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    1. Marissa Cann

      I’ve seen this video so many times. It brings me nonstop smiles 😂 we miss you Shane!!!

    2. Cory Miller

      I love 💕 when Morgan makes same face for apple juice 🧃 I was cracking up 🤣

    3. Corey Toth

      So basically the flight attendant just said yeah it's aight to just chase the xanax pill with some Alcohol. B r u h

    4. Taylor Nicole Moore

      I miss you Shane! 💔

    5. Kimberly Rodriguez

      This popped in my time line got so excited for second thinking uploaded...man things really do change.

    6. Queenie Bersabe

      Missin' the old days 😢

    7. Amber Sweet

      I just want to say I really appreciate and enjoy how there would be a clip of Shane being weird or freaking out, and then hard cut to Garrett and Morgan being goofy, and then hard cut back to Shane, and so on

    8. Casey Lester

      Whenever I have a bad day I always go and rewatch this series! Always puts a smile on my face. Miss these videos

    9. Puppet14 5095

      I miss these days

    10. H1-800-simp- Hehe


    11. Emma palladino

      I miss him

    12. Mia

      This is the first video I’ve seen since the drama

    13. X Rachel X

      i miss shane :(

    14. DerekthePigHater #1

      Better than a derek the pig cideo

    15. DerekthePigHater #1

      I love this codeo

    16. Eva The lion

      I am very sorry to say this, but this is my comfort video.

    17. Mwahh 666

      I wish he never did those things :(

    18. Wilson.

      i literally watched this video so many times, and i still find it entertaining.

    19. Cultured Sims

      Me watching every video cause of the crackhead energy: *ew* laughs in ew nation

    20. bungeecum


    21. Cat Leslie

      Garret: "I'm a big mom, I like grocery stores and picking up my kids!"

    22. Sydney Stanley


    23. Fai Th

      Not gonna lie this is my comfort video 😂✋

      1. Lucy Luu

        thought i was the only one lmao

    24. Sophiya Ghale

      No matter what he was my childhood I don't support him but I miss this, the feeling of just pure laughter

    25. Sephian.

      yall regret canceling him now? be loyal people idc i love shane and everyone

      1. Me doing stuff

        no, who would ever regret canceling him?

    26. Maggie

      I miss this. :(

    27. alex

      Who else still absolutely loves this video even after 2020

    28. emily thiebaud


    29. iirxses

      Ugh I miss this “squad”

    30. Ashley Garcia

      The productive stew metabolically order because menu initially drop for a shy playground. imminent, subdued sunshine

    31. CleoXplayz

      I keep coming back to these ‘squad’ videos cuz they remind me of the old days when Shane, ryland, Garrett, Morgan and Andrew saved me 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    32. elephants rule

      ryland: exsisat toilet: gggggggggrrrrrrrr

    33. Eruanne

      This is definitely my comfort series but I'm still so mad at that flight attendant for telling him he can drink alcohol on Xanax. Like no you fucking can't especially if it's your first goddamn time taking it! So glad he just got a little fucked up and nothing worse happened.

    34. txtesmine

      Garret is the leader of real potterheads and shanes reaction from the diagon alley are fake slytherins change my mind.

    35. Madisyn Video diaries

      I hate that this is my Comfort series

    36. Roxanne Leonard

      My favorite Shane IRvision series ever I miss these days 😢😢

    37. Joanne Philipps

      Lol shane literally handed then their boarding pass. They don't know where they're going ? Lol

    38. Bella Swanson

      i hate shane but i literally don’t think i could function without this series

    39. Lacey Gonzalez

      I'm the same way on planes Shane. And also getting worse.

    40. OMEGA Banshee

      Why does it seem like everyone has a crush on Andrew even when they just laugh at him???

      1. Victoria Giraldo

        Mostly garret and morgan lol

    41. Lucy Riddle

      While ryland is doing his pod review when hes walking back to his seat we are all just watching Shane sleep😂

    42. Lucy Riddle

      If Shane drank some achola after the xanax he probably got. High off thta

    43. K.y.L.a Ayy23

      Who's watching this my 2021. He's old videos are so much energy

    44. daniel lol

      this is embarrassing to say but THIS IS MY FAV VIDEO EVER

    45. mary -

      I canT stand shane and Ryland but this became my comfort video bcs garrett is just so sweet and funny

    46. gabis bestie


    47. Marley Randolph

      Shane- I can’t, your so funny. Also I love your content and it always makes me laugh😌😂

    48. シDani シ

      Don’t lie you have watched this multiple times

    49. Chelsea Moreno

      this whole series is my comfort and idk what to do about it

    50. Aleena Doczi

      I freaking love Shane 😂😂

    51. Summer Leao

      I miss Shane

    52. Maizy Wendler

      Andrew filming every time Morgan is smiling is so adorable

      1. Victoria Giraldo


    53. Maddie G

      fuck why did he and ryland have to be horrible ppl. i loved these videos.

