The Demon In My House


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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 8 ماه


    1. shane

      I hope you guys like the new video!! :)) im so excited to make a horror movie. im gonna put my whole heart and soul into it. :)) if you want more horror videos on my channel let me know!! :) id love to make them!

      1. Teapot Sophie

        @Fire cat Playz .

      2. cool vids and fun


      3. Wackaz 2.0 - Arthur Wacker

        Too bad I don't like you!

      4. Kim & Kylie fajitas


      5. Mars bar

        This did not age well..

    2. darwisyazmi17

      What happened to him?

    3. Vanessa Vejar

      1. Vanessa Vejar

        he only apologized because he’s getting hate for it. he as an adult who knows right from wrong and still willingly did all of this.

    4. Sophia Corgan

      Anyone else want Shane to do conspiracies about corona? Like non political just like ya know

    5. Jess Lps

      Roses are red Violets are blue Shane is funny Do you agree to

      1. Izaiah Williams


    6. Cinmn Spice

      Come back Shane. People suck. You did stuff in the past but that doesn’t define who you are. Please Shane come back and show everyone they are no one to judge. You’ll see.

    7. Bobo Ingram

      Idfc if he’s canceled I littarly forgot about what he did and I don’t care his vids are intertaining

    8. Usxed

      pls make new vids

    9. zoee pov

      gon head delete ur channel bruh bruh

    10. Kasey Mackay

      Your whole account should be deleted.

    11. no No

      I miss them

    12. Leann Cherry

      When is the queen coming back:(

      1. Alyssa Rivera

        Watch Dangello Wallace’s video😀

      2. David Bechtold

        Never :(

    13. ShrikeCult

      No new videoz by this Shen Doxxon guy? Trouble in paradise? No more money making, off impressionable teen buyers manipulated, through IRvision? Oh too bad, such a shame... ts ts ts

    14. Vi A

      So missed !!!

    15. Vi A

      Coming from LA everybody sucks and is so quick to judge . All I want is for these videos to come back !!! Literally can’t believe it’s been this long !!!!

    16. potato head

      imma just sit back and watch the comments and arguments, whilst sipping my TeA

      1. Path パス

        lemme have some TeA as well :)

    17. Aurlee Davidson

      Shane please start posting again. I love your content

    18. R.X oceans

      I may not support Shane’s decisions/the things he’s done but I low key miss his videos if that makes sense

    19. Ana Martin

      I can’t say I support Shane anymore but I really really wish he just took accountability and didn’t act so ignorant to the whole situation. I miss when he redeemed himself for a whole year and it was great I think his content was at its peak, and he was a better person when Morgan was introduced into his life. Idk I just feel sad that the way things are are the way things are

    20. lol JoshyBoi

      I miss shane

    21. sydnieoliviarayne


      1. AEC04 Artist

        He literraly sexualized children in soo many of his old vids and yall still want him to comeback?

    22. Amber Starr Banks

      Hes definitely abusing his xanax i couldnt believe how open he was about taking them in passed vids, huge side effect from xanax is weigt gain.

    23. iipluto

      I miss you Shane.

    24. kitty meowmeow

      Don’t come back

    25. Wendy Delana

      Please Shane come back

    26. bonnie

      its so messed up how hes brainwashed all these children in the comments saying "please come back! we forgive you for what you did" when they dont even understand it. its just like when Logan Paul got cancelled for the forest thing

    27. Haliee Blankenship

      shane come back !!!! i miss u and your videos ! honestly your the only person you got me through tough times and made me laugh . miss you

    28. ArtisticBrock !


      1. Pepe Sad

        @sydnieoliviarayne stfu

      2. Kivikallo

        @sydnieoliviarayne In the future you're going to be extremely disappointed in these comments... Once you understand how bad pedophilia is.

      3. AEC04 Artist

        @sydnieoliviarayne plz stop being brainwashed by him and watch D'angelo vido about him. Ik it's dissapointing for you since you are a fan but just plz do it, it exposes who he really is

      4. sydnieoliviarayne

        @ArtisticBrock ! bye

      5. ArtisticBrock !

        @sydnieoliviarayne also funny how the original comment wasn’t intended to you 😂😂😂😂😂 maybe speak when spoken to ?

    29. Questionable Television

      So? Is he going to post again or should I just unsubscribe?

      1. Soopee

        @Questionable Television Sexualizing children and saying the n word multiple times isn't just "stupid shit"

      2. Questionable Television

        @Soopee yeah but why ? I get he did stupid shit but it’s not like he is human too. Most of us was ok with his shit before so why not he is not allowed to do anything just because he did that...I mean look at the “rapper” 69... he did way worse and he is still making music and other stuff..even when he is in jail he is still technically ok

      3. Soopee

        You should unsub for several reasons.

