The Dark Side of Jake Paul


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    IMPORTANT NOTE: Once again I'm 100% NOT trying to call any celeb or youtuber a "sociopath". I just wanted to give example clips to go along with me and Kati's conversation to make for an entertaining video. I even used clips of my friends! So please don't come for anyone that I showed! haha also psychopaths and sociopaths are both associated with anti social personality disorder. the difference is sociopaths are triggered from trauma and psychopaths are born like that. sorry i edited that part out of the video. i should have left it in! i was just cutting things for time.
    K, enjoy the ride! - Shane
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    1. Pranav Khare

      15:44 Titan!!!!!!

    2. Ella Vonk

      “Do sociopaths have a heart?” “I don’t think so” just for the record we do, just not with everyone.

    3. Rachel Adams

      the whole conversation about sociopaths should be titled "shane realizing he's a sociopath and scared of being caught"

    4. yes thank you


    5. Ella Vonk

      He’s making us look like horror characters...

      1. London Brownell

        @Ella Vonk no dude... the world right now, with all the sh1t going on... (covid, controversys, peoples mental health) saying its a horror movie, and we are the horror charecters...

      2. Ella Vonk

        @London Brownell we arent horror characters.

      3. London Brownell

        @Ella Vonk arent what

      4. Ella Vonk

        @London Brownell sociopaths aren’t

      5. London Brownell

        cause the world is a horror movie

    6. Jessica Cashley Tigno

      one word: karen

    7. Kirsta Lee


    8. Kirsta Lee


    9. saraleo

      Shane, you are the sociopath

      1. London Brownell

        nah he isnt. he has some disability that is not caring what people think sometimes. but with emotions, he cares about ppl, so idek.

    10. Avery Fennell

      i’m rethinking everyone i know

    11. Tech Talks

      Where’s the Dark Side of Shane Dawson?

    12. Michael Doyle

      21:57 didn't you say people with ASPD mimick behaviours? From what I heard they're not all evil like you see in movies and how the media portrays them, and they pretend to use their emotions to fit in despite seeking empty, which is more tragic than evil

    13. the host

      j ake paul

    14. Lance nose


    15. Brittany Roby

      Not me watching this realizing I might actually be a sociopath 😳

      1. London Brownell


    16. Samantha Bustamante

      What do you think a sociopath would think during this video

    17. Junebug

      This video is so trash 😭😭🤓

    18. Kaitlyn Rupcke

      anyone else start crying when they see that women throw the cat into the trash?

    19. Maria Estevez

      Ok so I was watching this drama channel talking about how Shane treats his friends. I was reading the comment section and I saw this comment : when Kati was explaining different traits and symptoms of sociopaths impulsivity came up and Shane audibly whispered “Garrett..” to Andrew as if trying to imply Garrett was a sociopath. So I had to look for this part and omg you guys min 14:02 you can actually hear him say garret! I’m shock

      1. London Brownell

        garret isnt a sociopath tf he is the sweetest human in the world

      2. Ramen Gaming

        i hope you realize he wasnt calling him a sociopath just saying thats one of his traits, chill stop pointing fingers

    20. Fawn Whisperer

      I called it here and nobody listened. This video was OUTRAGEOUS. And the few smaller mental health channels that dared criticize it... they all got personal messages from Shane pretending he watched them and adored them and they quickly changed their tune.

    21. Brock Split

      Not a good therapist she’s horrible

    22. Terra Boo

      Way to spread misinformation about a misunderstood illness as well as unethically diagnosing someone you've never tested or met in person before.

    23. Cole Tikulski

      This is actually scary


      this became so dark omg

    25. random house

      Of course sociopaths are humans too (as people in the comments keep saying), but lack of remorse, impulsive and dangerous behaviour and little empathy doesn't sit right with me and I don't find that appealing in the slightest. If they don't feel bad about what they do, why the hell should I?

    26. Mr Pupp

      a therapist is not the same as a psychiatrist. this woman is not a doctor. she should not be informing people about a subject of medicine. psychologists should know their limits.

    27. slick jumped over the lazy dog

      good video

    28. Gemma Clark

      4:31 😂 That taxi driver was too funny & the bit where he says should I follow Jake back & first clip seems like SP & it's first clip he sees 😂

      1. Gemma Clark


    29. Iazzmeania Jones

      He shoulda never fw Jeffree

    30. Woozy Cool

      05:55 Parents 0.1 second after their kids say "don't embarrass me". 05:57 The kids thinking "why do I even bother..".

    31. Kman 8469

      Kmt why does he have to be soo batts

    32. Sofia Pociello Argerich

      Tha fact tha shane is constantly saying how much empathy he has and shit makes me feel he is the real sociopath lol

    33. Isobel Billingham

      I have read the comments and have decided not to go into the comments ever again, like my anxiety has never been higher......

    34. Beatriz Pereira

      A psychologist cannot act and talk about a disorder like that, saying it is disgusting. And sociopathy and psychopathy are different things and it doesn't necessarily mean that the person will be violent. As a psychology student I am ashamed of these professionals.

