The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star


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    1. Sheldon Vermeulen

      Watching this again I realized how much of and over dramatic person shane is, honestly it's kinda annoying

    2. lexi lex

      miss this 😭😭

    3. runningrock124

      Damnit, Kimmi!! put that green back in !! >: |

    4. Abigail Genido

      What song is that in the purple intro

    5. Blue Eyes

      Shane was so blinded by that 💰💰💰

    6. Krissy Is Planning

      Every time I watch it I hear/see something new!

    7. Sydney Heuer

      shane please come back

    8. Daroツ

      damn you sold yo soul

    9. br!dgette


    10. Caroline Bisceglie

      It’s upsetting that someone who has had nothing to do with makeup for majority of their life gets this opportunity. But there are like millions of other people who have been passionate about the makeup industry forever who will never get the chance to make anything as special as Shane’s. It’s disappointing to me 😐

      1. Sakura's Fish

        I understand, but it happens in every industry and life itself (why are there good people being poor while other bad people are filthy rich? or places with natural wealth and opportunities while others scarce?) so in the end everyone have to do the best with what they're given and swap negativity with motivation

    11. stefanie lieb

      Make more vlogs plzzzzzz n thnku ☺️

    12. BeccaMecca

      Should not have made a deal with a devil shane 👹

    13. icy mint8118

      I've finished watching all your episodes with Jeffree > PLz continue with the new ones

    14. Emily Kearney

      I hope shane is doing oke :)

    15. xregizorx

      sHanE dID NotHInG WroNg

    16. Sparky Wisdom

      Not me crying at the intro music a year later

    17. McKenna Madden

      I love watching this series even a year or two later

    18. jaso1582 jaso1582

      0:36 Twins

    19. Priscilla Narvaez

      The last song reminds me of cafe rio

    20. Priscilla Narvaez

      The morgan tech was bad u guys should use ur product

    21. Bharath M

      Jefree has been so nice to shane

    22. Jennifer Gordillo

      Im happy for Shane!!!

    23. Traci_Angels

      51:00 Morgan spitting facts 🤭

    24. Michelle

      Shane has honestly got to stop editing EVERYTHING in the exact same way!! Not only can it be confusing but it’s just simply overdone. When he kept going back and forth from how his old house looked with old action clips, it made it so you couldn’t even really see the room and what changes were made. Fuck, it’s irritating.

    25. Leah Rowe

      Otherwise entitled when I sold my soul

    26. olivia w

      i’m *obsessed* with the intro!!!

    27. Calida Hill

      I miss their friendship

    28. Emma Hughes


    29. Lilia Masse-reid

      Cat groomer

    30. Amy Naylor

      Watching all this in lockdown and it reminds me how these pallets came out on nov 1st (my birthday) and It’s 2021... still haven’t got one 🤣🤣😭

    31. Hailie

      The ShaneXJeffree collection was the last best thing before 2020 😩

    32. LiLLaLa707

      These newer comments are genuinely hilarious. Like it is okay to dislike people bcuz you think they are shitty/horrible no reason needed (I have quite a few on that list). However the need to go back and comment on every video "I hate them" "So glad they were cancelled" is a waste of time and energy. They both constantly joke about how often they are cancelled and in reality they both are still millionaires. Jeffree is still a successful brand/business owner. He employs real people with real families. He still makes money and still both still have over has 16+M sub's. This whole "cancel" campaign happens every 2 years with the same faux outrage expressed by the same old content. Like if it didn't bother you 5-10 years ago no need to scream from the roof tops now. These same sh*tty repulsive vids have been available for viewing for years. As an adult I have come to realize you get to pick and choose who you would like in your life. Speaking for myself when I don't feel like someone is genuinely encouraging me to be the best person I can be or isn't sincerely there to celebrate my successes in life while simultaneously calling me out when I'm on some bullsh*t they do not need to be there for the everyday sh*t.

    33. Candy

      Their sense of humor together is absolutely hilarious 😂 22:40 that head spin jeffree did during the business call SENT ME 😭😭😭

    34. Rachel

      Unfriendly reminder to stay off the internet forever. We don't want you here.

    35. Ximena Cortes

      The incompetent kimberly principally scratch because space tinctorially permit at a possessive psychiatrist. abandoned, difficult wish

    36. Isla Xx

      Jefree continued after the scandal like it was nothing. I wish Shane did the same thing

    37. Get Crazy With Sam


    38. Amber Rhoades

      I'm sorry but I don't remember the title being "the $20million dollar deal with jeffree star" a year ago when this was originally posted.

    39. Ariana gallagher

      i use to dream of what it would be like to meet you two. now im glad im FAR away

    40. Ariana gallagher

      20 million dollar deal that ended your career

    41. hattie wheeler


    42. JESSE

      Wow. Shane’s really gone... All I wanna do is rewind to the days of Icarly, Shane, people actually acting like people, & Obama.

    43. deadsunflower

      This didn't age well.

