Switching Lives with Jeffree Star


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    1. shane

      PART 4 UP NOW! irvision.info/home/aqKYgpyYisalp7w/fy-lm-h-y.html

      1. Cordell Riley

        Please come back....

      2. kelly Maguire

        Kelly Maguire love my ♥️🙂 hoi

      3. kelly Maguire

        Kelly Maguire love my ♥️🙂 hoi Love yourself I've been watching you for ages and I want to say hi and I want to say how gorgeous you are and how credibly amazing you guys are it warms me out to seek people that love each other as friends and families I never had that before because I live in a good home and my family gave me up so I don't know what it's like to have a family I need someone to be a part of my life because I feel lonely and I don't have any friends to be with I'm just wondering if you guys would love to be my friend and talk to me and be there for me this is your friend Kelly

      4. kelly Maguire

        Kelly Maguire love my ♥️🙂want to say I love you and I love your show I've been watching you guys for the past 10 years Jeffrey if we are out there I want to tell you I love you too and don't give up on your dreams and hopes everything is going to be beautiful when you're together with friends and family you're the best people I've also on IRvision

      5. Oakley Lawrence

        Shane you need to do this with more people

    2. Charliemagne Santos

      This where it began

    3. lexi lex

      more then two years ago 😭😭

    4. Aglueby Aglueby

      Why is shane so cringe and yag

    5. Stephen Kyle Sany

      I love how the title says switching lives with jefree star but in the end it turns to be documentary i love it

    6. Charity Kaptain


    7. Bored

      everything aside, I love how calm and sweet Nate is :(

    8. •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

      Hiii _1:53__-__1:54__ lol_ *5:46** I would be like "does anyone have hand sanitizer cause I'm too poor to be touching this"* _7:26__-__7:31__ oh nate_ *7:54**-**7:57** lol* _10:41__-__10:42__-__10:47__ lol they didn't lie about the 3some_ *14:01**-**14:04**-**14:08**-**14:14** IM DED*

    9. Lilia Elderflower

      Jeffrey is from another world, the versatility is like .... stop it🥶

    10. Kimberly Lee

      omg love this

    11. Daniel mendoza

      copy Jeffree star live at the house vlog look world parson people youtube clothes media teachnogly

    12. Samantha Hansen

      This is such an amazing series... I’ve watched this so many times + the series with the makeup collaboration and the makeup “deal” thingy. I love this.. xo ♡

    13. Desiree Pearson

      shane is drinking desinie

    14. Drew Galavan

      “Mac Daddy who is that” shady.....

    15. Kamiyah Orr

      I can’t with Andrews laughing🤣📓

    16. Jadyn Winters

      theres a reason why he couldnt get many brand deals...

    17. Bean Z

      The fact that Jeffrey makes Shane feel so poor i can’t-

    18. Angy D

      Whose watching in 2021 during the winter storm ⛈

    19. Megan Wilson

      jeffree i wish i was you

    20. Autumn Green

      6:18 I can't 😂😂😂😂

    21. Kelsie Walsh

      Even though they’re both ‘cancelled’ can we all agree that both of them are funny asf 😂

    22. Orbit Simanungkalit

      6:26 I screamed!

    23. Toya Todoroki

      “I ain’t never seen 2 pretty best friends” Me: 👁👄👁 “I am..SHOOKETH”

    24. jttt t

      14:02 part is the best 😭😭come back to this video just for that part

    25. BrookLynn Rogers

      Me watching this in 2021 👁💧👄💧👁

    26. Micah _me


    27. DasZuckerhaus

      this episode showed that shane took this series in the wrong direction. though well made. jeffree works a lot, thats what it really takes to be him.

    28. Tater Tott

      I LOVE Jeffree star makeup!!! Good fn quality! And I just love Jeffree, imagine how many times people would try to discourage him when he was clawing is way to the top....fuxk slowing down

    29. Lillyan Balderas

      the way Nate looked at the camera @10:43 🥵🔥

    30. Anna Roddy

      god this is the best..... i love Shane and Jeffree!!!!!!

    31. Jackie Lyn Gregorio

      I miss content like this 🥺 and it's 2021..

    32. Funtime Freddy

      2:01 OH OH!

    33. iamchrispaez

      Shane has ads on his videos again! It’s a sign. Come back Shane.

    34. kelly Maguire

      Kelly Maguire love my ♥️🙂I just want to say thank you for being so nice to Jeffrey he's a good person treat him with respect and love I just want to say I love you too and don't give up your dreams and everything thank you so much

    35. Sophie Foster

      Watching this you see a completely different view now :(

    36. Michelle

      Relax Shane 🙄 You’re over acting.

