The Truth About Tana Mongeau


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    1. shane

      Part 3 coming tomorrow What do YOU think the truth is?

      1. Jacy


      2. Ginny Atchison

        Where is part 1 though?🤷‍♀️

      3. Nicholas A

        come back

      4. Yeet Man


      5. lucky charms

        500th comment

    2. Tanea Bree

      Lmfao and TO THIS DAY she is still scamming her dumb fans 😂😭

    3. u2zero2u

      Regardless how you feel about the goof ball on the segway, it was a smart move to make a documentary of the "event".

    4. Michelle Jimenez

      Tana is ugly inside and out. PEOPLE NEED to STOP watching her. Then maybe she can go away.

    5. Chaitanya Nitai

      the only thing i was looking at when he facetimed the owner of good times was Shane's battery getting charged:)

    6. Lillie

      I really want Shane to come back. Ik what he did was bad but see all these influencers who did something bad they got a second chance so give Shane a second chance. He is funny amazing he has saved my life. Please

      1. Finnegan Delmenico

        no lol

    7. Aye Itshanah

      So has tana paid everyone back? I mean she does have a onlyfans making millions now.

    8. Lily Yue

      Shane was right in this video and I think this helped people understand what really happened at tanacon

    9. Xxjust.y0ur.l0cal.rat0xx

      who else was kinda pissed that while Shane was being serious with Micheal, He was vaping/smoking and texting instead of paying attention?

    10. Alexander Gonzalez Martinez

      you can tell my man was cappin

    11. gilbert lopez

      All jokes aside I had never really heard about tana until i heard about her after watching fousey's disaster on no jumper but hearing the ceo of the company that put the event together I kinda feel for him not tana. She just seems like a spoiled irresponsible dummy who was like omg I have a great idea 💡💡 that will get me more views and subs and $$$$$$ but actually steals vidcons whole existence and throws super unrealistic expectations and obligations on some random guy who was probably the cheapest event coordinator she could find all whilst probably getting shit faced high as a kite smoking packs on packs on packs of cigarettes living it up with no professional responsibility whatsoever and when the whole shit show implodes and the tsunami of shit leaves a decimated trail of bodies she puts all the blame on everyone excepts herself. she's like this person didn't do this that and the other. They schemed and conned and scammed oh but I don't wanna throw anyone under the bus I'm to blame and in the same breath is like I had no idea all these incongruensies were a problem. Lol youtubers are the worst

    12. gilbert lopez

      The illuminati and freemasons were actually the ones behind all of this. They told everyone who was there and bought tickets what it was from the beginning. It was called "TANACON" from the beginning tanas-con!!!!!! Omg those damn clever pesky illuminati-ers. They struck yet again.

    13. gilbert lopez

      Security guard kid who had his face blurred out called it "taracon"lmao

    14. Dean Marshall

      this is so funny

    15. Angela Gabriel

      i feel so bad for tana

    16. Amber Byer

      They both fucked up but that kid dropped the ball. His business his fault....and tana let it happen. Michael talking during that interview was so cringy.

    17. peppa pig

      9:34 they said chile in 2018

    18. • HoneyBun•

      Tana: *crying* Me: aww I feel bad 😢 My siblings: *crying* Me: ShUt Up nOw

    19. lexi lex

      More then 2 years ago?😭

    20. Isla Xx

      Sketchy Segway guy: I’m making a awesome documentary Shane: *Tananaheim*

    21. Isla Xx

      This series is so good no matter what you say about Shane

    22. Naomi Baez

      Texting, vaping and not taking accountability 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄

    23. Brydie Norris

      Did anyone else start laughing so much when Tana walked down the stairs with those two security looking dudes and straight away started crying

    24. Mama Iz

      Anyone here in 2021

      1. I'm a potato


      2. Clarissa Garcia


    25. Christina hale

      Notice how most of them said “the last thing I wanna do is throw anyone under the bus”

    26. Alice Kong


    27. Lonesomeshaddow

      No one cares what you're watching during quarantine

    28. Janet Ocegueda

      Did his documentary ever come out?