    44. Tiara Black

      The house part literally just kills me. I loved that house and all the memories from it

    45. MrsOakshott

      Isn’t it scary to think that this was supposed to be such a bright new beginning for Shane.. and it was actually the beginning of the end?! Like if he hasn’t tried to take on the beauty community, he could have kept rising on this platform and completely got away with his problematic past, but I don’t see him ever coming back from this.

      1. 2021 Rachel Rosenbaum

        @Grace MacKay I absolutely agree with you on this. I think nowadays people like to follow others peoples opinions because they don’t know how to voice their own. It’s not fair to him that he is getting cancelled and hated on for something that was done 10 years ago, his content for the last 5 years has conpelelty changed and he has learned from his mistakes because he has stopped. Also your past doesn’t define who you are. If you have changed for the better than that is all that matters and Shane has. We have all said something mean or hurtful to someone else so we really can’t judge Shane for that it’s a double standard. It makes me mad because people are like oh he said this but if we looked into their past we would probably find something to black lash them. We are human we are not perfect. But for people to sit here and say hurtful things about his past when they probably did something bad or regretful is not being a good person.

      2. MrsOakshott

        @Grace MacKay it wasn’t okay though.. I think that you are forgetting that Shane DID face backlash, but he always got defensive and acted like a brat, which in turn, manipulated his young fans in to believing that what he was doing was okay, and anyone trying to say other wise was just mean. That is why it went on for so long and hurt so many people. Believe it or not, I am against cancel culture too, but my God, Shane should not earn another penny from this platform.

      3. Hippity Hoppity

        @Grace MacKay Some of the stuff he did wasn't okay,also some new footage came from a podcast plus the willow smith vid as well ,that's not dark humor that's not even humor that's just straight up being creepy,I would recommend watch D angelo Wallace's vid he did an amazing explanation don't act like it's okay,it's more than that

      4. Grace MacKay

        Let’s all be know that when Shane made those decisions it was back when it was “ok” to do it. And I don’t mean it was actually ok to do it but society said it was ok so he never got backlash. In this day an age it’s very not ok(which is good I’m not supporting those decisions he made) we need to do more research before we cancel someone this is why cancel culture is so toxic more research has to be done before canceling and this goes for everything ending peoples carriers over a joke they made what? 10 years ago? When it was socially excepted? These are things we need to look at it’s unfair that innocent people are getting hurt and that’s not ok

      5. Sarah Estorñell Cuenca

        @Beth Does makup itwere videos from the past, that he still chose to stay up on his channel and make money off of, he was even still selling Shanaynay merch, sooo-

    46. klowen29

      This is just proof that Jeffree reads comments after a new makeup post and worries...

    47. Tiffany Manzanares

      Shane’s pallets are on sale on Jeffree’s website right now! I didnt get to buy it when it first launched but I just did now :D

    48. Masaya Diaz

      Y’all be like: I don’t care if he’s canceled for racist and pedophilic remarks! We Stan! Scary.

      1. Denali McDermott

        @Rhylee Roush WHAT? They just called you out for supporting a pedophile and you say there stupid?💀

      2. Rhylee Roush

        You're stupid.

    49. Ella Edwards

      so dramatic omg

    50. Don K

      The palette is now half off. Get your discount makeup before the site crashes again.. I love a clearance bin vibe.

    51. Kayleigh Galea

      Lmao i just realized shane wore his mask upside down

    52. Be kind to the earth

      This video should have been retitled "Million dollar deal with the Devil.

    53. Jackie Gomez’s Shortest Films

      this footage hits different on mute.

    54. Crystal 420

      The 20 million dollar deal with the devil that cost you everything... If you could go back and change it.. would you?

      1. entropy22

        @Crystal 420 I understand Shane. Jeffree can give him money and at this point of his life he needs it.

      2. Crystal 420

        @entropy22 it makes me sad. I really loved Shane. He got me through alot in my life and I'll be forever grateful.. but I'm soooo mad he's making pick Trish over him. He needs to get rid of the devil and be better.

      3. entropy22

        Probably he wont

    55. Meg Hardin

      When Shane poked his eye 💀💀💀💀 I am deceased

    56. Meggo Ryan

      I didnt stop watching you or “cancel” you when all the drama happened with Jeffery and James. I stood on your side because I had watched you since I was in middle school ( I’m almost 30 now ) I loved you because of how real and down to earth you were. You were a lot like me, even the weirdo crazy parts. Made it feel better for me to be myself. Watching everything unfold with Trisha and you now is extremely disappointing and I genuinely wish it wasn’t true but you haven’t said a word at all... I feel like I’m no longer a fan and it’s honestly THE WORST.

    57. Samantha

      January 2021. Wow have things switched. You need a slice of humble pie as big as the Empire State building . Cancel on a cancel and Ryland just turned the screw. Im so shamed and disapointed. You are cringe,

    58. Fernando Lozano Sánchez

      I really hope you quit IRvision for good.

