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    1. shane

      PART 3 UP NOW!

      1. JJ Bentley

        Why lol

      2. kelly Maguire

        @the QUEENherselfClem n

      3. kelly Maguire


      4. kelly Maguire


      5. kelly Maguire


    2. icy mint8118

      Jeffree looks so beautiful here

    3. lexi lex

      more then two years ago 😭😭

    4. Mr Wolfz


    5. Ellie Oleary

      I like when you sed oh that's sister scary and I need a sister razor you are saying sister all the time but That's very funny 😄

    6. Bianca Aldaz

      who else notices Shanes change of clothes at 2:47 lol

    7. Kyle Graeme

      I love how james says all his scandels happend when he was 12🤣 wtf literaly a lie why did they not call him out

    8. •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

      Hii _8:26__-__8:28__-__8:29__ lol not him exploring Nate's stuff_

    9. Aliah Fenty

      Omg all the 3...... together.. 😒🐍

    10. Khloe’s World

      I despise the stuff Shane did but like he is so entertaining

    11. miss girl

      This went no where

      1. caden

        girly this video has 35 million views❤️

    12. amanda riley

      Am I the only one who thinks James jeffree and Nate did something

    13. ErrxllSims

      Now that I think of it.... Jeffree star coulda been talking about Kanye west when he said he can’t talk about who he’s sucked off 👀👀

    14. Melody List

      This was so emotional it is so real 😭

    15. Chasity’s Artistry

      Funny part is I never Hurd of Jeffree on MySpace days 🤣

    16. serenity mendez

      james didnt fit with them james is a good person they just dont learn

    17. Mary Miller

      tbh i feel like all of this was a major misunderstanding. i don’t condone anything they did, but i feel like they’re all genuinely good people who made mistakes

    18. Geidi Primes

      Well Shane and Jeffree are both racist so that makes the transition easier

    19. um

      This is so embarrassing

    20. Gracie C


    21. gucciprincess

      It's like James just shave most of Shane's eyebrows to amke them thin. I want my eyebrows thin as hellll. Like cleaned up at least.

    22. gucciprincess

      We ALL make mistakes here, we're human. We all learn from them.

    23. Archetype00

      God you can tell jeffree can’t stand James Charles and that their relationship is strained. And def Shane is taking this piss out of James. I mean def James is self entitled kid whose painfully annoying but Christ pretending to be friends w someone when you’re not is some kinda fucked

    24. Tater Tott

      I've been listening to alot of Jeffree star lately.....Mr. diva is my favorite...i think is music could make a comeback

    25. Seven Vasquez

      I cant watch without skipping ;D

    26. tyler currey


    27. Yaboirickyy D

      James was low key full of him self

    28. Kaylee Gotsis

      I don't care how toxic they really are, they're hilarious 😂

    29. Anna Roddy

      no lie.... probably my fav youtube video of ALL TIME

    30. kelly Maguire

      Hey Shane this is Kelly just want to say I love you show I just want to say I love you too this is for you and Jeffree Star Jeffree Star you're the hottest man that's all in the world I don't care what people say about you you mean everything to the show and you mean everything to the world that you guys are doing and I want to say congratulations to both of you on what you're doing and don't give it up Hope and dreams cuz man I love you guys so much you're f****** amazing and I'll say I love you all

    31. Rakayla Metcalfe

      Shane’s videos are like a try not to laugh everytime luv u Shane and ur vids ❤️

    32. Amber

      Poor James

    33. emilyda1

      I love it this too cute an funny. ❤

    34. Molly Jackson

      It's still impossible to watch the beginning of this and my laugh your assss offfff 😂

    35. Michelle

      Thank God James is thriving without these two POS. 😇

    36. BadGirl Hollywood

      Shane is dumb dumb dumb and a clout chaser

      1. Id K

        stfu 😌

    37. Jen Jen

      James is a whole mood “Ohhhh love that!!!!!”

    38. Geeky Gameplays

      “That’s so cool you have asma love that” Best line ever

    39. Jessica Hicks

      james was quiet legit the whole time

    40. Sporty Girl11

      Shane “and s-sister.. intimidated” James “no ugh that doesn’t work” 😂😂😂

    41. Lily Lolly

      The beginning terrified me

    42. Thomas Estevam

      this didnt age well

    43. Jessica Guimond


    44. Joy de Jesus

      J: Honestly I love it. Seeing you in pain gets me off S: You love it? J: Yeah That aged well lol

    45. Mars B

      Here mostly for Andrew's laughter 😇😇

      1. Michelle


    46. Arunima Sharma

      2:41 LOL😂

    47. Lynel_Plays !

      6:02 (me being a dumb Legend Of Zelda fan) AUSTIN JOHN PLAYS

    48. Michelle Olsavsky

      Can someone judge me on my latest video Thx xoxo lol

    49. Sophie Caisse

      Yikes this is really weird to see

    50. itszana

      I’m sad that all this drama happened I miss them all

    51. Heavyonpretty

      Well this didn’t age well

    52. Francisco Morales

      Uhm.... so uhm, Im sweating, It's hot

    53. Candy

      Despite all the BS you can tell jefree genuinely misses his music career when he was showing his songs from back in the day.