    29. Char

      She’s a clown no one can save her

    30. Elizabeth De Leon

      Looking back I feel like this was all for them to make a video about and the damage got a little out of hand but was still all planned

    31. Annabel Campbell

      if u look up good times company the only pictures with him in them are the ones with tana and from tanacon

    32. Hallie Rodes

      I think Michael fucked up but so did tana. I’m a tanimal don’t get me wrong.. just kinda shift the entire blame on to Michael

    33. Winnie The Jew

      Why do you keep putting in clips of the interview with the security guard he doesn't seem like he knows shit also fuck you for shading Trisha paytas

    34. Jaiden's World


    35. Janelle Wilkins

      This is what happens when you try to put young ass people in charge of a business

    36. Marie B.

      Is no one gonna talk about how fake af Tana is in this video. ... i mean when she greeted Shane this fake crying and this hug and no hello and everything ... come on...

    37. kay bub

      They were both irresponsible but at the end of the day Michael has the receipts, Tana just has embellished hearsay

    38. Jimothy Jams

      2021 but might as well rewatch the Tanacon Tea

    39. Rachel Yea

      They knew exactly what could happen. Such an unprofessional move. "People love to be oppressed". Who the fuck does she really think she is? She CAME from trash. Get fucking real Tana.

    40. Kiley Mariah

      Watching this made me think man, Shane would be such a great dad 🥺♥️

    41. Dashia Patterson

      I honestly love tana 😭🤍🤍

    42. chelsea nelson

      Remember how great you are Shane.

    43. Jayme Graham

      I was there at tanacon at the time but we where just looking around, lucky we didnt buy and tickets

    44. curly girl shook

      The guy with the bleached hair looks like a 6 year old boy who got exposed for eating suger...JOHNNY JOHNNY YAS PAPAPAPpapapaapa

    45. Emma Wheeler

      And where is Tana defending him while Shane is in a scandal? Exactly... no where

      1. XxKingJPXx Xx

        Yo, people like you gotta understand that just because a person doesn’t post shi online about a situation, doesn’t mean they aren’t helping a person behind the scenes.. So please, don’t assume if a person is doing something or not..

    46. Brianna Williams Brianna Williams

      In about 10 to 11 years people are going to remember this in there little IRvision history books and how this was a huge mess

    47. synthesizer

      imagine is vidcon sabotaged tanacon

      1. curly girl shook


    48. maddie kayani

      why am i watching this on the second day of 2021

    49. ariana myers

      Tana being in charge of anything is bound to fail... these people are honestly idiots.

    50. Miranda M

      the only one in this video looking good in this the year of our lord 2021 is cheeto meowing in the background.

      1. curly girl shook

        He is probably trying to escape from shane lol,BTW not giving hate to shane

      2. curly girl shook


    51. Eva Dooley

      6:20 did he say "taracon"??? lol

    52. Chloe B

      Not me watching this after Shane got canceled

    53. Musto Mathew -

    54. Quo vrep

      I regret having bought this upon publishing, and now I know better. Tana for sure was complicit and should see consequences. While she will likely never see them for this debacle (in no small part thanks to Shane), she will eventual fuck up too bad to ever be forgiven given her whole... personality. But it seems the threshold can be push, thanks to good PR from a popular friend.

      1. curly girl shook


      2. Nina C

        What did you pay for. You had to buy it to watch it?

    55. Stef Shay

      24:00 pisses me off where was Tana when Shane’s career was tanking selfish bitch

      1. curly girl shook


    56. Camping for Everyone Else

      She is such an actress.

    57. 。Rilakkuma 。

      Me: :O this is good tea *Ad comes on right when the good part happens*

    58. Haley White

      Girl I fucking love you ! Your the lol don’t cry

    59. Jessica Peterson

      "I prefer you dont use any of the footage of me throwing tana under the bus because blah blah blah" NO you lying IDIOT. you didnt want shane using this because you KNOWINGLY were LYING about EVERYTHING. and all you could do was sit there and divert his questions to "im losing everything" "my career is over" "i love tana" woe is me. Pitty me. and what REALLY grinds my gears.. Is you said you're more hurt over this than anyone. GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE what about the 5 THOUSAND KIDS that YOU screwed over. And tana WHO WAS THE FACE AND NAME OF THIS EVENT. Yes i know this was last year and whatever. But it STILL pisses me off to this day to watch this prick lie through his teeth and do nothing but say "i love tana." And "im going to lose everything" ugh. Idiot.