    37. Gollum’s Lover

      I didn’t go there with Goodwin they need not go there with me.

    38. Gollum’s Lover

      They called me Josie Grossey... I loved Ever After and that is my Drew pick.

    39. Gollum’s Lover

      Too “wild” can’t be tamed they are obsessed with Lady Godiva too because of an old username called LadyGodivaLove of mine. Head over to history to find out why I love her and Elanor Roosevelt. And they tried weird Native American Pocahontas stuff too. I am not I just love certain things. Head over to Biographics to see the real Pocahontas story and why I refuse to wave my flag on Thanksgiving. Nellie Bly was my hero in high school. Watch that one too.

    40. Gollum’s Lover


    41. Gollum’s Lover

      I am no delicate flower. But I am a real woman. That will never ever change. And some people know why I mean.

    42. annie miller

      This is probably how J* stole his souL

    43. Nicole Perrelli

      Shane sometimes act so weird I love him but it’s some kind of comes off as very funny like when he saying Jeffrey what the fuck like come on Shane you never saw warehouse before you seem so amazed and surprised I love Jeffrey more than anyone I support him by his pallets but you’re coming across a little awkward like even when you’re saying oh I’ll pretend I’m another IRvision or and this is my pamphlet and I’m Jeffrey this is my fucking warehouse I’m so glad that Jeffrey does good he’s my only IRvisionrs that I watch a lot interested in anyone else but him and supporting him but come on Shane you’re going a little over the top it’s a fucking warehouse I don’t think this is your first time seeing it so slow your roll and act normal It’s coming across very funny we’re all very proud of Jeffrey he accomplished so much he came from nothing and what I love about him is he doesn’t think he is he’s very down to earth loving giving and all of the above I wish I was his friend I would laugh all day with him love 💝you Jeffrey so proud of you

    44. Alycia White

      I literally cried 😓

    45. Stickers

      Botdf haunts Jeffery

    46. Abbie

      8:06 you’re welcome

    47. Prince Vee IV

      Shane said the car is the price of his house, lol the bag is the price of my life right now and he is carrying it.

    48. dani jacob

      Hats off to this man.... I respect his Hussle and growth

    49. dani jacob

      Life is so damn unfair. Jeffree Star is hilarious 😂.

    50. Miisho

      "wtf, this is crazy" it's a business you dumb dumb.... What did you think?

    51. Tara Bower

      Omg so funny

    52. Deya


    53. Windows93p p

      You can tell jeffree was a lil bit annoyed with Shane sometimes

    54. rat

      6:20 that whole clip is scary -

    55. Calesta Heinrichs

      I don’t really like how shane made it all about money and “tea” jeffree is always starting or in. Re-watching this again after everything I just see everything so differently

    56. Crusty Teeth

      Bruh I don't like the people who just really really hate nice or chill IRvisionrs like bruh they are just Jealous Jeffrey is just rich but people who hate him are just Jealous because they are not rich

    57. Jacqueline Hair

      when you see bts from the sponser

    58. maddy taggart

      Shane we all love you come back to youtube

    59. Lauren

      I can never watch this the same now

    60. !?

      Did yall just not switch back? is that why you ended up talking about all your "friends" and manipulating them?

      1. PheonixQuxxn

        under appreciated comment

    61. Jem M

      Jeffree is so attractive its scary...and Im straight

    62. Some random Weasel on the internet

      Anyone else see Charles Gross?! Didn’t know who he was till Trisha.

    63. Emma Boblitt

      i never thought abt this but i wonder how andrew felt abt sitting in the middle of the two assistants 🤨😂

    64. Mr Papagiorgio

      I remember seeing jeffrey at bamboozle back in like 08 he was such a douchebag back then

    65. h0ebart

      Eat the rich.

    66. Abigail Smith

      Who’s here after the Trisha Paytas,Shane Dawson, and Jeffery Star drama 🙋‍♀️💁‍♀️ By the way thank you guys so much for the likes I have never gotten to this much before !🥰💖

      1. Abigail Smith

        @Downbythebay_ me too

      2. Downbythebay_

        I can’t stop rewatching these lol I’m lame

      3. Toby Smith

        @Fish Chips true but Jeffree was hated on but he has made a quick comeback but I do get what u are getting at

      4. R N

        People reality need to realize that most of the videos on this platform are for entertainment. Even though I disagree with the jokes and other behaviors these people have done in their past I don't think that is an accurate picture of who they are now or off camera. Don't idolized any of the people you watch because you don't know who they are. I basically see most of them as actors. Enjoy their good content, hold them accountable for stuff, and don't exaggerate stuff or go overboard attacking them. I don't think we'll be able to enjoy anything if we can't separate the art from the artist and if we expect people to not have made mistakes. I don't think these people are perfect, but I don't think that they are the monsters everyone thinks they are either.