    30. Kam Akre

      i miss you

      1. Jennasaur

        ur sick

      2. AEC04 Artist


    31. _00 Bailey Skip to 2:39 Its disgusting what he says

    32. MonKira

      Even tho you have done really messed up things in the past, and how I didn’t even know you ur vids or you at all until the drama, I really do hope ur doing well since all the hate and stuff, dont get me wrong, I honestly hate you and disgusted at you, but this drama probably has been eating away ur mental health, i hope you are doing well even though most of us don’t after what you have done, and no, i do not accept your apology

    33. Evan Dragone

      you gay

    34. Sara Glickman

      Come back, Shane! Not everyone hates you!

      1. iipluto

        @Dominic Ramos you can't speak for everyone.

      2. Nascere Kirby

        Miss mam COME AGAIN

      3. Dominic Ramos

        Yes they do

      4. what CHICKENS


    35. HIMETIME vision

      Shame this channel isn’t making new content. I’m a new podcast. I have no following but I wish I have some success like Shane , he engaged his audience so well . I hope all is well with all of of you and have a great day Humans 🍻

    36. Jess Sullivan

      I miss your content Shane. You worked hard, you entertained me during dark days. I don't give a shit for any negativity people are flicking your way.

    37. The Chaos Crew

      Shane made a deal a long time ago that demon is just a debt collector

    38. вєαυтιfυl Tophats


    39. Alex Cepeda

      Please come back😔

      1. AEC04 Artist

        Plz don't, with all his actions he commited and still hasn't learned from it, he doesn't deserve yall

      2. Dominic Ramos

        Pleas don’t

    40. C T

      I love you Shane come back to us

    41. Tavaril Green

    42. Boomboomciao !

      EW. You’re disgusting and fake. Pretended to have this kind caring and empathetic persona on the internet yet you’re a bully behind. Shame on you. Unsubscribe!

    43. 13 reasons why

      You should be burning doors if it is bad and you should be opening doors if its good

    44. Mark deandre t. Lim


    45. Mark deandre t. Lim


    46. 13 reasons why

      Please make a new video

    47. Noeleen Hughes

      You did this on my birthday May 23rd Nice

      1. Dominic Ramos

        Have a cookie 🍪 for ur troubles

      2. Noeleen Hughes

        @Jaime Walling ah yes Very beautiful

      3. Jaime Walling

        love the pfp :)

    48. WhoEvenAskedYou

      To anyone whose still sitting here supporting this person, i hope you realize the reason they haven’t come back/started posting is because he literally has no need to. He’s already sitting on a multi-million dollar fortune, his vids still get daily views which promotes ad revenue which in turn still makes him money. He’s like any other “long time influencer”. He does not care about his community one bit.

    49. Notnown

      is anything wrong? you can tell us please :(

      1. Notnown

        @Terron A Joseph ur mom is :)

      2. Terron A Joseph

        yea your oblivious

    50. lil’ ramona

      love u shane

      1. Terron A Joseph

        @Spy Simp agreed

      2. Spy Simp

        dont love him. he is creepy around kids.

      3. lil’ ramona

        @Terron A Joseph ok ^_^

      4. Terron A Joseph


    51. Lucid Dream

      Make a documentary about yourself and your childhood, turn this frame into something beautiful. Go vegan too

    52. Woa Bro

      Stay gone please it’s been the best time of my life

      1. Leona Morrissey

        @Terron A Joseph 🤦‍♀️

      2. Terron A Joseph

        @Leona Morrissey aww sis didnt hear the news? 😀 ms piggy has been demonetized ages ago 🥱 you were saying sweetie 🥺

      3. Leona Morrissey

        Yet yall giving him views? 😂 u hate him so much yet u also paying his bills

      4. Terron A Joseph

        righttt. one less damn problem

    53. Tlhale Kitso

      I remember all the conspiracy theories videos😾 they were the best

    54. Jack Bassett

      Shane it’s been 8 months. I feel like your addressing this problem in the worst way possible

    55. Christian

      Stay cancelled

      1. Terron A Joseph


    56. WinterHoliday

      I miss your videos

    57. Gigi Snow


    58. MissyOtaku

      You know...Its been a while since ive been here. To be completly honest...this situation still hurts.