    60. Nicole Bridge

      seeing tana cry makes me so cry. she is such a strong woman and seeing her upset breaks me.

    61. BeautyDaughtMom

      First off, I’m sorry to say this, but he’s lying. Secondly, one thing you didn’t notice is WHAT he said. As an example, he said it’s all him. The company is all him. But then, when he was talking about the convention, it was “we did this,” we did that” and “we wanted.” Well...when you say it’s all YOU, but then say WE... If you really LISTEN to what he’s saying, you can hear what the truth is and he’s not saying it. Also, I would be curious to see if he DID sue the hotel, as he said. I would bet not only did he NOT sue the hotel (if he did, he lost) snd secondly, as time has passed now, you have the availability to look at his company’s tax returns from that year and it will tell you A LOT. Everything that was an expense, profit snd loss from that year will be on his tax returns. I would LOVE to examine them... Also, he may have some experience, but depending on a 21 year-old kid to pull of this type of event? I warned her that this would happen. And it did. But, unfortunately, even if she did read my message out of the hundreds of thousands, the likelihood of her believing what I have to say, or taking my advice, is slim. Also, he kept saying, “I don’t want to throw her under the bus,” but then he does. He doesn’t want to take responsibility for this. And what he’s not getting is this was HIS FAULT. Not Tannas, not any other creator. HIS. He was the COMPANY that took on this task, so it was HIS responsibility to pull it off. If he wasn’t capable of doing so, or didn’t think he had the resources and/or experience to handle it, he shouldn’t have. BUT, all you have to do is look at him at the event and it speaks VOLUMES; riding around on a scooter, black suit, scarf, Gucci necklace, drivers, etc. He may have big dreams, but he thinks he’s WAY MORE ahead of where he really is. Also, if you’re curious to do a follow-up on this, just for your own interests...check his company’s tax returns AND the bankruptcy court of where his company is based in. That will tell you if what he said has any validity. I’m thinking not. If you want to follow up on this, I would be happy to help advise you on other sources you can contact to investigate it and where to get the information. It’s what I’m good at. =)

      1. Jessica Peterson

        What i just commented it a more angry, shorter version of what you just said. Lmfao. I agree with you so much here. This guy, still to this day, really pisses me off. He fucking got away with it and left tama holding the bag. Tana deserves to sue HIM. And i fully stand by what i say and everything you just said.

    62. None Of your business

      It’s clear that Michael doesn’t even care he is on his phone vaping and drinking soda if anything it feels like he only feels bad for himself because his business is being affected and he doesn’t care about tana or the people I mean he left the day after tanacon if he cared then he would stay and help and not run away he literally only cares about his business and his stupid documentary and I bet if the documentary is out it’s going to make it look like tana is the bad person and not him when it sounds like he is the bad person.

    63. Rayne Storm Marie

      I fucking love Shane so much. He held her and reassure her and that was so sweet I am crying so hard 😭 I’ve watched this series twice already it’s just been a while so I’m watching again so I’m like 😭😭😭😭 we miss you Shane. Please come back. Soon 😭

    64. Tessa Carter

      I'm just now seeing this, what a scam... the Michael guy is an ass. Although tana had her faults with this is truly is on Michael more.

    65. Amber Roberts

      Shacking head no..." I am more concerned than anyone!!" No your not!

    66. SugaSkull Panda

      Where is this documentary he was talking about? Has anyone questioned that? Or thought of that?

      1. Some Person

        Its on amazon. Its not good

    67. The Lost Tapes of Youtubers LOST TAPE OF SHANE DAWSON (LOUD)

    68. Shannon Cairney

      Michael is the shiftiest person I've ever seen on the internet.

    69. rylieerblx

      ok, somebody is going to hate on me for this but the CEO is sitting there vapeing and texting but with also saying that he’s almost s*icidal. it’s honestly sad that he’s only 21 years old and about to lose everything he has. btw i’m not sideing with either of them they are both in the wrong here.

    70. Random gang

      “Tanacon is LIT👉😬👉” -Some random security dude

    71. Murron Campbell

      ok but if i was andrew i would 1000% i would keep the camera on when they asked to turn it off i would just point it at the ground 😏

    72. Zadee W

      is nobody gonna talk about how supportive shane is to tana whenever she is literally sobbing?