      5. Fish Chips

        @Toby Smith i honestly doubt it since ever one hates Shane, Trisha is heated, and a lot of people hate Jeffery so...

    67. taetae chim

      i miss the good ol days :`(

    68. Phillip Henderosn

      my fav parts 6:18 and 7:24 :]

    69. Nature Waters

      4:12 Uhm...Me over here trying to save up for some Under Armour Running shoes and he says there priceless...😒😭🤣 There up there too. 😢

    70. SOUR CANDY

      Can't ever see him the same tbh

    71. holidaystylez1


    72. tsatsral telmentugs

      I miss Nate and Jeffree

    73. Madison Bowen

      I’m sorry but like...look at Nate.... I’m speechless😱🤭

    74. Chrs Acosta

      $175,000/month??? Crazy

      1. chelsea osuji


    75. Kaloy Enriquez

      Aside from beauty, money is indeed a blessing and a curse. It can help people, but it can also bring out the worst in people. The most sad part about it is that those people can be your own flesh and blood.

    76. Daniel mendoza

      copy for the Jeffree star to the live world vlog feeling afield walk rich friends for house world

    77. That Mukbang Chick

      I miss Shane soooo much !!!!! 2021

    78. Mari Lynn

      10:04...... Genuine annoyance

    79. vee lil


    80. Xavier

      Ewww I feel so weird.. Why am I even giving this man views, LMAO

      1. Xavier

        @zeyneb loco Nobody is telling you to stop, but if You keep watching his content. Knowing what he’s done, and him NOT taking accountability. Then I dunno man

      2. zeyneb loco

        I won’t stop watching his videos. I know Shane is problematic and stuff but idk humans change a lot and the fact that people bring up things from years ago is kind of sad. What he did was not good, I am not trying to defend but all I am saying is that dramagedon was kind of too much

    81. Julez Valencia

      Every New Yorker Ever: 13:59-14:09

    82. Monica Hyland

      I love that outfit I want that please jeffree star ⭐️. Give me a make over

    83. PilipinaGal Treasure


    84. Margarita Benavides

      I love you Jeffree ❤️🙏 you’re such a strong person! God bless you

      1. Xavier

        No hes racist lmao

    85. Dylan Taylor

      This literally white chicks !! 🔥

    86. Ken Gutlay

      Honestly... This was one of my favorite videos 😳😳🤯 Respect! That warehouse.... okay work! 💅🏼

    87. Ally Larsen

      Nate looks so fine in this 😍😍

    88. Jungkookie Kim

      I love you both so much and I hope you friends forever🤍🤍🤍😘😘💛🤍🥺🥺🥺

    89. Riley Mishina

      When Shane said I didn’t do that you did I started dying

    90. Phoenix

      nate was in a Jeffrey star Jeffrey Dawson sandwich

    91. Judy The Girl

      You have to be honest, Nate played the game well.

    92. MyNameIsLewis-_-

      OMG SHANE AT 2:04

    93. Kelly

      Shane looks like Kylie Jenner.

    94. Sarah Roman

      I see old videos of Jeffrey with Nate 🥰🥺 and he’s turned off the comment section 🥺🥺 I miss them together 🥰😢

    95. Sarah Roman

      I can never stop watching this when he says “Nate where the fuck are u” always kills me 😂

      1. Xavier

        Theyre racists

    96. Joaquin Pavao

      which is the instrumental of minute 5:41?

    97. Warren Tv

      year 2021 and im still watching this and I'm having fun

    98. Warren Tv

      year 2021 and im still watching this and I'm having fun

    99. G Fl

      Shane and Jeffree are so iconic

      1. Smoak

        @Xavier and that’s you’re opinion and I’m not gonna get offended by it lol we can just agree to disagree

      2. Xavier

        But they still suck lmao

      3. Xavier

        @Smoak okay, I admit that making such a strong claim and going “alledged” is pretty dumb. I apologize for that

      4. Smoak

        Do you use Twitter??

      5. Smoak

        @Xavier “alleged” is all I needed to read. You say alleged but you claim they’re racist.

    100. Caro Raven

      It was logical that there is much more behind this... And I am interested in this! I would love to see more about that topic. And about Jeffrey himself! 😊