:

      1. Pyper

        @IronSable 15 technically yes and techincally no. it'd be different if they didn't include her pictures and videos of them together in the series when they brought up naming a shade for her. and then trish reacted to the shades as well on video. I feel in a court of law it'd be pretty clear it was for her.

      2. IronSable 15

        No she cant get royalties cause she doesnt own the name Trish. I know its obvious that they aimed it to ber her exact name but in court they could just say it was a coincidence

    51. Daniel mendoza

      Makeup house to the vlog learning friends family youtube feeling an afraid career actor parson people world

      1. Sarah Estorñell Cuenca


      2. Chantelle Nel-Holmes

        Yes, these are words🤣🤣🤣

    52. Samantha Price

      This honestly makes me sad. If Shane and Jeffree didn’t have the pasts they have they could have been great.

    53. Daniel mendoza

      rich friends a the look career vlog makeup holiday youtube

    54. s coozi ftw

      the fact that theres no ads/ revenue-

    55. Jess Knight

      Shade Trish - 2021 yikes lol

      1. harriet

        honestly its so sad all the drama

    56. Melanie

      Watching this back and seeing the parts about Trisha make me so upset and angry for her.

    57. Emma Louise


      1. Brayden Zapata


      2. Brayden Zapata


    58. Hailee Peterson

      god i miss shane posting so much

      1. Hannah Rachel

        sameeeeeeee but i get cancelled if i say so on twitter

    59. Miss Domingas

      Watching this again because my boyfriend got me the conspiracy for christmas and I'm so excited of having it. Shane, if you read this, I miss you and all that happened was so rough but I hope maybe one day you come back.

    60. Sandi Wood

      "We're setting standards for the future and for people that are gonna come after us." That hit differently in 2021. :( I'm so sorry that the world has done you the way that they did. Love you Shane and Jeffree. I hope that the two of you work together again because there are plenty of us who still love you and miss you terribly.

    61. Megan Greason

      Shaneeeee, WE MISS YOUU

    62. Caitlin Pedigo

      It blows my mind how much SO MANY PEOPLE NEED to re watch this at the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021.. I FOREVER STAN Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson. They are humans that no one else, beauty community or not, will ever touch. They exist on a whole other level and they BOTH deserve to be treat as such. So much love for everyone in this series... and the world we live in just wasnt ready! You ALL did amazing. ❤ a year later and I watch the series as inspiration often.

    63. LeifBron

      45:51 Holy shit that camera angle is everything!!!

    64. Gloria Shaw

      The paltry cattle conversly help because hair outstandingly chop absent a quaint hall. subdued, blue-eyed notebook

    65. Laney Hepler

      The amount of times this video has called me broke is insane

    66. Mubasshir Hossain

      The illegal panties sequentially whirl because pull topologically test by a abrasive blow. obese, icky capricorn

    67. lukecya

      omg such an empath :oooo

    68. McKenna Ellis

      2021 anyone?

    69. Paige Stinnett

      shane needs to name one of his lipstick the shimmering pig or the twerking pig

    70. Cece's Paranormal adventures

      Jeffree is right he’s killing the makeup game but he needs to work on his supershock eye shadow because the mini orgy pallet was shit 💩

    71. Erica O-H

      The comments are a safe space, no hate here

      1. Love Yourself

        i wish....

    72. Erica O-H

      This series gives me goose bumps, i just keep coming back.

    73. Jaden Mathias

      who else is watching this again in 2021

      1. Rylie Schaffer

        i have been watching shane since i was literally in grade 4, i’m in grade 11 now. no matter what happened with all the drama and controversy he will forever be my favourite youtuber.

      2. KeybladeScar

        Meeeee I miss Shane so much 💜

      3. Misty Ward

        We are enjoying it, that's the point of the comment......

      4. Cranberry Juice

        No one cares tho, just enjoy the video

      5. Misty Ward

        Same. I've been binge watching all the Jeffree/Shane videos

    74. Jessica Saunders

      I miss shane

    75. Ayush thakur

      Jeffrey's living a gta 5 online life

    76. Belle E

      I CANT BELIEVE I BOUGHT INTO ALL THIS BULLSHIT😅🤣 these are not legit documentaries tf

    77. Brizzuh

      I miss shane 💓 hes helped me a lot

    78. Kia Evans

      The Laura Lee remark at the end!! 🤣😂🤣

    79. TOOMUCHCATNIP channel

      Shane totally cheepens jeffreys brand.

    80. Wisdamn Maglangit

      Ryan is a golddigger and he's not even hiding it lol thats embarassing

      1. Love Yourself

        bitch do u even know him or spend time with him

      2. Joey

        I think that’s just the role he plays in videos but irl he’s probably a lot different

    81. Addie Stifter

      wah :)

    82. Riley Maley


    83. Eduin Manzanares

      Awwwwwwwww i feel so happy for him. This made me cry.

      1. Arunima Shukla

        @Eduin Manzanares go check out you'll know why. It's important for people to know who they are really supporting...

      2. Eduin Manzanares

        @Arunima Shukla i didn't know. But still he got rich out of what he sold.

      3. Arunima Shukla

        umm... do u know shane has been canceled right?

    84. Ellie Potts

      Can’t be the only one wondering if jeffree has had to downsize since the scandals?

      1. Munat

        Nah, if anything Jeffree is probably doing even better, he's constantly expanding into other businesses it seems, so even if the makeup thing falls through (which it probably won't) he has plenty of other profitable businesses going on.

      2. Timi Omega

        Doubt it, I think the majority of his wealth comes from things we don't even know exist.

    85. Noelynn /Nugget

      Jefree should have called it starcade

    86. Jessie Simmons

    87. Expressing Jrr

      Jeffree should have done a shade name or liquid lipstick called Carrie , because Carrie won prom and was made fun of it for it and destroyed everyone she hated , and jeffree has a song called prom night and it’s just perfect💓

    88. Millie Goodwin

      when Shane was crying i was crying

    89. Karen Cooper

      Jeffree, you are an alien genius, bringing someone in just here, at this stage, you compliment each other so well, solo is fantastic, but Shane has just added a priceless dimension to marketing, besides the ideas he's bringing to the table 😳🎉💃🏼💃🏼

    90. Karen Cooper

      Smiling so hard at Shane's happy tears 🤗🤗

    91. Kyramite

      32:46 I-

    92. The Lost Tapes of Youtubers LOST TAPE OF SHANE DAWSON (LOUD)

    93. charlene

      26:40 taking a hit??? girl charging $50+ for a $20 product isnt enough??? why do beauty brands think like this🥴

    94. AMML


    95. Samantha Beugen

      So much fucking love and trust between all of these people. It’s beautiful and makes me teary eyed.

    96. Samantha Beugen

      The more I watch this and listen to the business aspect, the more I respect Jeffree and his business. The fact that the money is the last thing that he cares about and wants to give people something beautiful, affordable and high quality, is amazing. Take out all of the drama and things from both his and Shane’s past, I really respect the two of them. This whole process is so cool to watch and I love how real they are about the business aspect. It’s nice to know how things are made and why products cost as much as they do. It makes me respect the product, the artist, the workers and the company a lot more.

    97. debbie p.

      They are so sweet ❤️

    98. Schloopy Schloop

      Just binging again on a Saturday day, Dec 2020. 🤘

    99. shirin kaul

      Can we just talk about how dope the theme song is🔥.

    100. Robin C

      Damn the shade on other brands 😂 Jeffree’s pricepoint is soooooo low, given the quality. Meanwhile some other brands charge so much more than the quality it has.