The Ugly Side of the Beauty World


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    1. Munchies SSBM

      Shane's a bitch

    2. lexi lex

      miss this 😭😭

    3. シOllyOasis


    4. strawberry squad

      I love uu thank you from making my childhood happy

    5. Brian Comeaux

      Shane gayson

    6. true jacky

      Depression and Anxiety isn’t an excuse to sexualize children, Shane you are disgusting and I hope your channel will get shut down !! Ur pathetic I regret that I supported you, plus ur a Jaafar Starfish friend another toxic person so what can we expect from u

    7. Gracie Golden

      The ✨let me hide that ... from myself✨ is meeeeee

    8. CptSparkleFart

      You're a sociopath Shane Dawson

    9. Olivia Capuzzi

      is please come back i miss you

    10. Olivia

      I just realised that the thumbnail on this video looks like stretched cling wrap in front of the camera.

    11. xregizorx

      sHanE dID NotHInG WroNg

    12. Leah Lynd

      Jeffree is the ugly side of the beauty world💀💀😂

      1. Adanac Tnomew


    13. Hailey Blocka

      Who else was like "DOUGEE FRESH YOU'RE ON" or "SLIM SHADY YOU'RE ON" after the trainer said "6 minutes" ? Or am I just old school and the only one that knows that? Lol

    14. Sebastian Van Andersson

      miss you shane

    15. Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion

      Honey is shit, it dose Not work!

    16. Emilie Green

      wow this is really the ugly side of the beauty world ......

    17. Adiba Al Humaidhi

      Shane's cameraman Andrew's laugh is fucking annoying

      1. Zaria J

        No one asked

    18. kelly Maguire


    19. Bruh Why

      Racist trashcan go to hell..

    20. _wtfelena

      you're such a dick to drew. fuck you man


      Only just realised after a year of this being released that the thumbnail isn’t indeed plastic wrap but is indeed glass😅🤦‍♂️

    22. Esmee Feiken

      Okay maar heb je foto staand?

    23. iamchrispaez

      “The Ugly Side of the Beauty World.” Nope. It’s too easy.

    24. Auggie Lujoe

      Andrew is annoying

    25. Debbie Blatt

      I find it odd that Ryland took the only room that was beneficial to Shane’s health and body, and turned it into his podcast room. It’s almost like, he likes Shane miserable with himself- and unhappy, so that he doesn’t have to worry about Shane leaving him. It’s really sad when you think about it! If I knew my Man was so unhappy with the way he looked, I’d do everything in my power to get and KEEP him motivated. Ryland does none of that. He runs by himself- works out by himself: and I think he purposely does it to make Shane feel worse. Edit: Andrew was more supportive then Ryland: explains why he was always upset when Shane only went with Andrew and not all of them.

    26. Debbie Blatt

      22:03 Shane pulls out the future Blood Lust palette.

    27. Mya Banner

      I miss your videos 🥺

    28. Jos Helgren

      Ik Shane has done a lot of wrongs but I miss him like we all grew up on his content

      1. Zaria J

        Yeah I feel like he was making an effort to change and felt bad for what he did and I miss his content

    29. Jos Helgren

      So no one is talking about how cute Andrews laugh is ?🥺

    30. cat lovers

      I'm proud for you working out

    31. cat lovers

      Im only 7 and I watch u and I watched u sense I was 5

    32. Zotaro

      “The Ugly Side Of The Beauty World” So in other words, Shane Dawson.

    33. the waffle bitch

      Dude u and Jeffrey are the ugly side to the beauty world

    34. ella

      Where’s drew

    35. Reagan Lucas

      Imagine talking about a community you were never apart of...

    36. Rachel

      Unfriendly reminder to stay off the internet forever. We don't want you here.

    37. Samantha Bevan

      I’m so proud of Shane 🥺lol I’m acting like his mama

    38. ally johnson

      The tv pallet case was actually sick af they should have gone with that one

    39. CAR Hill420

      Lol Jeffree used to walk down the street calling black ppl the n word nice friend u have shane yr trash and who tf is ryland

    40. The Big One

      Plot twist: they are the ugly side

      1. ring of fire

        I was literally about to comment that 🤣

    41. Genie Frangipane

      So much hypocrisy 🖐️😭

    42. Aron Robles

      When Shane did his full beat it looks good but on a guy who calls little boys and girls sexy not really

    43. why not

      1. Pinkish Yellow


    44. Ray Playz

      Shane come back queen we miss u!!!

