Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson


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    1. shane

      I'm so proud of this video and I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you for letting me make stuff like this and for supporting our channel. We appreciate it more than you'll ever know. -Shane & Andrew

      1. OneYawnyBoi

        no im last

      2. Xxkach0w5ki PlayzxX

        Oneyawnyboy dayum.

      3. marmar Blt

        He canceled?

      4. Millena Balaei

        Chuck e cheese better be closed down in 2020 especially with corona virus

      5. Jose Maldonado

        shane pp

    2. Fvggot

      Britney Louise Taylo


      He literally said it’s a theory bruh 😭😭😭😭

    4. Andrew Overmyer

      ok so the man who created chuck - e cheese is Nolan Bushnell he also was one of the creators of Atari, he is now working with casinos to create games.

    5. Kelsey Goodwin

      Damb Shane just post again idk if your cancelled.

    6. Funky Fungus21smiley2009

      good content pog

    7. 송민준

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    8. 송민준

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    9. Harper Nunez

      Is anyone not making the connection with the pizza and child trafficking do not comprehend pizzagate

    10. Catherine Masuda

      bruh, you could've saved that pizza!

    11. Beermanhero -

      Should I be worried watching this

    12. krausenator05

      why was Shane cancelled? I love his videos and how sweet he is.

    13. Candee Landin

      I dont really need to worry about this because we always take the pizza home because we we broke . But I remember always HATING THE ANIMTRONICTS ,I'm still scared of them Dat pizza still look go doe

    14. Ahnaf Zawad

      Please file a lawsuit against tinder this is soo😭😭😭 sad to watch her in this condition.

    15. Lee Gendreau

      Why would they consider it offensive for a white person to paint there faces black? They do it in the Military all the time..the illuminati are Brainwashing you who think painting your face black I'd some how racist?? I don't get it

    16. Lee Gendreau

      Why do African Americans get so offended by "Black Face" it's not to be racist, But just to be in Character!? Or Halloween? I Mean the Wayan Brothers made that movie "White chicks" and painted there faces white..I don't get offended!? #YallPanzys

    17. Lee Gendreau

      Why Did Shane Dawson get Cancelled??

    18. Spicy Donkey

      it looks like their only going in there to steal kids

    19. Poop Poop

      𝙒𝙚 𝙈𝙞𝙨𝙨 𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙎𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙚

    20. Sarah Forshey


    21. Jay P

      I’m sorry but I will always love these videos

    22. Ihavenoideawhatiamdoing DeadInside


      1. Mario

        everything about you is so fucking cringe, but honestly I agree

      2. lilly grace

        @Ihavenoideawhatiamdoing DeadInside ...

      3. Ihavenoideawhatiamdoing DeadInside

        @lilly grace yeah I'm here to hate on this man even more

      4. lilly grace

        but you are

    23. Ihavenoideawhatiamdoing DeadInside

      MatPat debunked this shit

    24. Michael Bermudez

      Definitely a comfort video.

    25. Cameron the rocc


    26. Vivid HD

      Andrews edits on this were so good

    27. Kelly Noonan

      Why did he get cancelled?????

    28. User 662

      We miss u shane. We miss the old you, we miss the you you were when you were with Garret and Drew and Andrew. Not this new persona

      1. User 662

        @lilly grace yes ofc i know that, but there's a clear difference in his content when he was with others which is why i include garret

      2. lilly grace

        @User 662 if you are referring to his conspiracy videos that he's made, garret has been in some.

      3. User 662

        @lilly grace im sure its not hard to understand what im regarding as a "new persona"

      4. lilly grace

        what new persona..?

    29. emili

      imagine people didn't eat the pizza all the time and that pizza was so old because they kept reusing it but no one ate it. ew

      1. Ihavenoideawhatiamdoing DeadInside

        Watch Food Theory

      2. Ihavenoideawhatiamdoing DeadInside

        oh please this was debunked

    30. Kreative Yousername

      i don’t support the things shane has done and said, but his videos were so entertaining that i just can’t stop rewatching them

      1. ughhhhhhh

        Same here

    31. America Forever

      Shane could convince me my shower curtain is trying kill me.

    32. Mr_bluepeter 1

      Everyone doesn’t care anything but Chuck E. Cheese and everyone skipped

    33. Shandiin Boren

      most countries hate american priveledge and thats why i believe they come after us

    34. Shandiin Boren

      thank you both!! i cantt believe the nerve of these people. i think it is hugely a part of a certain personality type. all about psychology. they absolutely have issues of entitlement.

    35. Chelsea Scott

      the voice geneator so funny omg

    36. Chelsea Scott

      love this miss your videos shane

    37. TheTacoDude

      i love ur vids but this one is scaryyy:O

    38. Daliah Obersteadt

      this is a masterpiece shane pls come back to you tube

    39. Laffy Taffy


    40. Lilpitito Garcia


    41. Susan Jordan

      Sorry, I went to Bullwinkles as a kid. Pizza and mojo potatoes were to die for. I always heard Chuck E Cheese pizza was frozen, idk. Just a rumor and took my kids there once. Now, Johns incredible pizza very expensive, though. I did win a lava lamp playing the games with not too much spent. Cheap, but was pretty.

    42. Daliah Obersteadt

      the chukee cheese one has been debunked by food theory look at it on youtube

    43. Lokyi Biesmeijer

      Chucky cheese creeps me out now-

    44. Karim Madi

      this is a full-on movie and I loved it

    45. Taylor23

      7 months without an upload... I might cry

    46. Aero Eyre

      as soon as i here Chucky Chesses, FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

    47. Juice

      Milos kinda looks like Nicolas cage

    48. Maddie Morrow

      i honestly miss Shane sm .