      1. Holly Zimmerman

        She made a response video on her channel and just made excuses for why she used the terms- she never even apologized or acknowledged it was wrong. And then turned off the comments... It’s disgraceful tbh

    35. Michelle

      Why is the hell is this “therapist” acting like sociopathy is her specialty?!? She treats EATING DISORDERS!!! She knows nothing: and her stupid comments like “icky” and “gross” are ridiculous & stupid.

    36. Michelle

      Shane is so damn dramatic my god and he literally set her up perfectly to say he’s an “empath” give me a break 🙄

    37. Michelle

      “Psychologist” lol ok 👌🏻

    38. S

      “You knew by even looking at me” Lmao. WUT.

    39. K WVLKS

      “My wife” 💀

    40. Elizabeth López Mendoza

      We all know that the real sociopath here is Shane...I think Jake is more of a Narcissist personality disorder . Also the fact that the psychologist didn’t know much on Anti-Social personality disorder.

      1. Michelle


    41. Marcus

      Easy ghostface he then to talk to jake Paul perchance u fed up with me too huh well dumbo that ain’t Home Depot frank fishfam I lOVE U blowbloaw*blows away n snossgorm* nervous for Gotham without sinners pastor mike gotta 3EaT edit will u or ryland go to prom with me

    42. Caroline Hope

      ...well this is awkward

    43. Amanda C Reiser

      14:02 sounded like sis whispered 'Garrett'

    44. Michelle And Mathew

      Trisha should do a series “the mind of Shane Dawson” bc he’s a sociopath 🤌🏻 ☕️

    45. Francesca Liv

      26:22 - 26:33 a psychologist

    46. Francesca Liv

      you know that "ugh" feeling when you meet a person, *they* surely are a sociopath

    47. Asma Khan

      hey there, SOCIOPATH -.-

    48. scooter kiddo

      who else thinks this "therapist" calling them "icky" "gross" "ew" and "heartless" is dehumanizing and offensive. they're still people! she shouldn't be treating mentally ill people like they're all evil.

      1. scooter kiddo

        @Rose Redmayne exactly! i totally agree.

      2. Rose Redmayne

        She's a bad therapist. Therapists need to leave their personal feelings sat the door and help people no matter what disorder.

    49. I miss jenna marbles

      suuuuuuper irresponsible and damaging to try to diagnose someone when youre not a professionally trained psychologist. especially over a huge social media platform

      1. scooter kiddo


    50. Spaziva Vava

      I read somewhere that 1% of the world population was sociopath, and here she says that 1 in 25 persons would be sociopaths, someone has an explanation?

      1. scooter kiddo

        this lady is just super unprofessional

    51. EternalMetalDevastator

      7:25 - 8:27 It begins!

    52. Brandon Bacon

      Anti maskers are sociopaths I guess

    53. Chrissy

      this is so the Milos guy from a much later video of yours

    54. Katie Fothergill

      The therapist is very knowledgeable & definitely knows what she's talking about, BUT the way she describes it as "gross" or "icky" or "creepy" is SO unprofessional it's crazy. Like as a therapist, you're the LAST person who should be judging. Not everyone with this disorder is a monster just like with ANY disorder. I just can't believe she reacted like this as a clinical professional. All in all though I did like this documentary.

    55. Miranda Cecsarini

      Oooooof Better Help:(

    56. Unique Tom Cruise

      Why your channel losing hope u faster than smosh

    57. Ashley Macias


    58. Mujushin Kenjutsu

      Lmfao that fake ass x-files music and i think "instantly likeable" is inaccurate. Its more like theyre "instantly compelling." People pay attention to them and even those who dont like them and know they're assholes still pay attention to them. So they're good at getting people to look but not everyone will like what theyre seeing.

      1. Rose Redmayne

        Facts Jake isn't likeable as he is interesting and charming. Owille always wanna see what he does next, even if they hate him cuz he's good at manipulating and putting on shows for attention

    59. Yuuki Bean

      Oof spot-on about Ellen!!!

    60. Yuuki Bean

      Good quote: "The criminal's sentimentality reveals itself in compassion for babies and pets. The criminal uses insight to justify heinous acts. Therapy has potential for noncriminals; for criminals it becomes one more criminal operation." - Samuel Yochelson and Stanton E. Samenow Whomever gets the reference, I salute you !!!!

    61. McKenna Estelle

      I still think it’s weird how she’s a food and eating disorder therapist...talking about a mental disorder not in her specialty and people are taking what she says as fact.

