Inside The Mind of Jake Paul


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    The Mind of Jake Paul is an in depth look at one of the fasted growing IRvisionr’s of all time. From his childhood, to his teenage years, to his days of jumping on top of news vans and lighting empty swimming pools on fire; everything will be explored to find out what makes Jake Paul who he is.
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    1. harlowe hanna

      why do I feel bad

    2. Xxjust.y0ur.l0cal.rat0xx

      At the beginning of the series: "**is Jake Paul a sociopath?**" At the end of the series: "**Does Shane and Jake need a hug?**"

    3. Jillian Bloodthirst

      Meanwhile Pewdiepie exposed what garbage Jake Paul is.

    4. I BEesh Xxxx

      Shane’s done all this good for folks, why isn’t anybody sitting down with him tryna save his career 🤔🤔

      1. Conor G

        He should come back

    5. Julia

      I know Shane was canceled but I feel like his videos did make us all happy and he helped a lot of people and I feel like Jake Could’ve changed but going on his Insta now he has definitely become just like his dad and that is not a good thing. I feel like the only Paul that’s still a little bit humbled is Logan but idk I think they all are sociopaths 😬🤭

      1. Life With Franklin

        You hit the nail on the head💯💯👐🏽👏🏽

    6. Frankie Gaming

      He should do one on Logan cuz he did more crazy stuff (Jake is more interesting though)

    7. Jimins filter

      I remember watching this 2 years ago and thinking Jake finally made A GOOD MOVE for his career, i was so excited to see his growth as a individual, as a person because i tht. he will look at all of this and GROW, be with Erika and help himself. Now, two years later i'm re-watching this and i feel so fucking sad that he did nothing to be that better person, he is even worse now that he's not with Erika and all of that , he had chance because people finally saw him in different light, saw new version of him and saw hope in him, that he is a guy with emotions and not just a stupid jerk. In the middle of watching this i went on his chnl. And i legit began crying cuz i rels. that people won't change no matter what, and it reminds me of all the people i've lost due that ,,I'll change" thing.While watching this i've never wished anything to be happening in present like this whole situation.Esp. now since Shane is canceled and whole mf drama, You-Tube literally breaking down, everyone ending up as a bad guy, my childhood crashing, rlsng.that people i watched are ACTUALLY toxic, really hurts? Idk it just makes me sad.

    8. Madison Panno

      Logan Paul is literally the worst person on the Internet 1000% no second thought

    9. 。李I知U恩

      Came after inside the mind of ryan higa

    10. Justina Sargent

      Logan is so fucked up for that!! And Jake is still trying to protect him, goes to show you what brother is real!! I think Logan did it for clout POS!!!

    11. Kevin D

      this video could be like, a dangerous drinking game. like, take a sip like, every time they like, say like, Like.

    12. Ala Szeliga

      I genuinely can see the hurt in jake, from my perspective he’s just hurt and that trauma from his childhood and his life just translates to him doing crazy shit and him not being able to express the emotions he wishes to

    13. Vakker

      Really glad that this phony "therapist" degrades people with mental illness and calls them gross. You are gross, watch yourself girl. Nasty ass

    14. Abigail Hutt

      i feel like shane was trying to make jake seem like this deep character and people were just digging to find some kind of deep personality but i think it's pretty obvious that just isn't him

    15. cm zam gaming

      You did this video and still you never change fuck you

    16. Mridul Prathap

      I feel like they need to stop putting they’re problems online, you don’t need justification for your actions that don’t concern the public. If it’s with friends, coworkers or his brother... keep it fucking private

    17. Carrie Adcock

      cant the 'therapist' loose her license for doing something like this?

      1. Carrie Adcock

        @Rodentia im almost positive that it is... like something like this im surprised she doesnt loose her license, BUT at the same time I kinda just think shes not really a therapist. If she was, she would probably refuse this kind of involvement. If she is one, its gonna look super bad on her for the rest of her career. :/

      2. Rodentia

        Yeah isn’t it against some code to diagnose people like this?