    59. Chris hansen

      hansen vs predator: IRvisionr shane dawson gets caught- crime watch daily

    60. teehee.

      the way you fell off lawd....u and jafar had ur moment of fame but jus like hollywood u had a dark side...funny how ur ass was obsessed with hollywood too. i would say seek help and improve urself but we been past that since you do the same crazy shit over and over again...embarrassing..🤭🤭

    61. Eiji

      Lmao the fact he turned off comments on the latest video cause people weren’t being nice about his apology that video wasn’t it sis

    62. Two bacon Idi0ts

      Wtf Shane come back we miss you

      1. Terron A Joseph

        lets try that again

    63. xxFrostydipxx


    64. Daz Wolfie

      Shaneeee pls start making vids again :

    65. Abel Rodriguez

      Commenting here b/c I can’t comment on your latest video but just wanna let you know I hope you’re doing well bro & I miss you & your creative videos. Just know I could care less about your past & this is just a tiny bump in your career & im 1000% sure this will be passed & laughed at & you’ll com back ever harder

    66. Noel Barraza

      I remember seeing this video before he got cancelled and I meant to comment on something I noticed in this video but didn't because I slowly started to follow him less after he was cancelled. So I just decided to come back for some reason and I found this video again. I have some what of a theory and truth. It is said that demons don't take the appearance of a man or woman, they all take the appearance of children and they are usually hard to differentiate from actual ghost children unless you have experienced both. It's believed demons take this form so that they don't seem so powerful and to atract the attention of any person. This is supposed to be the truth and is not what movies dippict for they are movies. Be careful and aware if you see that little girl in spirit form, it might not be who you think it is. Btw, I am not a deeply religious person, but I have experienced weird spiritual things.

    67. Damian DeFile

      I'm going through a really hard time in my life rn... n everyday recently I've been watching your videos n they just take my mind off of it for the time being. Thank you 💕

    68. Noah Sallee

      But u have talked about children like that

    69. Reaper King

      Shane if you see this I want to tell you that you have helped me though hard times and deal with my depression but lately I have not been able to have someone to lean on I miss you and your videos your the only one I have left so please make more videos they help me cope. edit*and I don't know what is going on either I'm not into drama and stuff like that.

      1. Terron A Joseph

        do the research.

    70. DJ

      Nah I think you're the demon in the house

    71. Adaliene Massey


    72. Adaliene Massey

      I kinda miss Shane.....I always loved his vids tho I don’t support him much but he’s still funny

    73. Damian McGrinn

      Please come back Shane

    74. Iron Will

      … deleted again and blocked. Hahaha. Cool. Now the real reason behind these posts. I hope you saw and understood how easy is to get inside someone's head. Just like I did with yours with a simple couple of posts. This serves to show you a couple of things. First, that you would have some proof about what I’m saying. Second, that you became my guinea pig in the demonstration, hoping that you realize that, no matter how many people you surround you with (consulting wise), they seem to be unable to turn around the present situation. Third, to tell you that what I did to you with a couple of posts, is exactly the same I can do regarding herd mentality. And finally, knowing how desperate you are and how ugly is your present situation, is possible to get around it and bring you back. Back and stronger than ever. I can do it. Just a message away. Take care.

      1. Iron Will

        ... nope,@Babs Still here. Hahaha

      2. Babs

        @S lol his account got terminated

      3. aorelain

        CEO of toxic xDDD

      4. Iron Will

        Ok @S Let me tell you something. It’s only getting darker, and you know it. Some professional help is needed. Badly. And if you are too proud to acknowledge that, my friend, I see a long long crossing of the desert head. Try and sleep it over.

      5. S

        @Iron Will Whatever you say Iron Will :) Again, the best of luck to you and to your book writing !!

    75. Shree HAZRA

      The demon in your house is you yourself. Honestly no other person disgusts me as much as he does🤮

      1. Terron A Joseph

        do yall live in holes?

      2. Sad Blanket

        @Ethan Hall I thought it was about something he said politically in his theories a while ago. Is it not? 🤔

      3. Ethan Hall

        Is it only because he's gay?

    76. Saint Savage

      Shane please come back. Everybody makes tasteless joke it’s okay. People are just so sensitive. I really want you to come back you helped me through so much when I’m depressed. And now your gone. I don’t know if I can. Take it anymore, your videos make me happy. Please come back it was just a bad joke. Everyone makes them, doesn’t mean you should be quitting over it. You man a lot of people’s life better. Don’t focus o. That just focus on the fans you have. That love you for you. Your a really great persona for u miss you alot

      1. ツ

        @Terron A Joseph Jeez dude. Fucking relax. 😂😂

      2. Terron A Joseph

        you people are lacking so much empathy. Are you a child thats been sexually traumatized? probably not. are you black? probably not. are you an animal? probably not. therefore he has done nothing to insult or upset you. start thinking about what he did and how it had affected so many others. what he did was wrong. plain wrong. even if he has helped you during rough times, he is on punishment and should be kept there for a very, very long time. seek help if youre feeling this way, videos are just a distraction and not a treatment.

    77. hem hem

      comments off = automatically guilty

    78. John Reilly

      miss your videos you had your faults but the conspiracy videos are awesome.

    79. Bruno Premoli

      Diet is worst for ur body, chemicals to the root!