      1. Michelle


    62. Nickded

      She doesn’t know what she’s taking about. Sociopaths don’t completely lack empathy they do have the capability to feel but it’s just limited

    63. HC Taint

      This is awful

    64. Vivek Menon

      Well the therapist is the biggest sociopath in this video, see how she manipulated Shane into including her in their documentary 😳 that's some sociopath shit right there

    65. Rita .k

      On January 13 unsubscribe from jake Paul

    66. Kenneth

      Come BACK

    67. GibblesThe Gibbler1

      Who else kinda wants to see " Inside The Mind of David Dobrik "

    68. WWIAWTC

      Everybody clouting anybody

    69. xo.summerain

      24:00 I WAS AT THAT CONCERT 😭 lollzzz i hate my old 11 y/o jake pauler self

    70. Sarah Lang

      You CANNOT diagnose or suspect a diagnosis for someone else's mental health. She is not specialized or trained in personality disorders, she has no medical history of Jake Paul, no diagnostic testing, this is purely speculation and it is DISGUSTING. Also the "pit in the stomach" and "sick" is degrading, dehumanizing and disgusting. Shane, you are not an empath. This stigmatizes mental illness and perpetuates the idea that all mentally ill people are dangerous. This needs to be deleted, this video is dangerous and this therapist deserves to have her license revoked.

    71. Jack Guadagno

      the uber drive omg that’s funny

    72. Heather Rueby

      imagine walking into a therapist office to get real help for a problem you want to fix and your therapist calls your problem gross and tells you you don't have a heart

    73. MG Magnolia

      I think I might know 2-

    74. Haylee likes to talk

      Stop making comments about the therapist calling mental illness gross I can't like them all

    75. Leena

      "if you are in a crisis or are in danger this is not the app to use...but i will be leaving those links down in the description." *doesn't leave them in the description🧍🏽‍♀️👁👄👁*

    76. Thomas Saltmer

      Omg YESSS know I'm scared of all my friends :)

    77. Grace Wright

      Istg every popular person in school is a sociopath...

    78. Jayne Leighton

      Jake Paul sus

    79. gracie c0

      FUCK. YOU. KATI.

    80. Bruna degliesposti

      I don’t like this so called therapist/psychologist.... What professional needs to have a book to know the basic symptoms of something they spent at least 4 years studying in uni..? Secondly, a truly knowledgeable therapist/psychologist are well aware you can’t diagnose or hint the fact that someone is a sociopath or a psychopath (or any type of mental or personality disorder) based on some symptoms, they would express firmly that they would need therapy sessions. Lastly, psychologists don’t even refer to sociopath or psychopath as those words, because they are not diagnostic terms, they all fall under APD.

    81. Bruna degliesposti

      I don’t like this so called therapist/psychologist.... What professional needs to have a book to know the basic symptoms of something they spent at least 4 years studying in uni..? Secondly, a truly knowledgeable therapist/psychologist are well aware you can’t diagnose or hint the fact that someone is a sociopath or a psychopath based on one or two symptoms... Lastly, psychologists don’t even refer to sociopath or psychopath as those words, because they are not diagnostic terms, they all fall under APD.

    82. Belén Vargas

      And she also said that she doesn't feel as bad about narcissist people's trauma, this is so fucked up.

    83. Belén Vargas

      I can't fucking believe she really said that sociopaths are gross, and disgusting.

    84. Ashlyn Renae

      I swear I have heard the piano music in another movie

    85. anime weeb

      I have a question so like are they just born like that or do they become it

      1. lukecya

        Sociopath means they become it, and psychopath means your born like that.

    86. bob jones

      we aren’t all like this lol

    87. 6 sxope

      Guys warning its true i saw jake paul following joinillumi#@# on Instagram

    88. Lucia wdfg

      the “empath,” readily dehumanizing someone

    89. Carolyn v Metnick

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    90. Lauren C

      Her comments regarding mental health, as a therapist is so unprofessional and disgusting. Has this ever been addressed?!

    91. L C

      Is it me or are they confusing sociopath with psychopath? Psychopaths are calculative and have no feelings. Sociopaths are more impulsive and CAN feel things. not always, but they can have empathy under certain situations, she is making sociopaths look like complete monsters when I feel like she is really describing a psychopath in this video

    92. LaHive


    93. chels raine

      not the "therapist" calling aspd and schizophrenia "icky" this is disgusting I hope she lost her job

    94. Anna Hooper

      Im I the only one questioning if 8m a sociopath right now

    95. Amber Roberts

      Watch "YOU" on Netflix

      1. Joe Lawry

        He has borderline personality disorder he's not a sociopath!

    96. Marie Flenz

      But like if you are sociopathic...isn’t that a MENTAL DISORDER?! Like how can you treat that ILLNESS and why can you be mad at them when its a an actual ILLNESS? Like dont get me wrong! what sociopath do is very wrong and harms other people... but they have a mental illness for what they probably cant be responsible for ...because its an illness. Do you get what i mean ?

    97. This is me

      I love that somtimes shane souds like Olaf from frozen

    98. Melina Kappo

      I just wanna say from an actual sociopath that he is mixing sociopathy with psychopathy

    99. Miguelisaurus animations

      This video has way less dislikes than it deserves...

    100. emuum

      shane thinking he's an empath is hilarious

      1. Joe Lawry

        He's a covert narssisist!