    18. Kate Bennett

      Watching this video. My daughter looks over and says that’s Jake Paul and tiddus! 😐

    19. Iazzmeania Jones

      This is what happens when you try to ring out others people laundry...your laundry gets rung out and u get cacacanclled so sit down 🪑

    20. Nerdbrain

      The whole convo at 20 mins in... shane knew what he did was wrong, and he been fucking knew for a while. yall canceled him for no reason

      1. Rebecca BAKER

        @ben look at my comment pls watch that video

      2. Rebecca BAKER

        watch dangello wallace

      3. ben

        I wish he'd come back :(

    21. Keelanie Nunez

      I love this video

    22. Vivid HD

      im sorry shane i actually fell asleep half way through

    23. Gab IB

      I’m last to comment

    24. Zohair Ali

      I’m last to comment

    25. Samantha Wood GM 2015

      I wanna know what order they filmed these in. I’m so confused.

      1. Samantha Wood GM 2015

        @imh jasmine right that’s the order to watch them in. But the way he talks about the videos and how they were filmed it doesn’t seem like he filmed all the content for the videos in the order that the videos were uploaded.

      2. imh jasmine

        theres a playlist on his channel and its in order.

      3. SomeoneBeginingWithI

        yeah it is confusing. I think he filmed the two days with Jake last because it sounds like Shane already knows the things that were said in the other interviews, but I don't know about the rest of it.

    26. pete itzy

      OMG when he was talking about the cheating, i swear i was just shaking my head all over the place, my heart ached, i felt anger, disbeleif, and i dont even know this guy. to think anyone could do that shit to you is unspeakable.

    27. Emma Cholodecki


    28. Emma Cholodecki

      im not sure if this lowkey healthy for me to be binge watching shane in 2021 watching how everything played out and crying on my bed because now I'm sad but at the same time should I be sad? SO then I go eat a whole nutella jar and then repeat everything I just did just with older videos. JAKE WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME OVERTHINK EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW

      1. simp4liluzi

        weird asf

      2. K G

        What makes u 😥 😔

    29. Chris Clark

      An hour and 45 minutes to say Greg Paul fucked his kids up - brilliant. Honestly I feel like this is a fantastic series and it was painfully obvious what the message was. The kid is lost, and its not really his fault.

    30. Amos Naftali

      Do Hype House

    31. Amanda R

      Did Paul never even mention what happened between him and Nick Crompton? Because last episode it seemed like Nick was genuinely sad about losing him as a friend and had so many questions still.. so he did the whole interview for nothing?

    32. Henry VIII of England

      And the real sociopath was Shane, wow

    33. Mon Alyssa

      Honestly, watching these after Trisha dropped Shane, I feel like the manipulation is wayyyy more clear.

      1. Mon Alyssa

        @Zohair Ali lmao 🥴

      2. Zohair Ali

        Ur profile tho 🤣🤣

    34. Hibiscuit

      Shane you’re disgusting ✨

    35. Bella Bustos

      I think that he shoot this and then went and got married to tana mongeau

    36. astroidpine 216

      bro. Looking at this now,This docu series just made Jake worse.

      1. leche fraise

        @Emma Cortez bc it’s completely fake and just for clout?

      2. Emma Cortez

        wait why

    37. Mr.X


    38. Andres Garcia

      I don’t have enesind agains eny 1....young youtubers don’t sink to much .what they doing to get popular ..... they do crazy chit and they don’t care.. what people sink.o I am show popular the end .they destroy there self ...

    39. Annabel Campbell

      me: seeing the title also me: i bet its about babies

    40. Wackaz 2.0 - Arthur Wacker

      Man that intro with the music got me hella nostalgic.

    41. Wackaz 2.0 - Arthur Wacker

      Not gonna lie, no matter what Shane is now, no matter how controversial it is, I'll always love this series. That intro gets me hella nostalgic.

