The Beautiful World of Shane Dawson


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    1. Vincenzo Love

      sir ? will u ever post more new content :(

    2. lexi lex

      miss this 😭😭

    3. ArtisticBrock !

      Racist support racists

    4. honey__foxx

      doesnt jstar always say hes never had alcohol but hes making a toast

    5. Cierra


    6. HIMETIME vision

      It’s shame all he built fori hope we get more content. Fingers crossed. Have a great day Humans

    7. Osiris López Ramírez

      Can't believe how manipulative Shane and Jeffree are. Disgusting. And all this just for money. Gross

    8. Northern Belle

      Come bacccckk SHANE! I know u read these LOL! Watch this series again ab them canceling u. Ur over party. If that many people were waiting to buy ur palette then they loved u and if that many people hate u bc of old videos u already apologized for.. people are fickle. Just be brave and come back! U crying at mall of America just 🥺 Idk what all of this has done to ur mental health but I know it can’t be good. There are still people who miss u. I’m a recovering addict so I know people can do bad things and come back from it! Come back!

      1. Excuse You?

        No we definitely DO NOT need him to come back. He’s done some pretty disgusting shit and has lied for years.

    9. Magdalena

      I've never been into shane like ever. w all the drama i was curious to see his recent shit and ... girl really? its all self-absorbed trash. every. single. video. is bad.

    10. Julian Maxwell

      I’ll be watching every video I want unless Jeffree is in it. The dude has ruined so many lives, including yours.

    11. Madison Rasmussen

      When morgan started crying i lost it

    12. D H

      The guy to the right of Maddie is low-key fit

    13. Tory Hyde

      Thinking about seeing all those people after covid hit blows my mind. I can’t believe the world was ever like that.

    14. runningrock124

      fook u shane

    15. Iron Will

      … hey Shane, It’s me again. So, this did aged nicely, didn’t» Especially the James Charles situation. What a piece of shit you revealed yourself to be. Love to hear your high moral shity talk about it. I do advise everyone to go and listen to it again. Take care you shapeless piece of lard.

    16. Storm Breaker


    17. Storm Williams

      Screw this guy.

    18. Karen Aguirre

      *Beautylish is down* Jeffree: 😂😂😂 *Jeffree Star Cosmetics is down* Jeffree: 😡😡😡

    19. skick man0


    20. Fish Chips

      Question. Why did Shane even mention the James and Tati situation if this whole series is about him and Jeffree. The situation had nothing to do with them in the first place. That’s exactly why he got canceled for not minding his business

    21. Kira Irvin

      Did anyone else realise that fight for wonho was trending underneath 😭😭

    22. Isabella Sanner

      I get that ppl were mad that they couldn't get anything.........but like YOU COULD GET IT IN A COUPLE OF DAYS OR SUM

    23. Dogwater Rawr

      I got the pallete today 😭✋ it was half off since it’s a year later and it’s so crazy to have watched this whole series and now I have it

      1. maddy bullimore

        its half off because no one wants to buy it or be in support of him anymore

    24. Smøl Trash


    25. Drunkpunk79

      i am crying right now

    26. Marissa Newman

      Why does his mom sound like (I think his name is squishy) from monsters University

    27. TEAM RWBY

      Can somebody tell me the name of this song o 55:26.i enjoy it the music

    28. Not So Negative

      Shane pretending as if he didn't orchestrated it.

    29. true jacky

      Depression and Anxiety isn’t an excuse to sexualize children, Shane you are disgusting and I hope your channel will get shut down !! Ur pathetic I regret that I supported you, plus ur a Jaafar Starfish friend another toxic person so what can we expect from u

      1. Excuse You?

        Eh, it doesn’t really matter if his channel gets removed, it’s not like he’ll be posting anymore.