    54. libby Khalid

      Miss the squad man ;/

    55. Tendō Satori

      Anyone else coming back to re watch his videos cause shane hasnt posted In over 4 months?

    56. food lit

      hai guys so im seeing so many ppl not rlly understanding why shane was "cancelled" so i had to rant, (i recommend all you ignorant ppl to watch d'angelo wallace video about this topic. its about an 1h+ long and it will rlly educate yall) blackface is STILL wrong no matter how many years ago. pedophilia acts is STILL wrong no matter how many years ago. these things has ALWAYS been wrong because you are hurting another person mentally, emotionally, physically etc. he literally did all of these horrible acts even when he was a legal adult. when a 12 year old tell u to do smtg inappropriate and u r the adult in the situation. it is ur duty to say no. dont take advantage of them. they dont know the heavy weight or impact if the situation. blackface has always been wrong. the only difference with back then and now was that back then, black ppl did not feel like they had a voice. police officers are racists and would more than likely take the side of a white person. nowadays, ppl are even more connected through social media and technology. thats why its easier to call out on the bullshit now. i get it u like shane. i used to be a huge fan of his videos too. i did not know tht he was doing blackface, pedophilia, etc. in the past. i am rlly disappointed in him. and the reason why ppl are still so riled up about his past and even present is because he never properly apologise for ANY of his behaviour that he was being called out for. he just dismisses them as hate towards himself and played victim. he never admitted to doing any of those things. he brushed off the more heavier acts and picks and chooses which problems he wanted to bring to light. just because u make an accountability video does not mean that you actually took accountability for ALL that u did. ALL the things ppl are calling u out for. and until he gets his act tgt and calls himself out and apologised for traumatising and hurting so many ppl, ppl will never stop calling him out.

      1. food lit

        @Victoria Giraldo YES OMG sooo many ppl forgot about the victims of the situation!! that is why its hard for me to feel okay with watching shane since the victims have not rlly spoken out or said anything yet

      2. ok

        @Victoria Giraldo I think the same cancel culture sucks I want Shane back

      3. Victoria Giraldo

        @food lit YASSS it is the victims! they decide whether to forgive him or not. I wanted to add this into my whole paragraph but yes I agree it is not for us to forgive. It is the people who were hurt the most.

      4. food lit

        @Victoria Giraldo thanks for that! i literally had to say smtg cause alot of ppl were mistaken tht the reason why he was cancelled was because of the beauty community. i dont agree with cancel culture either. its toxic. and im not forcing anyone to hate on shane as well. i just wanted to state things tht he has done so tht ppl will understand why others are still infuriated with him. i think there were other cases besides the cat thing but im not fully sure about it thts why i didnt rlly mention it. but overall i believe tht none of us rlly have the right to forgive shane. its the victims (like some of the children and even black ppl) tht would have been traumatised by his actions in the past. trauma isnt smtg tht ppl can get over easily and we dont rlly know how they are doing right now as well. idk but my heart goes out to the ones tht suffered because of his actions thats all. yean thts all

      5. Victoria Giraldo

        ok, I gotta say this, props to you for this whole essay but I have to disagree politely. Yes, what he did was wrong but I don't think he deserves to get canceled when so many people did so much worse and never took accountability for anything. I absolutely hate this cancel culture. I've literally don't so much stuff that would get me canceled because I was dealing with depression and I was often thinking about suicide. He said he was going through so much as well and he apologized. I don't care wtf a scientist said or a detective said it's just absolutely wrong to cancel someone for something they did YEARS ago. Forgive and forget I always say. I love Shane so much and I have seen both sides of the situation and I try to incorporate some evidence the other side has provided but I just think it's absolutely wrong. I think Shane has changed in so many ways. HE EVEN MADE HIS OWN FREAKIN PALLET like props to you. He has accomplished so much and I will never stop supporting him. Yes, he has done some absolutely awful things but he apologized and I forgive him. I'm just absolutely sick of these kids canceling people with lives over something that can easily be fixed but wasn't. So he apologized. and now I think I'm done. Also, the cat thing was a joke.

    57. Sienna Sewell

      i would never really say this but, this is my comfort video...

    58. Rach H

      I wish Shane stuck to this type of series with Garrett, Ryland, Morgan & Andrew. It was so fun, lighthearted, and genuine. Then it mostly became about Jeffree which had an egotistical vibe :( I miss this group soooo much and I want to see more of just them having fun.