      1. evolution player

        Yes i still watch shane cause why not hes funny

      2. Hello It's K

        It’s horrible

    42. ella katab

      it hurts to see him these days, without Erika and lost, he didn't change 4 the better let alone at all

      1. Meme Lord

        He actually became a bigger dick

    43. makayla moore

      Anybody else just randomly start counting how many times Jake said “like” , or that’s just me? 😂😂😂😂. Currently sitting here watching Shane’s old videos Bc i miss him🙄

      1. cm zam gaming

        Me im just bored 2021 7:56pm

      2. Meme Lord

        @makayla moore why? Ur just an object

      3. makayla moore

        @Meme Lord okay cool. Pleaseeeee leave me alone lmao. Byebye 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

      4. Meme Lord

        @makayla moore ok but u shouldn’t accept his apology cuz it’s not ur fucking apology

      5. makayla moore

        @Meme Lord i hate racism period. So idk why you makin it sound like I’m racist Bc I’m not. Ion think Shane is either. Everybody has an opinion so voice your opinion... but not w me. I don’t care about it lmao. Goodbye now.

    44. Jasmine ward

      I can tell how hard it is for Jake to express himself, that's probably why he boxes to release his anger!

    45. Ben Dorsey

      how can Alissa cheat on Jake if Jake never said they were dating?

    46. Krystal Huston

      Ahhh thank u Shane for this amazing series. You have the most enthralling content on ytube and shed light on people/things i knew nothing about. Only thing im sorry about is that i finished this 8part series in one day😢💝💝💝💖💖💖

    47. Hunter

      9:09 ryland is like, "yess i get to be around all these influencers and live my best life dating shane wasn't for nothing" lmaoooo ryland IS living is best life through shane hahaha im kidding dont come for me lmaooo i do think hes helped ryland become who he is though.

    48. Dylan Taylor

      I think a Hollywood sex party starts like when they were doing the shots

    49. FACE TIME

      The intro was perfect 💯

      1. Helen Frost


      2. Helen Frost


    50. Sawyer Boeke

      3:02 He read his own shirt

    51. Venessa Junga

      Love your work Shane!!!

      1. Hello It's K

        Just like people like Weinsteins movies

    52. Alex R

      he's still a awful person

    53. Elizabeth Andersen

      Weave? Snatched Jake? Cancelled Views? Up Fans? Shook Hotel? Trivago

      1. simp4liluzi

        cringe man 😭😝🚨‼️

    54. Just Reacts

      *Shane:* “Inside the mind of Jake Paul!!!” *Me:* “& inside my mind... Jake Paul’s face features favors Justin Bieber!!!”

    55. Maddie Chisnall

      Its 2021, England been put in another lockdown, and I'm binge watching every series shane dawson has ever made

      1. leche fraise

        pls find a better use of ur time

      2. Dynamic Solution

        Ive never heard of him until today

    56. Dynamic Solution

      Watching this in 2021 just found out today who shane dawson is.

    57. boopy snoopy

      Shane just feels like the dad of controversial IRvisionrs and its so sweet

    58. pearl jacob

      not me waiting for "the disasterous secrets of the hype house" LMFAO

    59. Divjyot Singh Suri

      The irony is that erica and jake broke up after a month after this released .

    60. Jen G

      It’s 2021 and I’m back

    61. Kenneth

      Come back

      1. leche fraise

        pls no

    62. Zewde Asrat

      Jesus is King. Orthodox Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Marry and the Savior. Have faith in Him. God bless.

      1. Knif3

        All hail lucifer 🖤🖤

    63. Sarah Gray

      I cannot even fathom having someone that I was in love with go behind my back and sleep with one of my sisters! 😱🙊💔

    64. Evie Irene

      Who’s here in 2021?

    65. just tania

      I wish he took Shane's advice

    66. Kitty Brunner

      I wonder if Shane’s pregnant friend was Brittany Louise Taylor

      1. Michelle

        No he was born way before. I personally believe it was Colleen Ballenger who gave birth in December 2018.