    73. Daniela Vasconcelos

      Who would be so stupid to believe in amything that Tana says or does? 2020 and I still love Shane

    74. Julia G.

      What I think is Tana had all these unrealistic expectations for this event. She wanted to do things that were possible. Any legitimate business person would’ve told her no. They would’ve not agreed to do it. Michael just convinced her that he could do it all. Tana wanted to make something amazing with zero effort. Michael convinced her she could.

    75. A M

      I don’t think neither are necessarily lying as much as I believe they’re exaggerating the truth. It’s a classic case of he said she said. Both were trying to one up the other that his short comings were worse than hers. I don’t think he meant for it to fail. He may have cut corners, was inexperienced, and was in way over his head especially with such a short time to plan. I think him and Tana both made mistakes and are equally at fault. Both her and Michael should’ve stood side by side and made addressed the crowd together and had each others back. They should’ve thanked everyone “for the overwhelming amount of support and love but unfortunately they had too many people outside which was a fire and safety hazard so for the safety of everybody they got shut down”. They would’ve looked more professional and the fans probably wouldn’t have been as mad if they had just been acknowledged and given an explanation they would’ve been more likely to understand and sympathize with the situation. Instead, Tana and Michael instantly split up, left the hotel, and started the blame game and left everyone outside feeling confused, shafted, and feeling pissed off like they got scammed. The whole phone conversation was just them defending themselves by blaming each other trying to make the other persons mistakes sound worse than their own mistakes.

    76. *Cherry-blossom*

      Why would he flim a documentary about it if he “wanted “ it to go good it really seemed set up

    77. *Cherry-blossom*

      These videos are possibly my favorite every on IRvision this is my 4th time rewatching it

    78. the best boy

      On retrospect this is like seeing satan talking with hitler.

    79. Larzaparz 8876

      "Im shaking violently" .

    80. andrew flores

      if life were a tv series shane would’ve adopted micheal and he would be a reoccurring side character

    81. Elise Warner

      “Teracon” ☹️😂

    82. Alicia

      Thé editing is amazing

    83. Sharkie

      Running a convention at 21, started managing events when he was 17?! He is way too young and inexperienced to host an event with 4,000+ people. This entire thing was a clusterfuck and I don’t think it was all one person’s fault. I think it was miscommunication on everyone’s part.

    84. Diana Wylie

      Shane seems so two faced lol

    85. MissAlla

      We finally got the documentary!! Come through Amazon Prime.

    86. Jeff Jeff Coins

      I have stage 5 mythomania.

    87. Ashlee Bounyvieng

      Micheal is the biggest liar, saying he put his car, house thats a lie. NO ONE ASKED YOU TO DO THIS

    88. Luke Plommer

      I would love to have friend like @ShaneDawson

    89. MushroomMiix


    90. MrDawson777

      him flipping with micheals side against tana around 15:00 is skethcy

    91. Tina Ogawa-Johnson

      major Fyre vibes

    92. Angelena Coughler

      Good times sounds like a drunk text gone wrong lmao

    93. Hellk Yeah!

      You're like her dad

    94. Big D

      Pretty sure they, and this is my first time seeing and knowing anything about this “Tanacon” but they set it up to be sabotaged! They recorded everything because they’re trying to be “Fyre part 2”. They seen an opportunity for an easy “failed convention” and jumped on it since day 1 to rise from the flames, “A Fyre Part 2”

    95. Idk

      Me watching this like 2 years later Ehhh tbh it is still good tea sis.

    96. cami lazo

      no one: me:still watching this 2 years later

    97. savannah massie

      i’m still waiting for the good times documentary

      1. Some Person

        its been out for two years on amazon prime

    98. rosabella gonzalez

      2020 anyone :/

    99. Brittney Holladay

      Let me get this straight, Goodtimes guy, age 21 is to young to get bullied and held responsible for his actions but 19 year old James Charles isn’t? Makes sense

    100. Brittney Holladay

      Tana being famous = everything that is wrong with the world, if I was her mother I’d be so embarrassed and ashamed, I wouldn’t even admit to being her mother! Tana you truly are the lowest of low, pure trash and what’s worse is little girls watch you and idolize you... disgusting!