    30. Judyrick C. Sigasig

      the intensity! haha

    31. Hannah Lane

      Seeing shane cry makes me wanna cry

    32. Realta 140

      Seeing Shane at jeffree’s morphe meet & greet and then Shane at his meet & greet. It’s come full circle I love to see it

    33. iMakeKomics_Vol. 2

      I cant believe I almost bought your palette, thank god I didnt

    34. Ashton Paladino

      1. A A


    35. be yourself izzy

      everyone is complaining to them but i am sorry for them they couldnt help this and it is hard for them to controll

    36. Jeffrey H

      Seeing fans saying “he got cancelled from things he did in the past and everyone needs to move on”.... it’s not just that. Shane and Jeffree intentionally made Dramageton happen, made things go to an almost legal issue with James due to accusations. Persuaded Tati to make a video about James saying things that James “said to them”..... that is the shittiest thing you can do. If you still support them then you’re honestly extremely delusional. Shane will NEVER come back into the light because people are actually aware of the fucked up things he did. His messed up past and with what happened last year. So you all can enjoy watching his old content because he’s actually killing Ryland and Morgan’s careers

      1. runningrock124

        Ryland is for sure done and gone from the light Morgan still has a chance and her stuff has mainly been out from Shane and Ryland, right? Plus she's actually funny and (hopefully) not a sell-out

    37. Realta 140

      I was so happy they did the mini with the green colour. It was popping

    38. Realta 140

      I can’t with Shane’s mam she is too cute

    39. Phoebe Cake

      I need my morning coffee

    40. Phoebe Cake

      Can't just wait a few minutes

    41. Phoebe Cake

      And the people are crying

    42. Phoebe Cake

      Even one is stressing but Shane and Jeffrey are STRESSING

    43. Emma Hughes


    44. Lesser Known

      Come back.😢Your past shouldn’t define you.Bounce back!

    45. Chasity’s Artistry

      All the people screaming Morgan’s name was so cute

    46. Chasity’s Artistry

      I like how he put other peoples reactions to the launch I felt part of the whole thing and I wasn’t there 😂

    47. noemyxo

      People waiting behind the screen SO EXCITED for the launch likee girl go get a life its just a palette

    48. jeanrjavier

      Still the most iconic launch. Still in tears like the first time I watched it when you first put this out. Hope you’re ok Shane. The parts with Trisha hurt a little extra, hope you both heal ♥️

    49. Aaliyah Ramos

      The fact that he went to jeffree meet and greet. And now he has done his meet and greet with jeffree. He has inspired a lot of people. Ok Am I the only one who cried while watching this?

      1. USANoR 7692

        No you're not the only one who cried ❤

    50. Sophie Brody

      It's so weird to live in Minneapolis and them being here aaaa this is after but

    51. The Scorpion

      lmfao i cant with Andrew's and Jefree's laugh

    52. Xo Gomez

      the fact that they are reacting to tatis videos when years later tati comes out saying shane pushed her to make the video and even edit it 🥲🥲

    53. The Joker


    54. Viktor Nedilenko

      Don't rap your cat

    55. Creamy Beef

      I am here to help you you getting any suicide alerts because if you do you should talk to me because i am normal to

    56. Creamy Beef


    57. Creamy Beef

      You all betta stop preeicting ur own energy not sha dawson

      1. Creamy Beef


    58. Creamy Beef

      Okay hey

    59. xregizorx

      sHanE dID NotHInG WroNg

    60. Caroline Mussallem

      Shane I miss u

    61. Luke Appleyard

      Let's talk about Shane's racism

    62. Ho Ho

      Deleting comments is so pathetic

    63. Beverly Bulletproof

      Shane when are you coming back

      1. Morgan Sturgeon

        he shouldn’t

      2. W0lfie._. kiss

        Why would you want him back?

    64. ԐᙏᙏᎽ

      “The beautiful world of Shane Dawson” LMFAO 🤣

    65. true jacky

      Depression and Anxiety isn’t an excuse to sexualize children, Shane you are disgusting and I hope your channel will get shut down !! Ur pathetic I regret that I supported you ! U SICK FK

    66. Leah C

      I love you! I miss you! Please come back

      1. W0lfie._. kiss

        @Leah C i do delete it from my watch history👍 and at least i don't support him and do not want him to have a platform

      2. Leah C

        @W0lfie._. kiss yet here you are still giving him views how thoughtful of you

      3. W0lfie._. kiss

        ._. Bro he is a racist and sexualized children and alot of NOT OK stuff-

    67. AnGiE sMiTh

      ignorance was bliss

    68. L C

    69. zozocruz4

      I miss you shane hope you're okay

    70. Mia Bearns

      shane come back plsss

    71. Laura Lannister

      Miss you Shane!!! I use your Conspiracy pallet almost every day. I don't subscribe to"Cancel Culture"

    72. sasha evans

      im to proud of him, im crying watching this, he doesnt know what hes worth and means to people

    73. Sara R

      The "beautiful" world, what? Does it include tongue kissing dogs and s3xvually abusing cats?