    80. yoona

      Shane just letting you know we your fans LOVE you so very much, we also miss you a lot :(

      1. Kurochan

        @S You never answered my question, but okay. Shane got paid for making these comments. He got paid by using gullible people like yourself. If you do something bad in life, chances are it will catch up to you when you are well known. Just look at Bill Cosby.

      2. S

        @Kurochan its funny how yall are just a bunch of sheep following each other. he has been doing this for many many years and nobody seemed to have a problem with it but now suddenly everythings problem lmao grow up

      3. Kurochan

        @S and... its still an issue. The average person would be fired from a job over this stuff. What makes Shane any different?

      4. S

        @Kurochan and?

      5. Kurochan

        @S It wasn't 10 years ago...

    81. WWE4Life


    82. maroo8

      Didn’t youtube demonetize him

    83. Adaliene Massey


    84. Charlie Van Kampen

      Can somebody explain what it is that Shane did?

      1. Spy Simp

        He was a creep around kids if I remember correctly .

      2. Anneide

        Watch d'angelo wallace's video on it :)

    85. Montanna Renae

      I miss you Shane.

      1. S

        @miriam eilish uno reverse bby

      2. miriam eilish

        @S you,

      3. S

        @Goku Vega no u

      4. Goku Vega


    86. Burr owo

      I’m so disappointed I used to look up to this dude lol😀

      1. Terron A Joseph

        @Sad Blanket same it makes me upset to know i was supporting a filthy bag all of that time.

      2. Sad Blanket

        It's alright. It's just his past that screwed you over. I understand his recent content have been admirably in high quality, so you're in no wrong here. You just didn't know who you were really supporting

      3. NIGHTMARE


    87. Volgotha

      I can't tell you how much putting a hand on the back of a kid's neck the whole time you're in a store is NOT "protecting them". You're dad's a creep

    88. Ripley York

      Just a reminder that you’re on the same level as onision and we still hate you :)

      1. NIGHTMARE

        I don’t hate him

    89. //LostProxy Nevermore/ /

      Y’all, I’m sorry but I love Shane. He made a few bad jokes which, I in NO WAY think are okay. But he doesn’t deserve to be canceled. Cancel culture is toxic as FUCK and it honestly needs to stop

      1. Nya B.

        @kasey oh yesss i definitely agree!!

      2. kasey

        @Nya B. not only black people.. children who lost their childhoods to him, parents, pet owners, etc.. there are so many communities he's harmed. (I agree with your point, I just wanted to add on to you egging the original comment about why we can't let him back on the internet 😊)

      3. Nya B.

        and the fact that you think black ppl are trying cancel him is stupid. WE ARE HOLDING HIM ACCOUNTABLE!!!

      4. Nya B.

        if you're not black you have no right to forgive him. do you know how much it hurt to see one of my favorite creators partake in black face and racist videos??? NO, you don't and you never will. idgaf how long ago he did it. i will never ever forgive anyone for being racist. seeing all these comments that are asking him to come back hurt so much bc y'all don't gaf about black people or how we feel at all. so pls stfu and educate yourself.

      5. Nya B.

        are you black??

    90. Mel Babes

      Miss you soo much babe xxxx

      1. NIGHTMARE

        @Goku Vega no

      2. Goku Vega


    91. Maggie Riff

      Shane: hello Cheeto 😌 Cheeto: get away hooman😒

    92. Brandon Saucedo

      Please come back I miss you 😭

      1. Anneide

        @Brandon Saucedo That still doesn't change the fact that he's kind of a yikes human being? Watch d'angelo wallace's video on him

      2. Brandon Saucedo

        @Sad Larry just his conspiracy’s 💀 that’s it

      3. Sad Larry

        Why would you miss him

    93. M4dd1e

      I think it’s just karma

    94. WvBigboy 94 GAMING

      Yikes 😬😂😂😂

    95. Gee ree

      Shane please come back but STOP hanging out with jeffree star! you make amazing contents before but after you became friends with him, a lot of toxicity happened. Please go back to your awesome documentaries .

    96. Nevaeh Mclay

      I literally check your channel everyday to see if you have posted and you never have please come back everyone misses you

      1. Anneide

        Watch d'angelo wallace's video on him.

    97. raja rani895

      Here is the beautiful Solar flame lightsI like so much: amazon shops sogrand

    98. Rosie Jackson


    99. Rotten

      Just ignore all of this and keep posting video lol. Why are you being boring?

    100. Ellaina Mason

      My conspiracy theory is he was too accurate on something in his conspiracy videos and the government wanted to shut him down, so they started controversy on a very obvious joke to make him lose his stage. Faked profiles with comments and people bandwagoned because they were convinced to believe it came from an ill light. But no one is ready for that conversation. The government always wins.

      1. Spy Simp

        Oh you gotta be shitting me.

      2. Anneide


      3. Horrible Kids


      4. Diego Devito3198

        No he just doesn’t want to be hated more than he is