    67. madison Sapp

      Even rewatching the entire series now I still feel bad for jake, no human should have to be screwed over again and again like that. Jake put his trust into his friends and in his mind when they left team 10, they betrayed him. Instead of kicking them out right away tho he should have let them explain and then tried to fix it. For example, nick left because he was being treated like crap by Greg. Jake should have tried to fix the situation, but instead his mind automatically went to, “ he must have never even been my friend”. And I think that’s sad, because his mind shouldn’t have to automatically go to that. It’s even sadder that he went more downhill, his channel basically turned r rated and I can tell he’s broken, I still don’t think he ever confronted his real emotions.

    68. Teclinsoro

      hey so i left a comment here 2 years ago saying i felt bad for jake paul and that he’s a good person and i just wanted to apologise because that is the stupidest shit i’ve ever written in my life

      1. Lainey Fallgatter

        I just spit my water out

      2. Elizabeth Andersen

        We forgive u my dude

      3. Mari M

        LOL it's alright we forgive you my guy

      4. z


    69. Ximena Medina

      Shane got manipulated and so did millions of other people

    70. Mariam Abdeali

      Shane has gotten manipulated.....

    71. Madison Abbott

      I'm 8 now but I used to watch Jake Paul when I was 6 and I still do

      1. z

        @Madison Abbott your wayyyy to young

      2. z

        @Madison Abbott no it’s fucking true lmao

      3. Madison Abbott

        Haha that's funny

      4. Teclinsoro

        you’re way too young to be on this side of the internet

    72. Skye Davie

      lol shane!!!! i love you & always have but staaap touching your face!

    73. Justice Wade

      Jake looks off

    74. Jeremy J Martinez Vazquez

      It’s 2020 and 2 days before Christmas 🙈

    75. Julissa

      I cant wait to see the conspiracy theories about covid-19

    76. Sad_girl :l

      I have had 5 mental breakdowns in 3 hours not even joking for real I did😫😅😳

    77. Mrs. McClain

      I totally get how he feel and he handled it way better than me. (Yes I am here long long time after it released and this is the third time I watched it) but I dated someone from when I was 14-18 he was a bit older than me and the guy that makes girls do whatever. I was so in love with him. To be honest maybe even obsessed. Young puppy love but for real. And after 4 years the last month he was distant and come to find out, for that whole month he was screwing my own biological mother who raised me and taught me everything. She was my hero because she would save us from my fathers beat downs almost every day and would take it herself instead of us. So when she did this to me I went off and I beat her so bad. I felt bad after but I couldn’t handle it. I went into the army and went away for awhile cause I was angry and pissed and so so hurt. So I am sure he has a portion of what I felt then to. It sucks and all I know is I would NEVER EVER do that to any of my kids. It’s disgusting.

    78. Becca Catchpole

      why was there dollar store minecraft music in the background of this whole series 💀💀

    79. Leo._.Cryalot

      The soundtrack go hard🔥

    80. caroline diehl

      why are all of shane’s videos paused on this one makeup room? anyone else. kinda creepy

    81. Noelynn /Nugget

      There’s three Paul’s Jake * dabs Logan * dabs And Greg * dabs

    82. Gabe's skating and video games

      The pain in his eyes tells more than the world's spoken

    83. Ashleigh Mikaelson

      uhhh Jake I disagree with you about the kid thing... kids aren't going to be able to tell the difference! They are going to think that if they don't get their parents to buy your merch then they won't be cool enough to be like you!!! I mean come on?!!! the clothing industry has been doing just that for like EVER!!!! I don't think his audience should be so young either! my oldest is 9 and she does know who Jake Paul is BUT I don't let her watch his videos! I just think they aren't appropriate for kids under the age of 14?? But I don't think Jake is a horrible person... I mean think about it!!! he was just a damn kid when he did all of this dumb shit!! I don't care what anyone says! no one can tell me they wouldn't be acting crazy and do shit like this if they were 18-21 with millions and millions of dollars to do whatever you wanted to do with it?! and you had a platform and felt heard and listened to and important!!! (I AM NOT SAYING WHAT HE DID WAS OKAY!!!!!) He is owning up to it and trying to change and letting everything come out in the open with Shane so... I think people should give him a chance to change! EVERYONE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: THIS IS A COUPLE YEARS OLD, AND I MIGHT BE A SUB FOR JAKE PAUL BUT I DO NOT WATCH HIS STUFF, SO IDK ABOUT NOW, AND IF HE KEPT TRYING TO CHANGE AFTER ALL OF THIS WENT DOWN... I WAS JUST SAYING WE SHOULD HAVE GAVE HIM THAT DAMN CHANCE BACK THEN.