    49. Jeffrey Colberg


    50. Aurora_ Fleck

      shane u need to do a video of the cecil hotel. omg

    51. Karla Mendez

      this was 2 years ago?

    52. What's up C

      Man it’s been 2 years

    53. mimi mimi

      Typical American female with self esteem sad

    54. Mr. Fahrenheit

      I want this shane back

    55. Jack G

      Cancel culture doesn’t stop racism, it just makes it a crime to be funny

    56. Jack G

      Did any of you guys freak out when you checked the date on this and realized that it’s 2 YEARS OLD

    57. SPIKERRY

      Cancel culture sucks man.. His videos were so fun to watch besides getting scared of the editing on the conspiracy theories

    58. maheen

      i miss u so much 😭

    59. Fat Barbarian

      Damn 2 years ago

    60. Leyla Fawdry

      44 MILLION VIEWS wow, I miss him so much 😭🥲

    61. dennym240 m

      I miss you shane. Keep your head up my friend

    62. Banana Sheikh

      i never leave a pizza unfinished chuck - e -cheese is goin out of business

    63. kelly eve

      Come back Shane !!!!!!

    64. LunaMoon Chic

      Brittani's story gave me anxiety. It is so heartbreaking 💔 I hope she found strength and healing. I also hope her story is heard by all women so there won't be more victims.

    65. Peter Discenza

      COME BACK!!!

    66. Cherry SHurbert

      If ur having a bad day I just spilt some cold iced tea down my sweater •-•

    67. Where’s the lie tho


    68. Kiara Garcia

      I can’t even understand why Shane was canceled. Yes, the n word and black fishing is horrible and SHOULDN’T be accepted. But, we are taking about in the 2000s no one really knew about this well. You can’t blame him, and he did an apology video in like 2010. This is not ok to just ruin a mans career for something he did years ago that none of us really knew about. And the whole pedophilia is something you need to get more proof. It’s one thing to be pedophile and another one to joke or mess around with. He shouldn’t mess around with it, but let’s be honest not all of us are angels all the time.I really miss the old Shane.

      1. Thatzmadz

        Please watch d’Angelo Wallace’s video on him because this is not it

      2. kek kekovich

        The thing is that besides these "racism and pedophilia" occusations, he also was toxic to his friends Drew, Trisha, Tatti, etc. The person that you miss is not as innocent and sweet as you thought, he is hella two-faced and hypocritic

      3. Kiara Garcia

        Black facing*

    69. Erik Neuschwendtner

      The cloudy yard periodically detect because wall randomly cough opposite a defiant hardcover. eatable, efficacious death

    70. Corbin Whipkey

      the trump robot voice sounds exactly like him wtf

    71. Raf Visser

      Sounds like a narcisistic psychopath

    72. BryceTimes13


    73. Kira Sky

      These comments did not age well lmao

    74. Teresa Muse

      That’s why I don’t do online dating, one guy wanted me to delete all my social media & give up my kids & grandkids for him I never met the guy before only talked to him less then a month & was already bossing me around I got very upset blocked & reported him to Instagram ,he was scarring me & threatening to find me & kill me if I didn’t do as he said I had to do something fast (block & report) no more online dating for me after that

    75. the pointless вампир

      Shane making dark jokes around a child XD

    76. vanessavee

      hi youtube served so i clicked, i miss him .

    77. Mr. Devil dog

      If you can’t teach your child not to waste their life savings On gambling that’s a parenting problem not the fault Of an arcade

    78. Talia_ Kates


    79. Trust Key

      "she can handle a gun" my thoughts" WTF!!"

    80. pico

      When I was 8 my brother and I found him from jacksfilms channel and we both found him really funny, like, you can't not like his content. It's really sad to see him turn out to be such a horrible person

    81. athena938

      Is Britney ok?

    82. Ashleigh Collins

      20 17, 18, 19 was the last time shane popped off

    83. Vlogs by Rachel

      I miss quality IRvision videos

    84. Makayla Perkins

      “I have a hardcore gambling problem 😩🤌”

    85. Mable Pines

      30:40 is that laurdiy and alex wasabi

    86. Teapot Sophie

    87. abbeyjanelee yt

      the end decision of showing him made me so happy. im glad you exposed him hes a piece of.... yeah yk

    88. Nicolas The monkey

      Can you talk about children tv shows I remember he talked about it but he deleted it because it was to dark

    89. Lehl

      dam now i want pizza

    90. Woozy Cool

      39:44 Grown up: Chuck E Cheese's? Child: (ye)ahhh Cuteness overload.

    91. Nina Nelson


    92. Nina Nelson


    93. Binh Anh

      The absorbing step-mother advantageously stamp because burn pharmacodynamically delay beside a silly foot. questionable, steady trigonometry

    94. Larissa Miranda Morales


    95. KelseyRuby

      The pizza one could definitely just be people ordering single slices and then they have some left so they form a new one? Not sure if they do single slice though. I really hope this theory isn't real 🤢

    96. Ashley Perez

      chuck e. cheese pizza was extremely good tho ngl😭

    97. Amy

      These videos were so entertaining! Just come back Shane!

      1. pico

        Lmao he can't he'd be torn to shreds

    98. Maggie Mae

      not all of you saying you miss him and still watch his videos...........yikes

      1. azflower


    99. Lizmelody Acevedo

      3 grown men and a camera walking into Chuck E Cheese is not suspicious at all 😂😂

    100. Riley Davidson

      for the chucky cheeese theory: if you split the pizza in half, both sides should have the same amount of slices. this is nasty lmao