    59. J Lynn

      This video drags...

    60. _toge.inukami 3

      It’s sad to come back and watch this series where all of em were just filming funny vids and experiencing things together but now he’s in the beauty community and doesn’t film stuff like this anymore

    61. Xotix Yes sir

      Jesus is the only way to heaven he died for you repent he’s coming back soon Jesus is the way the truth and life no one to come through the father except through him John 316 God sent his one and only son into the world so those that believe in him shall not Parrish but have eternal life repent he’s coming back soon

    62. Molly Wells

      Xanax and alcohol should definitely not be mixed together.. that flight attendant is trippin. 😂

    63. xxyour_so_deadxx

      i don't care i'll still watch these are legendary

    64. Isabel Peterson

      Jesus is our lord and savior

    65. Coni Casanueva

      who is here in 2021? not proud but this video is my guilty pleasure

    66. Kaylee Ware

      It’s so weird seeing nobody wear a mask in this video but this was way pre-covid

    67. Luna Moon

      Why did you stop posting

      1. kk

        He did something bad

      2. Noelynn

        Um girl or boy or idk your pronouns he got canceled wich he should not have that’s why

    68. **madhukesh kumar

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    69. eilidh dryburgh x

      Miss this 😕

      1. Shahad

        same :/

    70. Aiden Womble

      When I saw all the food on the wall I died

    71. Gh0ul :P

      I hate that this series is my comfort yt series

    72. Abigail Walker

      not me rewatching this series for the 10th time 💀🤚

    73. Wilson.

      do y'all have anxiety or somethin and watch shane as a relieve

      1. nour k

        bro same i come back to watch his old videos cause it brings me comfort

    74. Katie Mae Highley

      who else watched this for benjamin and shane's xanax cam

    75. CorselPlayz

      R.I.P Shane I Miss Him Cause Of Death: Cancelled

    76. abcdefghijklmnop tea is the best

      ngl this is my comfort video even if it’s shane, I just like this video.

    77. Heather A

      Why am I here in 2021 wishing we could get more of this kind of content..

    78. Todorokiphan124 Todo

      Shane please come backkkk😭😭😭😭

      1. Kyky 11

        @Shahad imagine clicking videos just to leave bitter comments lol

      2. Shahad


    79. Dominick Kleinmeyer


    80. David Escamilla

      I just noticed Shane looks like rumple from shrek 😂😂😂

    81. Sandkitten26

      The Uber driver is probably questioning their sanity

    82. FandomzGlitch-

      18:01 .. I laughed so much I think I died-

    83. Audrey Danyluk

      Even though he got canceled. This is my comfort video, and I’m pretty sure it will always be...

    84. Sofia H

      “YoU’rE My FaVoRiTe bAg; I GoT yOu WhEn I WaS 28!”

    85. KiKi Hess

      I miss this Shane, and these kinds of videos, and the conspiracy videos. Jeffree and the makeup world definitely changed him. Hopefully whenever he comes back to IRvision this is what he starts doing again. And I do love the docuseries too. But Shane got me through some hard times. He helped me feel happy and made me smile when I was trying to cope with my grandmas passing

      1. nour k

        he’s not friends with garrett and andrew anymore so i’m not too sure about him making videos like this anymore

    86. Julia Marie

      I miss Shane so much, he and everyone else got me through so much

    87. RaPiD

      at the end shane started doing the covid 19 test lol

    88. No Honey no

      I don’t care what’s happening with all the drama, Shane will always be my favorite IRvisionr.

    89. Kyky 11

      Miss him so much. I hope he’s okay

    90. RieRie The Gacha

      Dose anyone else think Shane was high during this 😂lol

    91. Caitlyn Campbell

      this is my comfort video.

    92. Chloe Nealz

      BYE- i have watched the series like 6 times bc its so funny

    93. Safae Mimmi

      I hate that he was cancelled, I mean he made some inappropriate jokes back at the time, but these videos bring me joy, too bad we’ll never get em back

    94. Glu

      Can we uncancel him?

      1. Kyky 11

        Honestly So sick of people digging up peoples pasts and canceling them for it. As if people don’t learn and grow

    95. Angie Cats

      Why tf is this in my recommendations 😂🤔

    96. Roy McLaughlin

      RASH CREAM FOR MY THIGHS!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

    97. MfBunni

      damn remember when he wasn't problematic

    98. Rachel Leibrecht

      Why is he so relatable tho lol😶

    99. RK The character

      Am I the only one who is wondering who took care of the cat?

      1. Person Person

        More than likely his mum she takes care of their animals while they r gone. Like the queen mary vid

    100. Nosilla99

      this feels like youtube contraband