    84. brenyboy26

      well. you’re really backtracking on all those words now aren’t you pleb. sounding like a real sociopath idiot in 2020. fuckwit

      1. E-Series

        Damn right he is, it's clear he did this shit for clout

    85. draco is daddy !

      “all the things my teachers taught me i don’t use in my day to day life” or what ever he said. maybe jake you don’t use stuff like math and english because your rich and famous. you don’t have to work for money. it comes to you easily. you didn’t have to get a job as a for example a teacher or a cashier or a sales person. they use those things in everyday life. so yes it was important. you just didn’t have to go through the work. you just had everything handed to you.

    86. Glenda Parodis

      That was so sick of his brother doing that to him. What kind of brother does that?

      1. Noelynn /Nugget

        Idk some ppl just be toxic like that

    87. Lol Mac

      In the conversation about Alyssa, he owns nothing, and totally makes it all about 'his big hurt'. She and several others said they were never a proper couple (even him) and he was sleeping with other ppl, so why is it all about 'poor jake'. She can do what she wants. Total manipulation, gaslighting to her and making ppl feel sorry for him without him even acknowledging anything he did wrong. Also Shane's overreaction is ridiculous, "it's not even a thing a human can even understand" "I can't imagine how you got through that" like fuck off, loads of ppl go the much worse every single day. 😂😂 What a load of shit. Kind of enjoyed it though

      1. Aiden Fischer

        yeah, they both slept with other people and that was acknowledged.. what makes this fucked up was how she fucked his literal brother. theres a big difference between a random and you're brother. from what i see, he's not even that hurt by alyssa but more by his brother. also, he did acknowledge what he did wrong...

    88. Amber Roberts

      I like the way u shane explain things to jake. As an honest friend! I wish u would come back so bad!!!

    89. Jerry Cruz

      Shane post something!!

    90. Maisie Clarke

      Fuck you shane

      1. Karla Sevilla

        See what is the point of coming to his channel, click on a video, just to fucking write a dumbass comment that you hate him. Legit no one gives a fuck.

    91. Frank I

      Jake tried to make excuses for the words everyone said but it’s way more then that. There’s a complete lack of warmth to this guy. Even watching all the mtv crap ugh Tana it was so obvious she was the one who had feelings not him.Everyone else around him is operating from a socially normal place . J.p is all about himself. His level of manipulation is unsurpassed by anyone around him . This man has no conscience and only does and says things that serve himself

    92. The Lost Tapes of Youtubers LOST TAPE OF SHANE DAWSON (LOUD)

    93. Shay Williams

      You spoke your truth on that and I think we need to respect that.... yeah okay Shane is a professional kiss ass and sellout. And yes Jake you do manipulate kids, but your response just shows what a sell out and liar you are too

    94. Nalani Walker

      Pls start posting I love watching all yours vids

    95. cyncere gilliam

      Watching this in 2020, all I can think about is Justin Bieber's song Lonely. I feel Jake Paul truly understands the meaning of the song.

    96. MsPurpleStuff

      Did anybody count how many times Jake said "like?"

    97. MsPurpleStuff

      This feels like when your kid does something fucking stupid and inconsiderate so you punish them by making them write an essay or film a video explaining themselves and apologizing and learning right from wrong for the first time ever lol.

    98. MsPurpleStuff

      Why'd he make this the length of a movie? Jake Paul is not even that interesting lol

    99. ingrid Solheim

      Drink every time Jacke says «like»

    100. Sheila Wallace

      the kids 100% think they need their favorite YT merch to be cool!