      1. simp4liluzi

        @kacinova ; ig 😝

      2. kacinova ;

        @simp4liluzi but don't you kinda wanna hear his shitty excuse?

      3. nikolia

        just you

      4. simp4liluzi

        who’s we

    45. Ali

      The Morgan influencer drama is literally so ironic, taking advice from those two 🤦🏼‍♀️

    46. Diego Yepez

      i feel so bad for anna

    47. Diego Yepez

      ik he’s cancelled but u guys can’t deny that his videos are entertaining

      1. kacinova ;

        fr, like you can like his videos but i think his personality sometimes and his choices are bad.

    48. Grejsi Mojs

      Literary Andrew did everything

    49. Elina Suominen

      Who is watching 2021

    50. ManuelChevelle

      tr ish deserves better

    51. Meagan Chey

      Miss your content, miss seeing you in my notifications, idc why everyone is hating. Cancel culture is bs. I've been having a rough ass fucking time, and I used to have something to look forward too, youtube isn't the same without you. Sending 💕

      1. simp4liluzi

        no one cares

    52. Steve Milchard

      Why are all these videos over half an hour?

    53. MemeMaster 69

      Come back please 😟☹️☹️😢

      1. nikolia

        you forgot the 'don't'

    54. Fernando Lozano Sánchez

      u r the ugly part of IRvision

    55. Celie Greenough

      Daym you milking this Jeffery shit DRY

    56. ObservetteMARCH

      LOL Andrew ends up doing all the work!

    57. ObservetteMARCH

      Omg, Morgan’s brand trip experience is very close to Trishas on the Vegas trip. And here Jeffree’s like "They’re all fake, if only they were themselves. I ALSO always felt like an outsider on the brand trips blah blah blah......" It’s like STOP. You’re 100 times WORSE than all those girls that Morgan is talking about combined!!!! This entire documentary should be called *Jeffree and Shane: The ugly side of HUMANITY*

      1. Brontasaurus

        @Maja Pehar everyone believes trisha, where have you been?

      2. Cody K.

        @Maja Pehar hairbyjay literally confirmed everything she said in his livestream when he kept insulting her. so yes i believe Trisha, because Jeffree’s henchman confirmed it.

      3. Deanna

        @Maja Pehar and you believe jeffree after what he did to numerous people ? Okay sis

      4. Maja Pehar

        Youre still believing trisha, after everything? Lame

      5. julie

        @petermonn this!

    58. Moon Memento

      Shane is really disgusting, actually

      1. Zaria J

        @nikolia sane humans can feel bad for what they did and make an effort to change. Insane humans are apart of cancel culture and don’t let people try to change and make up for their mistakes.

      2. nikolia

        @Lexi lexi yeah but sane ones dont called 6-year-olds sexy and post racism on their public channel

      3. Lexi lexi

        he’s human , and humans make mistakes

    59. Sean Brandon

      why is nobody mentioning the fact that Jeffree threatened to throw Michael Weist in solitary confinement in a mexican prison LMFAO

    60. Reece’s Makeup lounge!

      Love how Jeffree was so ready to handle that brand!!

    61. Courtney Williams

      When jeffree said 'sorry Trisha, game over' 👀👀

      1. Ava Frank

        oh how the tables have turned 😂😂

      2. Cynthia Shaw

        I was like well this didn’t age well lol

    62. Maxwell Sings


    63. Brianna Ingram

      You got cancelled haha

    64. Apple Scented pie


    65. J Tokes

      Plot twist; you’re the ugly side of life

    66. OS MP

      10:44 “sorry Trisha, gave over”. Jeffree wasn’t playing 😭😭🤣🤣.

      1. SOOKIE XO

        That part in the video aged well

    67. Diana Patricia

      Andrew is cute

    68. My penis is small, but

      I highly doubt a rich lady boy has the power to do anything anywhere unless it’s changing his makeup line

    69. Sophia Scalise

      Your answer to the what matters most is diacustign i cant believe you would ever do what you did to trisha

    70. Nin guava

      The irony is that you and Jeffree Star are the ugly side of the beauty world.

    71. minimode

      14:09 familiar, sa kadenang ginto pala sa IRvision 😭😭😭

    72. Abigail Hutt

      I really wish Morgan knew how many people would LOVE to be friends with her.