    59. YEYE

      25:20 The moment they decided to take James Charles down!!! 🤯

      1. entropy22

        Its on Morphe, not Jeffree and Shane

    60. Celie Greenough


    61. Timothy Maloney

      Fuck, I miss these videos. Prime IRvision

    62. Phoenix

      We love you, Shane, and we will be here waiting for your return when you're ready! ❤

      1. Sarah Washburn

        @Miloslav Masár imagine relating racism with a natural human digestive response.... couldn’t be me

      2. Miloslav Masár

        @Sarah Washburn to judge it why? Because of some 10 year old racist tweets? Imagine I judged cause you pooped your pants as a baby, it wouldn't be exactly faur would it?

      3. Sarah Washburn

        strictly to judge it alone in my room. it’s weird to view something like this in such a different light than i did before miss thing

      4. Phoenix

        @Sarah Washburn then why are you here, miss mama?

      5. Sarah Washburn

        no we won’t miss mama

    63. Sierra Montanez

      this didn't age well at all 😬

    64. Mary mae


      1. Krish Batra

        if you dont support him then why are you here watching his videos?

    65. Shin Kumiko

      Every single thing they said came true..... even the sad ones... sad but doubt.... How I wish they could overcome it..... and of course do what needs to be done..... same for everyone who came back watching this again wish you are coping up well wishing you all the best.......

    66. Zephie BBY

      17:33 Yasss get that mascara 2 Sec later: SLAP

    67. Wendy Gibbs

      I miss the old shane so much now he's just not it:( 👇 Like if you think

      1. Amanda Braun

        he will always be my favorite IRvisionr but I agree he has changed

    68. Mari Lynn

      Yassss shanneee 47:32 til the end is everything ngl

    69. Anthony C

      I was very disappointed by the lack of getting a size XXXL Hoodie of Shane's Hoodie line. But thank GOD! I was able to lose the weight where, I can now wear Shane's XXL Hoodie. lol Wish you and your husband to be the BEST OF LUCK in life.

    70. darek klich

      The roomy vision considerably measure because creature additionally fail midst a plant root. expensive, silent fender

    71. Emma Louise


      1. Some random Weasel on the internet

        Same 💔

      2. Mary mae

        i’m not a fan of either but i’m glad someone is saying this. what he and jeff did to trisha is actually discussing and just petty high school behavior!🙄

    72. cat lover

      The amount of time's I've come back to this video is toxic💀💀

      1. Saul M 02

        @Roland Mckay same i think i’m on my fourth😂

      2. Roland Mckay

        I rewatched this series 3 time now

      3. jaso1582 jaso1582


      4. Ariana's MoonlightBae

        same bestie :33

    73. Gurcharan Singh

      35:06 *Eugenia !!!* Didn't even notice that till watching this *now.* Btw, *2021* anyone *?*

    74. Alcwomanus 02

      Anyone else start vibing when Johnny Gilbert's song starts playing?

    75. Cami

      Me realizing that it will be launched on peep's birthday

    76. Jimothy Jams

      That Kimmie girl took out the best shade! That green was everything

    77. Matthew Harjo

      Jeffree: can we get deep? I’m nervous? Omg can we go to the office? I’m so nervous? Shane: OhMyGawd this is crazy. Ok. Jeffree: idk if we should order Taco Bell or McDonald’s.

    78. lorena Rodriguez

      Watching this again now owning pig mirror, conspiracy and mini pallete ❤️

    79. Ashley Blocher

      Love rewatching these

    80. trinalexis

      jeffree star is just ugly to me

    81. Nick Silvidio

      Here in 2021

    82. Mistee Haze

      We still love you Shane!! Please come back to IRvision!!

    83. Joey

      who’s at home re-watching the series?!!!!

    84. Merita 13

      2021 rewatching bc i miss shane 🥺

    85. Sorimar Ortiz

      Shane really made us feel bad that he was moving out to live in a million dollar home...

    86. Dr Mrs The Monarch

      Best two shades from this collab IMO "Diet Cola", and the single "Put it back". That silver and green is everything.

    87. Littlerat


    88. Paige Stinnett

      Shane needs makeup brushes with little pigs on the end

    89. Thalia Vallejo

      Employees: this meeting is important we have to find a number NOW Jeffree: OMG rich lux released his music video shutupppp

    90. Jamie Rich PRO Stylist

      Is the facial expressions part of like anxiety because if so I get that but a lot of times like when you and Jeffree Star walked out with him in The Pink Suit into the mall your facial expressions look like you were pissed off just curious

    91. Leilana Croese

      Just got the pallet and I love it. Stay strong, people still believe in you and want you to come back. 21 million people are still here. 😘❤️💝

    92. Kenneth

      Come Back

    93. montaissolatvian

      Come back Shane

    94. carlitos

      the 20 million dollar deal 😏

    95. KS

      The mascara eye poke - we've all been there

    96. Santos Cetorz

      I just realized that the head of global retail was panicking because of the James Charles X Morphe collaboration. 💀💀

    97. Alex Shelton

      not me watching the series several times- luv you shane i hope your doing good😊

    98. Nancy Pahl

      It's so surreal watching how all this real life shit went down so soon before the pendejo pandemic stopped everything.

    99. Musto Mathew

    100. Eduin Manzanares

      Those people that went against Jeffrey are stupid. Look what he's doing for Shane.