    54. The River Blu

      I remember when you guys created these videos I had just heard of Jeffree star. I wanted nothing to do with any of it and I stayed away. So here we are a couple years later, and I’m watching it. I started with the first one and I’m working my way up through your video Shane Dawson.There are moments of listening to Jeffrey Starr that are making me very sad for him. I know how to end it I know you guys had a huge blowup. Apparently, Jeffrey Starr has a huge blow up with everybody he comes in contact with and they leave. My take on it is somewhat of he’s really good at playing the victim. Yet, listening to him, is he being genuine at all through any of this this is my question? And is there anyone on here right now that’s reading this that can answer this for me please?Is he just a good actor? Shane, did you hurt him or did he hurt you, or did you guys hurt each other? BS aside, I am older than both of you. I have three children, I’ve been through a lot in this lifetime I don’t do BS!What is the truth please,.?

      1. random person

        live your own life dude wtf

    55. Alexa White

      The walk upstairs was so cute and funny😂😂😂😂😂

    56. Anthonette Marie

      James charles was a bit awkward lol maybe him and shane had beef prior?? Or there was words said.

    57. Lauren_lovexx

      Only if James knew...

    58. Mianotfound

      I miss old shane ngl:(


      Yeah, no. I'd rather choke on my own vomit than have to endure this dumpster fire.

    60. simp4liluzi

      yo this is sad 💔

    61. Alicia Cerrito

      So funny just saw Sophia ... ?? Caitlyn's Jenner's "roommate/friend/ mentee / manager" ( another story for another time ) in that music video....just saying...cute

    62. Theresa Fitz

      i'm so mad that this video is still so funny

    63. Amanda MALCOLM

      The bite-sized garden explicitly answer because health largely race pace a black-and-white yacht. poor, fortunate desk

    64. Hana Hegazi

      i feel uncomfy-

    65. danny mo

      I miss when IRvision wasn’t messy:(

    66. Emily Smith

      This is so crazy watching now that literally all of them have had a falling out including Andrew. Also the short clip how Kim Kardashian defended Jeffery and now people spread rumors that Jeffery slept with Kanye

      1. Candy

        I know right?! Life is so unpredictable

    67. Tanea Bree

      2:43 lmao not sisterhood of the traveling scandal

    68. Skylar Johnson

      Christ, this is so fake, I can't believe I fell for any of it.

      1. Soupy Saiyan

        Does it make you feel yucky inside? It makes me feel that way.

    69. sanb05

      Anyone here in 2021 👀

    70. holidaystylez1

      Shane come across as wanna be down with the kool crowd & overly shocked Reaction. weirdo 😳 all the time

    71. Mimi Singer

      Still so great

    72. Sam Swanson

      With all that's come out recently with Trisha and stuff. Was ANY of this authentic? Would we ever know? If it was ever REAL....Like even just 10 minutes of it....what happened? Money? Fame? Idk. I won't forgive what they did to Trisha but I remember watching this and loving the dynamic between them. The past 2 years are so has been like watching IRvision fall apart.

    73. Kayla H

      this was when everything wasn't great but okay with the world

    74. khulan toth

      I wanna go back in time and forget the past year and a half :(

      1. canolLIV

        yeah :(

    75. Estrella Lopez


    76. Shay Flawless

      💀IRvision is MESSY

    77. Dominic Cruz

      This hasn’t aged very well

      1. Jasmin

        @Imjay Station girl 💀

      2. Imjay Station

        I just love things in my mouth

    78. Julez Valencia

      honestly I love Jeff's music and he's right Nikki,EM,Lil Wayne,Pink,Gaga,and other singers became famous at the timeBECAUSE their lyrics were so out there so wtf?

    79. Melody Marotta

      You can NOT feel bad about people who judge you before you are a GROWN UP!! Before you were more experienced in the world! So who ever trash talks ANY of these guys.. eff you! They are richer then you anyway

    80. Me Me

      This did not age well...

    81. Carly Paris

      I need an Akon to come fix my teeth too 😳🤌🏻 ugh

    82. Khayam

      i almost forgot that im watching three dudes

    83. LaraCroft

      1:09 that’s the first time I’ve seen Jeffree smile, like actually smile

    84. alexis green

      “10..8..7 years ago” Literally me trying to remember anything. Same boo.

    85. Donovan Box


      1. NitroXZERO


    86. Macey Childs


      1. NitroXZERO

        SIS BYE-

    87. Sable Snowhite

      I LOVE Jefrees music! I had no idea! Love how he's so genuine and True to himself! ❤


      shane always highlights bad behavior of jefree....he never lets people forget his mistakes

    89. Lance Rice

      James was so awkward in this video. Idk if he was intimidated or he was just acting like he was stuck up. He wasn't humble or down to earth at all. Jeffree and shane were just acting stupid and silly and he wouldnt

    90. Morgan Lynn

      Jeffree ugh I can't find a house a want all these houses are last than a million builder I have a request Boulder what on your mind I want a house with over one million yo pay in cash dimonds vault pool

    91. Mari Lynn

      Shane's legs look amazing ngl 0:56 I wanted to say z3xi but my comment got taken down

    92. Isabella Gonzalez

      This is the definition of ✨uncomfortable ✨

    93. Lily S

      This didn’t age well😂

    94. Lauren

      So weird seeing them all together after what happened

    95. Mxeliyz

      “I’m sister shaving so I can be sister...twins”

    96. Mxeliyz

      Shane looks so scared I-💀

    97. Sara Chittum

      When Jeffree is explaining his escorting services and the only person that comes to mind is Kayne West 😅😅😅

    98. Gloria Shaw

      The slow rest evidently vanish because woman astonishingly collect an a agreeable mechanic. bent, tame lyric

    99. ChocolateKyppCookie

      Imma take a Sister Shit 🤣😂

    100. Jordan Nazer

      You know the Jeffree, Kanye controversy, well this is literally living proof...