      1. Sakura's Fish

        And boyfriend her

    73. Nathanael King

      Morgan is soooooo pretty. She doesn't need to fix anything.

    74. Janelle Wilkins

      Andrew has a subtle yet addicting laugh 😍

    75. Jimothy Jams

      Its 2021 Jeffree and Shane need to come back

      1. Chloe cat

        @yooshi First of all, why does it matter what I find interest in? That has nothing to do with the situation. I think it's totally fine that nikolia doesn't like Jeffery and shane. I'm not telling them that either of our opinions are right are wrong, its just what we think. Also, my intensions were never to be rude like you. I was simply stating my point.

      2. nikolia

        @yooshi yeah i think we should b like besties btch we r like........................................anti gacha community.

      3. yooshi

        @Chloe cat i'm on nikolia's side. not only because i fucking hate gachatards, but also because you're stupid. your entire argument is ; "you disagreed with my opinion? shut up. i'm allowed to say that though, since i disagreed with you."

      4. Chloe cat

        @nikolia I can say what I want and so can you, I said that because I disagreed with you.

      5. nikolia

        @Chloe cat so...don't shush me?

    76. Pam Myers

      Morgan is beautiful just the way she is. I don’t deal with mean girls. I’ll be her friend any time. 💞💞💞

    77. jamj121

      Rewatching this entire series. Miss you and your creative genius so much Shane!!!! Come back to IRvision when you're ready 😊😊

      1. nikolia

        @yooshi LOL AM I WRONG THO

      2. yooshi

        @nikolia LMAO

      3. nikolia

        sis he aint coming back

    78. BreakBones SlamPhones

      Miss you Shane

    79. Paige Stinnett

      I like makeup but I don't know how to do it on my own. My mom tried teaching me and my sister too

    80. Kenneth

      Come back

      1. nikolia

        @Kenneth i mean what r u gonna do lmao shoot me w an emoji gun?

      2. Kenneth

        @nikolia eh well you should▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一

      3. nikolia

        @Kenneth eh i mean i dont rlly wanna

      4. Kenneth

        @nikolia you got told of 24 times I think u should ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一

      5. nikolia

        @Kenneth no i dont think i will

    81. Rachell salazar

      Tbh Morgan is old enough to know what to do and what not to do. Like she low key exaggerating it .

      1. Rachell salazar

        And definitely doesn’t need advice from Shane or jeffre

    82. Rose EARLY


    83. Shane Knight

      Please come back shane😭😭

    84. Laney Hepler

      I’m really sad that Morgan doesn’t see how stunning she is naturally 🥺

    85. Stella Schmocker

      Seeing Shane tear up makes me tear up

    86. Sophie Jackson

      These two are so fake.

    87. Rachel Jean

      Oh Morgan so innocent lmao

    88. Kylie

      The disturbed behavior developmentally excite because tempo microcephaly scorch under a brave hourglass. fancy, scrawny show

    89. Kylie

      The awful alibi iteratively rot because addition interspecifically applaud concerning a momentous seat. filthy, second beet

    90. Abigail Hutt

      This didn’t age well

    91. Natasa Antonic

      The abashed macaroni unexpectedly challenge because butter aetiologically pop over a knotty iris. bitter, homeless goal

    92. Musto Mathew -

    93. space cats

      When your trying to be serious and your friend laughs #akward

      1. nikolia

        when you groom a child and are extremely racist publicly and your fiancé is an attention seeking gold dinner and your fans are on the same level of low as trump supporters #awkward

      2. pokiebleh

        when you try to make a joke but you spell awkwards wrong #awkward

    94. Musto Mathew

    95. ella anderson

      me watching in december 2020 and realizing how good shane looks

    96. Dark XJQ

      Will u ever make a second pallet

      1. Lace Levin

        Um. No.

      2. :o

        lmao probably not

    97. Hirra Baloch

      Shane what happens you were funny but now I kinda don’t think that anymore your 30 and came after 21 year old for being a predator and that’s strange coming from the grown man who kissed a 12 year old

    98. Eduin Manzanares

      Shane's sister is so gorgeous just like shane he's so damn cute and so fucking funny.

      1. Joey

        It’s rylands sister but yeah

    99. Eduin Manzanares

      Andrew saved that the final design.

    100. Eduin Manzanares

      Idk why is hard for people to just drink water.