    74. Wilson.

      this series feels like it came out a month ago...

    75. kenzie Sanders

      Looking back makes me sad I miss him so fuckin much :,(

    76. Brandon Scott

      Anyone else peep how the only time Shane referenced a person of color was in the part where the fans were mad? Like hella playing on the angry black woman stereotype. Even if it wasn’t on purpose, the fact that it was subconsciously done is even worst tbh. Goes back to his internalized racism. Ew.

    77. Xean van Schaagen

      i am watching this over and over again its not 2020 and i am still crying when i see this. shane i love the way you are and i miss you alot. i hope you are doing okey!!!

    78. Tater Tott

      Everything is half price now !! Lol

    79. BLAST

      Time to cancel CallMeCarson and Zoey Lavernne

      1. Fully

        carson didnt do shit, it was a two year gap

    80. Traci_Angels

      Anyone got an update if that kid in the hospital got a palette?

    81. Traci_Angels

      Ppl who smashed up James Charles palatte then afterwards realising he was the right guy: 👁️👄👁️

      1. Traci_Angels

        @James Burns agreed.

      2. James Burns

        That’s just how pathetic some people are

      3. James Burns

        Ppl r just twisted enough to turn on anyone without proof

    82. Marcus Aceves


    83. Hidayah N.E.S

      20:00 hahahahahah

    84. Lilia Delgado7


    85. my world my way

      I’m never seen this before so it’s just kind of like oh set up then I’m totally lost

    86. Jo Anne

      If you never collaborated with Jeffree I feel like you would have never been cancelled as much shit as you've done .

    87. Thawtiana Jawnson

      There ain't nothing beautiful about your world Shane 💀

    88. cynnoo69 sniper squad Freeman

      Else is going to make a hank comment just want to say this you used to be a fan you were an old old hater but I don't care I know what he said was f up but I forgive you and also that hate comment Trisha is a freaking burnt she's just making hate videos about Shane Dawson a couple times just get over it just don't be his friend then I think she's just making up stuff to make tons and tons of money I'm unsubscribing disliking because F you Trisha

      1. Thawtiana Jawnson

        Stay in school sweetie, because this comment makes zero sense.

    89. cynnoo69 sniper squad Freeman

      I know she sang sorry but also don't say that crap ever again my sister thinks you're a different person she sees you as a different person but I forgive you

    90. cynnoo69 sniper squad Freeman

      Forgiving Shane Dawson I forgive you

    91. Skyprincess 1995

      Tati is such a narcissist and also a hypocrite

    92. Sonora Sleže

      I’m here balling my eyes out even after a year after this

      1. Thawtiana Jawnson


    93. Kasey Johnson

      I just want you to know nobody's perfect So you are a comedian so don't ever be afraid to be yourself yes everybody makes mistakes

    94. smjaie k sarju

      He was so happy everything was great nd suddenly everything slips off from his hands Feeling bad for him

    95. Beauty By Brodie

      Who else came back to this in 2021?

    96. Michelle

      Mask slips at 38:31 looks a bit like how he was in The Chair as well as the infamous IG story about Tati’s video lol

    97. Michelle

      Poor Nate looks so incredibly sad..😢

    98. Michelle

      Wow, I am thoroughly disgusted rewatching this.. to know Shane had a big hand in the drama and being so manipulative is just gross. Absolutely disgusting behavior. smh

    99. Isabella H

      Almost 2 years later and I'm still sooo beyond proud of you Shane :')

      1. Isabella H

        @BLAST Yes Zoe is someone who’s absolutely disgusting

      2. BLAST

        @Isabella H This video is all you need

      3. Isabella H

        @BLAST Brah you can like him or not but the pallet is absolutely amazing and the process is hard and unless you can do the same I don’t wanna hear it.

      4. BLAST

        You ma’am are disgusting

    100. idream good

      I miss their videos :(